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Welsh politics in the wilderness; LETTERS.

HAVING read the letter in the Daily Post 'My challenge to new Plaid leader' on April 17 has spurned me to write about the wilderness in which Welsh politics find's itself.

OF I, as a Welshman, proud of my country, language and heritage believing that I was clear about my politics. Plaid Cymru, the party of Wales seemed the only true option.

Having always voted Plaid Cymru I have become disillusioned and disappointed at the leadership of the party and feel they are letting the ordinary people of Wales down. It seems that the rudimental principles that they stood for has been sacrificed for a little sense of power.

Whereas in Scotland the SNP have evolved and become the main voice of the country. I believe that many socalled nationalists in Wales are just waiting to reap any minor spoils from the back of Scotland.

There is so little to choose from the political parties in Wales and the expectations have become woolly. They seem to play at being politicians in the Welsh Assembly kidding themselves with disillusionment that they have power to make a difference.

There is a vacuum for a true genuine political party that speaks for Wales and the Welsh people. I only read last week an article by Dafydd Wigley about the vast profit water companies are making by supplying Welsh water to England. Where are the Welsh politicians voicing their concerns and fighting the Welsh corner? I am calling for people to stand up and be heard. Let us have a Nationalist party once again that will defend and act as custodians for Wales its people, language and culture.

Owain Llewelyn, Ynys Mn
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Apr 24, 2012
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