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Week beginning April 16 soapbox ... what's happening this week.

EASTENDERS (BBC1) Michael's new approach to life is about to be put to the test as Janine returns to the Square, and makes it clear she's come back for their daughter. Max pressures Kirsty to have an abortion, Lauren uses the latest Branning family secret as an excuse to hit the bottle, and ends up slurring out the truth to Tanya.

CORONATION STREET (ITV1) Eileen splits with Paul, and is left fuming when Julie takes him in. The fireman proposes that Eileen and Julie go off on the holiday he'd planned to take with his ex. Karl and Stella's rekindled relationship does not go down well with Leanne.

EMMERDALE (ITV1) It looks like Debbie's bitterness is in danger of consuming her. She takes Cameron's young sons to visit Carl's grave, and explains they need to be careful because Chas is capable of anything. When the frightened boys run away, she takes them in, but fails to let their dad know where they are.

HOLLYOAKS (C4) While Browning, Myra and Carmel plan a trip to Vegas to bring their girl home, Jacqui plans a dodgy deal with Trudy. If it goes well, she'll be quids in, but that's a big 'if', and she hadn't banked on Tony giving her a choice - carry on with your criminal ways, or start a new life with me...

NEIGHBOURS (FIVE) No wedding goes without a hitch in soapland, and Toadie and Sonya's is no exception. Robbo forces Mason into robbing Lassiters', while Toadie's best man falls ill. Rani is fuming over her bridesmaid's dress and walks out of the wedding - the robbery goes wrong, then all hell breaks loose when a gas bottle explodes inside the marquee.

ROWND A ROWND (S4C) With Britney's birthday approaching Dani's emotional turmoil grows as she fails to see how things can improve between Michelle and Meical. With Alwena's help Dani makes a huge effort to persuade Meical to return to the village. Barry's comings and goings have caught Griff's eye, and by uncovering the truth behind the smart suited businessman he hopes to gain Kim's admiration, but will his plan succeed? POBOL Y CWM (S4C) Garry is furious when he finds that Kevin knows he assaulted Sheryl - and this leads to a fiery row between Garry and Sheryl. Will history repeat itself? When Eileen discovers that Jim's got a birthday surprise for her, she persuades herself that he's going to take her abroad. But after telling people in the village, she's disappointed to discover that they won't be going further than Cardiff.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Apr 13, 2013
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