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We love telly; Substitutes on.

Byline: JANE SIMON Simon, in the Bible.

1 One of the Maccabees.

2 or Simon Peter: see Peter, Saint.

3 See Simon, Saint.

4 Kinsman of Jesus.

5 Leper of Bethany in whose house a woman anointed Jesus' feet.

HOLBY CITY Holby City is a medical drama television serial transmitted by BBC One. It follows the lives of surgeons, nurses, other medical and ancillary staff and patients at the fictional Holby City Hospital.  BBC BBC
 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
1, 9pm

"YOU are a horrible person," Donna tells Jac Naylor Jac Naylor is the name of a fictional character on the BBC television series Holby City. The character is portrayed by actress Rosie Marcel.[1] The character first appeared on-screen on 22 November 2005 in episode Bird on a Wire  tonight. Ah! If only all diagnoses at Holby were arrived at so quickly and so accurately.

With Ric on desk duties because of his cancer, the post of consultant is vacant and, despite Mark's misgivings, he's appointed Jac to the role - temporarily at least.

How long she keeps the job will depend on the rest of her colleagues not staging a mutiny, so I wouldn't rush to etch her name on a brand new office door just yet.

Within hours of assuming the job she's fallen out with a patient who happens to practise homeopathy homeopathy (hōmēŏp`əthē), system of medicine whose fundamental principle is the law of similars—that like is cured by like. , or as Jac calls it: "Halfarsed quackery Quackery


inferior doctor; formerly a barber performing dentistry and surgery. [Medicine: Misc.]

Dulcamara, Dr.
," and been rude to Ric.

In other news, it's another great episode for Frieda (Olga Fedori).

Penny Valentine's been forced to revise her opinion of her after finding out last week that in a former life Frieda was a qualified doctor (and not a tribute act to 80s Scottish rock band Strawberry Switchblade, which would have been my first guess).

Now instead of ignoring her opinion, she's actually asking her for input, which must give her patients no end of confidence.

Likewise Penny's brother Oliver has been called on to treat an eminent professor of cardiology who's been brought in after suffering a heart attack.

Elliot demands that he gets the very best care possible - which begs the question, what's he doing at Holby being looked after by an F2?



A NEW teacher struggling in his first day on the job, a head desperate to drag her school up the league tables, and a teenage pupil with troubles at home...

Familiar ingredients - replicated in secondary schools around the country - that mesh together in this one-off drama.

Part of the BBC's school season it stars Bryan Dick as Ian, who retrained as a maths teacher because he wanted a job more rewarding than engineering. But faced with a uninterested class, he's at a loss to maintain order - especially where Mark (George Whitehead) is concerned.

Quietly making a point about the challenges in the education system - and how easily individuals fall through the cracks - this is a convincing drama.

The only quibble QUIBBLE. A slight difficulty raised without necessity or propriety; a cavil.
     2. No justly eminent member of the bar will resort to a quibble in his argument.
 is that troublemaker Mark seems far too mild-mannered to really give his teachers so much grief.

Plenty of tutors will watch this and think that if Mark is the worst pupil this school has to contend with then they're extremely lucky.



IF you saw last week's opening course you'll have been impressed by the awesome standards of the restaurants competing for the honour of being named Ramsay's Best. After the fiery passion of the Italians - and what a tough call that was - this week Gordon's turning up the heat on two Indian houses personally selected from 12,000 nominated by the public. His battle bus packed with hungry diners is going to really put the pressure on Prashad in Bradford.

It's a tiny vegetarian restaurant with just 30 seats but the husband and wife team running it have sky-high ambitions. They'll need to, because they're going head to head against one of the biggest names in Indian restaurants - The Brilliant in Southall, West London.

The Brilliant, has been open for 37 years and serves up to 250 customers a night. But this award isn't just about the food or putting on a good show for TV - Gordon's secret diners will once again be showing us what the dining experience is really like when they think the cameras have gone home.


EMMERDALE ITV (1) See interactive TV.

(2) (iTV) The code name for Apple's video media hub (see Apple TV).
1, 7pm

KATIE is getting on Andy's case tonight to make sure he keeps attending his anger management classes - which is kind of ironic because he reckons she's the person who made him angry in the first place.

Meanwhile, over in the Woolpack, the cider is flowing and Lizzie is having a perfectly lovely evening with Bob. The only problem is that Bob is still blissfully unaware that he has gone on a date by accident.


WHERE Kat Moon goes, Alfie can never be far behind - and he's back tonight, too. Well, you didn't really believe Kat when she told Mo he was dead, did you?

The past six months have been tough for the Moons and they have some serious catching up to do. So amid all the shouting and commotion, you might not notice another EastEnder slipping quietly away as Minty shrugs his rucksack on to his back and leaves Walford without a second glance.

Sam and Vanessa also say goodbye tonight but don't worry about EastEnders' numbers dwindling - it looks like Alfie's not the only new arrival.




MEDICINAL Ric, Donna and Jac practise their bedside manner bed·side manner
The attitude and conduct of a physician in the presence of a patient.

bedside manner Medtalk A popular term for the degree of compassion, courtesy, and sympathy displayed by a physician towards Pts
 in Holby City CLASH Pupil Mark and teacher Ian JUDGE Top chef Gordon Ramsay MY SHOUT Kat and Alfie are at it again in 'Enders
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