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We love telly; PICK OF THE DAY.

Byline: JANE SIMON Simon, in the Bible.

1 One of the Maccabees.

2 or Simon Peter: see Peter, Saint.

3 See Simon, Saint.

4 Kinsman of Jesus.

5 Leper of Bethany in whose house a woman anointed Jesus' feet.

 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
1, 9pm

HAVE you noticed how much younger most of the participants have been than in previous series?

Either that's further evidence of the BBC's ongoing fatwa against the over-40s or a sneaky effort to get a younger, more self-obsessed generation interested in the past by making it seem as though it's really all about them.

Actor Martin Freeman, whose family saga brings a top-notch series to a close, is yet another of the latest intake who's embarrassed by how little he knows about his own grandparents.

He knows vaguely that his paternal grandfather died during the Second World War at Dunkirk, but the details about exactly how and when are hazy.

And as he digs even further back, the truths he discovers about his great-grandparentare even more unexpected. Martin's ancestors may not have made headlines like some, but their lives turn out to be every bit as extraordinary.

The penny really drops for Martin when he discovers a name carved in stone Adj. 1. carved in stone - no longer changeable; "the agreement is not yet set in stone"
set in stone

unchangeable - not changeable or subject to change; "a fixed and unchangeable part of the germ plasm"-Ashley Montagu; "the unchangeable seasons"; "one of the
 - a scene that hammers home again the amount of information that exists out there about past generations, if we only take the time to look for it.



YOU might remember Samantha Gore from last year when she tried to get the dragons interested in her fake TV.

It was a device to make burglars think you were in when you were out.

Deborah Meaden told her it was the worst pitch she'd ever heard.

Although nobody thought to ask Samantha why you'd bother buying her product when you could just leave your real telly blaring.

Undeterred, she's back again with another home security device: timercontrolled curtains.

At her second attempt, will the dragons be in or out (or out, and just pretending to be in)? Also on the show are some inventors with designs on our sausages and our breakfast toast.

Both utterly wasted on Deborah who reveals sensationally tonight that she doesn't cook.

Ever. But perhaps she'll take a shine to Ronan McCarthy who's hoping to clean up with his new take on the shoeshine booth, or classical pianist David Schofield whose request for money gets a highly unexpected reaction.



OOOH OOOH Out of Our Heads (Rolling Stones album) , Matron! Dishy dish·y  
adj. dish·i·er, dish·i·est
1. Slang Gossipy; sensational: published a dishy tell-all.

2. Chiefly British Slang Good-looking; attractive.
 doc Oliver Valentine is regretting letting Chrissie Williams seduce him and takes his sister's advice about how to wriggle free from this delicate situation without destroying his career.

"Make sure she dumps you," Penny tells him. Wise words indeed, but Oliver still ends up getting punched on the nose by a woman before the end of his shift.

In other news, Elliot's friend Tara is offered a contract to keep her on at Holby and their first operation together ends with the pair of them facing a possible lawsuit for ignoring a patient's Do Not Resuscitate do not resuscitate See DNR.  wishes and keeping him alive.

Despite Ric taking credit for the hospital's drop in mortality figures, it's nice to see that Holby is still top of the league tables for patients with a death wish.



BETTY'S challenge this week is to produce her very own magazine that reflects who she is.

Do you think there'll be much call for a fashion glossy catering for women who wear eight or nine clashing patterns at the same time? I haven't seen so many layers since the time Kate Lawler got dressed in ALL her clothes on Big Brother 3 and then fell over.

Betty's trying to win a place on a course called YETI yeti: see abominable snowman.

(Young, Entrepreneurial technocraTI) Coined around the turn of the century during the dot-com bubble, there is also a "yetti" variation, which means "young, entrepreneurial, tech-based twenty-something."
 (that stands for the Young Editors Training Initiative).

But she faces some very hot competition from Marc, who could fling together a sizzling new look with his eyes closed (which is a very different thing from getting dressed in the dark).

Away from the corridors of power, Wilhelmina faces some competition herself when she tries to seduce her new financial guy Connor, away from his "mousy mous·y also mous·ey  
adj. mous·i·er, mous·i·est
1. Resembling a mouse, especially:
a. Having a drab, pale brown color: mousy hair.

" fiancee (that's her description, not ours).

Set those false eyelashes to stun.



YESTERDAY she was down, down, down, but not quite out - and Val bounces back today with all her trademark rubberiness.

It's the first day of the rest of her life, and she announces that she's emigrating to Australia to spend that life with her son Paul. I fancy the folk at passport control may have something to say about that.

Not to mention Paul, who wasn't overly tearful when he finally succeeded in putting 10,000 miles between himself and his meddling mother.

Despite her melodramatic goodbye letters, I reckon Val will be back in Emmerdale before you can say: "Chuck another prawn on the barbie."



FIRING LINE The moneybags mon·ey·bag  
1. A bag for holding money.

2. moneybags (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Wealth.

3. moneybags (used with a sing. verb) A rich, often extravagant person.
 WARDED OFF Oliver and Chrissie CLASH Betty faces competition STREWTH Val says she's off Down Under
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Date:Aug 19, 2009
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