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Water Restoration / Building Drying Services Added to Indoor Air Solutions' Vast Array of Services.

BOYERTOWN, Pa. -- Water Restoration / Building Drying Services have been added to the established array of indoor air quality Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) deals with the content of interior air that could affect health and comfort of building occupants. The IAQ may be compromised by microbial contaminants (mold, bacteria), chemicals (such as carbon monoxide, radon), allergens, or any mass or energy stressor  services provided by Indoor Air Solutions (IAS See iPlanet Application Server.

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 industry sources, the failure to properly dry a building and its contents following excessive water intrusion can quickly result in mold growth, often in as little as 48 hours. After mold has taken hold, expensive mold remediation is often the only solution to saving the structure.

"Building drying is a science," said David Nugent David James Nugent (born 2 May, 1985 in Huyton, Knowsley, Merseyside) is an English footballer who currently plays for Premier League club Portsmouth. Club career
Early career
, Business/Operations Manager for Indoor Air Solutions. "New equipment and technology have greatly reduced the time necessary to dry a building from weeks to days or, in some cases, even hours. Our team responds quickly with truck-mounted and portable extraction equipment to remove water. We then use directed high temperature coupled with intensified air circulation and aggressive dehumidification to dry a building much faster than older technologies currently still used by many other firms."

According to Nugent, IAS offers this new service 24 / 7 by its trained IIRC (chat) IIRC - If I recall/remember correctly.  water-restoration personnel. "Faster drying translates to lower costs and minimal disruption to productivity," he continued. "Getting our trained staff onsite quickly ensures that damage to contents will be greatly reduced. In most cases there is no need to discard carpet or remove drywall and most furnishings can be dried in place."

Nugent further explained that a certified IAS industrial hygienist is equipped to perform air and surface testing for mold following the remediation process to make certain that the building is left safe and clean.

The expert staff at IAS has been contributing to improved indoor air quality standards in homes, businesses, factories and institutions throughout the northeast since 1994 including mold abatement, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) In the home or small office with a handful of computers, HVAC is more for human comfort than the machines. In large datacenters, a humidity-free room with a steady, cool temperature is essential for the trouble-free  duct cleaning, VOC (Vertical Online Community) See vertical portal.  testing, industrial hygiene and more. The complex science of indoor air quality requires the expertise of many disciplines and the IAS team of technicians is considered among the best.

The addition of water restoration and building drying services further expands the services for which IAS has already become known and keeps the company firmly in the forefront as an industry leader and innovator.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 17, 2009
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