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Washington State Mexican Fruit Growers Converge on Olympia to Push for Access to Capital and Credit.

OLYMPIA Olympia, city, ancient Greece
Olympia, ancient city, important center of the worship of Zeus in ancient Greece, in Elis near the Alpheus (now Alfiós) R. It was the scene of the Olympic games.
, Wash. -- Members of the Washington Washington, town, England
Washington, town (1991 pop. 48,856), Sunderland metropolitan district, NE England. Washington was designated one of the new towns in 1964 to alleviate overpopulation in the Tyneside-Wearside area.
 State Mexican Mexican

named after or originating in Mexico.

Mexican axolotl
see ambystomamexicanum.

Mexican beaded lizard
(Heloderma horridum
 Fruit Growers Growers are the people, animals, plants, and various living creatures that assist in the growing of plants and other living creatures. More specifically, the term "growers" refers to individual people who put forth effort to grow plants for food and medicinal use, including the  Coalition met with legislators in Olympia recently and other various agencies (Commission on Hispanic Hispanic Multiculture A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race Social medicine Any of 17 major Latino subcultures, concentrated in California, Texas, Chicago, Miam, NY, and elsewhere  Affairs, Washington State Department of Agriculture, etc.) about urgent financial and economic issues that are adversely impacting Mexican fruit growers in Washington State.

In particular, the group discussed recent problems accessing lines of credit and long-term financing Long-term financing

Liabilities repayable in more than one year plus equity.
 from banks/lending institutions. The inability to obtain long-term financing and lines of credit is causing a significant, negative impact to the economic health and well-being of Latino/Hispanic fruit growers in Washington State as well as their local communities. The coalition employs over 1600 workers part time and over 100 workers full time annually. In fact, many Latino/Hispanic fruit growers in Washington State have lost or been denied operating lines of credit from banks/lending institutions for the upcoming growing season growing season, period during which plant growth takes place. In temperate climates the growing season is limited by seasonal changes in temperature and is defined as the period between the last killing frost of spring and the first killing frost of autumn, at which .

While in Olympia, the Washington State Mexican Fruit Growers Coalition told lawmakers that if something is not done immediately to help Latino or Hispanic growers (in Washington State) access lines of credit and long-term financing, many of its members will be forced to go out-of-business within the next 3 to 12 months. Additionally, the Coalition is disturbed about recent news reports ( regarding unfair treatment and discrimination against Latino and Hispanic farmers, especially concerning the lack of access to USDA USDA, See United States Department of Agriculture.
 loans and disaster assistance. Some members of the Coalition have also experienced similar problems with USDA.

As a result, the Washington State Mexican Fruit Growers Coalition is urgently requesting assistance from legislators and agencies to help locate credit, capital and/or other funding options to resolve the above mentioned issues. Potential options could include:

* Getting lenders to more effectively structure credit and/or utilize government loan guarantees to help Latino/Hispanic fruit growers in Washington State;

* Finding appropriate state and federal programs that would provide financial assistance and/or credit for Latino/Hispanic fruit growers in Washington State.

In order to avert a major agricultural crisis, it is critical that solutions are found soon to get lenders in Washington State to provide financing and/or credit for Latino and Hispanic fruit growers in Washington State.
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Comment:Washington State Mexican Fruit Growers Converge on Olympia to Push for Access to Capital and Credit.
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Date:Oct 12, 2009
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