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WarBirds 2009 Gets Giant New Update.

CARY, N.C. -- iEntertainment Network iEntertainment Network (formerly known as iMagic Online) is an online gaming company which operates IamGame, Warbirds, Helbreath, and the The Legend of Mir 3.

iEntertainment Network, Inc.
 (BB:, the award-winning developer of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series of military MMOGs, announced today that a brand new WarBirds 2009 version of the Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation has been launched with a significant product update including New Aircraft, New Flight Models, New Terrains, and many more new features!

Major updates to flight models of the WarBirds 2009 aircraft include special emphasis on Navy aircraft including all Corsairs, the Hellcat, the TBD Devastator The Douglas TBD Devastator was a torpedo bomber of the United States Navy, ordered in 1934, first flying in 1935 and entering service in 1937. At that point, it was the most advanced plane flying for the USN and possibly for any navy in the world.  and the SBD Dauntless Design and development
The Northrop BT-1 provided the basis for the SBD, which began manufacture in 1940. It was designed by designers team lead by Ed Heinemann with a 1,000 horsepower Wright Cyclone powerplant. A year earlier, both the U.S.
 and a complete revision of all flight models for WWI WWI
World War I

WWI World War One
 aircraft including the Albatross albatross (ăl`bətrôs), common name for sea birds of the order of tube-nosed swimmers (Procellari-iformes), which includes petrels, shearwaters, and fulmars.  DVa, the Sopwith Camel, Fokker DR1 and DVII, Nieuport and Spads. New cockpits and new gun stations were also added to the B-25 series of bombers.

WarBirds 2009 features two Brand New Terrains (The Somme and Alsace) for the two Bonus WarBirds games: Dawn of Aces (WWI Combat Flying) and Armored Assault (WWII WWII
World War II

WWII World War Two
 Tank Simulation). These updates include Player flyable Handley Page Handley Page, Limited was founded by Frederick Handley Page (later Sir Frederick) in 1909 as the United Kingdom's first publicly traded aircraft manufacturing company. It went into voluntary liquidation and ceased to exist in 1970.  and Gotha bombers, a new Halberstadt CL II version, Zeppelin refinements, and a new German Tiger II tank.

The WarBirds 2009 simulation also now includes new modern aircraft, the UAV UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Airborne Vehicle
UAV Uninhabited Air Vehicle
UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
UAV Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle (less common) 
 MQ-1 Predator and the US Air Force trainer T-6A Texan II.

WarBirds 2009 adds new and improved Training for new WarBirds players: A special "CheckOut" for more experienced players and a "CheckRide" training system, to ensure that new players can learn the simulation more quickly and survive longer in the online arenas.

WarBirds has been called one of the best combat operations game ever produced. The award-winning title allows players from around the world to enter persistent online battlefield and take control of more than 120 different aircraft and vehicles, including fighters, bombers, tanks, and Naval vessels. New players, with either PCs or Macs, can download and try WarBirds 2009 by going to to experience the fun and challenge of real time, multi-player combat.

About iEntertainment Network

iEntertainment Network, Inc. (BB: ( is a leading provider of online entertainment communities and publisher of online and retail games. WarBirds 2009, IENT's premiere massively multiplayer flight simulation software, which plays on both PCs and MAC computers, has won numerous awards around the world for "Best Online Simulation Game" and attracts players from over 70 countries. iEntertainment holds an Internet Patent, Number 6,042,477, integral to the development and support of online gaming.
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Date:May 27, 2009
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