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War memorial 60 years late; ORIGINAL CASH WENT ON STREETLIGHTS.


SIXTY years after an Anglesey village chose to erect e·rect
1. Being in or having a vertical, upright position.

2. Being in or having a stiff, rigid physiological condition.
 street lights instead of a war memorial, its wartime dead have been commemorated.

In 1946 when the government gave money to British communities to honour their fallen, Moelfre villager Mary Jones Mary Jones may refer to:
  • Mary Jones (Bible), a Welsh girl associated with Bible dissemination
  • Mother Jones (Mary Harris Jones), a community organizer
  • Moelona ("Elizabeth Mary Jones"), a Welsh novelist
  • Mary Jones (poet) (d. 1778), English poet
 and her husband, Coun Owen W Jones, saw that the village became the first on the island to be lit up.

And now the couple's son, Elfed, 64, has raised pounds 2,500 for two new plaques.

Mr Jones, a retired marine engineer, said: "I am fulfilling my mother's great wish, that a proper memorial be erected for those Moelfre boys who lost their lives in wartime."

Mr Jones said that in 1949 a plaque was unveiled on one streetlight in Graig Mor, near the village's sea Elfed Jones front, which explained that the streetlights were to be in the memory of those who had perished in the two wars.

He added: "My mother had two great wishes. The first was that I should go to France to find the grave of her own brother who was killed in World War I. "She also said that one day she would like the village to have a proper plaque to remember all of the boys who lost their lives in the war.

"Last August I went to France and found my uncle's grave, then on Remembrance Sunday last year I went to Menai Bridge For the bridges across the Menai Strait, see and Britannia Bridge.
Menai Bridge (Welsh: Porthaethwy) is a town on the island of Anglesey in Wales.
 where his name is included on the war memorial."

The father of four and grandfather of four said: "I organised one plaque for each war, with all their names engraved en·grave  
tr.v. en·graved, en·grav·ing, en·graves
1. To carve, cut, or etch into a material: engraved the champion's name on the trophy.

 on them, and we unveiled them at 3pm today, which is the 60th anniversary of when the plaque on the streetlights was unveiled."


Elfed Jones
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 28, 2009
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