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Wallace, Ian The Man Who Walked The Earth.

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 0-88899-545-8. Toronto, ON: Groundwood, 2003. 32 pp. $17.95. This is a wonderful Christmas story about a family that is separated as a result of a prolonged pro·long  
tr.v. pro·longed, pro·long·ing, pro·longs
1. To lengthen in duration; protract.

2. To lengthen in extent.
 drought drought, abnormally long period of insufficient rainfall. Drought cannot be defined in terms of inches of rainfall or number of days without rain, since it is determined by such variable factors as the distribution in time and area of precipitation during and before  on the prairies prairies, generally level, originally grass-covered and treeless plains of North America, stretching from W Ohio through Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa to the Great Plains region. . The father leaves his wife and two children in search of work. Each day, the mother sets an extra place at the table in case anyone might be in need of a meal; she hopes someone will do the same for her husband. After eight months (just before Christmas), a stranger arrives out of the cold. He brings gifts, magical tricks, and a sense of hope. The illustrations are beautiful, evoking the dark winter night when the father leaves and the warmth created by the stranger working his magic. This magical book offers rich teaching opportunities (prairies, winter, Christmas, and the stranger) as it touches upon a wide range of emotions evoked e·voke  
tr.v. e·voked, e·vok·ing, e·vokes
1. To summon or call forth: actions that evoked our mistrust.

 by both the text and illustrations. Ages 6-10.

Margaret James, Toronto District

School Board, ON
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Author:James, Margaret
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 22, 2004
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