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WNA working for you--summer 2008.

WNA Working for You--Summer 2008
Core Issue #1--Workforce Health, Rights & Safety

Workforce Advocacy Legislation/Regulation

WNA is working on the following policy strategies related to promoting
nursing's workplace health, rights and safety.

Legislation/Rule       Activity                           Target Group

Criminalization of     AB 683 Quality Improvement         Nursing
RN for medical error   Act/Decriminalization for          workforce
                       Unintentional Medical Error
                       did not get through the two
                       state houses. We will need to
                       start over and develop a
                       different strategy for
                       advancing this legislation in
                       the next biennium. WNA is very
                       appreciative of all the work
                       and support that was provided
                       by the Wisconsin Hospital

Supervision of         APNPs expressing concerns          NP, CNS and
APNP by physician      regarding the physician            CNM that
as a requirement       supervision requirements found     have
under the Patient      in the Patient Compensation        prescriptive
Compensation Fund      Fund (PCF) statute. This is        authority.
                       contrary to state statutes
                       Nursing 441 governing the
                       authority to prescribe
                       providing there is a Colla-
                       boration Agreement in place.
                       WNA is working with the Office
                       of the Insurance Commissioner
                       to pursue statute changes in
                       the PCF that removes the
                       supervisory requirement.

Statute changes for    AB 497 did not advance this        APNPs
inclusion of APNP      legislative year. The legis-
as health care         lation allows APNPs to sign
provider               disability certificates for
                       disabled hunters, sign state-
                       ment indicating military
                       veteran eligibility for needed
                       services and perform special
                       examinations requested by
                       Department of Transportation.
                       WNA will work the assembly
                       author and find a Senate author
                       for the next biennium so that
                       this legislation can get passed.

HFS 35--               Continue to provide input into     APNPs
Certification of       proposed Admistrative Rule HFS
Medicaid Outpatient    35 regarding role of Board
Mental Health          Certified Psych Mental Health
Clinics                APNs.

Supporting WNA's Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group (SIG)     Summary of Activity

Advanced Practice Nurse Forum    APN Salary & Benefit Survey is in the
                                 process of being tabulated. Results
                                 are to be available around June 30,

WI Parish Nurse Coalition        Planning Annual Conference in
                                 conjunction with WNA Convention

Wisconsin Environmental Health   Planning Annual Conference in
Nurses Coalition (WEHNC)         conjunction with WNA Convention.
                                 Strategic planning completed and in
                                 the process of implementation.

WINPAC                           WINPAC is endorsing 5 RNs who are
                                 running for a state legislator
                                 position. The information on these
                                 candidates, the WINPAC Questionnaire
                                 and how you can get involved is
                                 posted on WNA's website

WNA's Workforce Advocacy Program

Core Issue #2--Appropriate Nurse Staffing & Nurse Shortage

Legislation/Rule       Activity                             Target
/Policy                                                     Group

Safe Nurse Staffing    Working on a strategy for deve-      Nursing
                       loping model safe staffing           Workforce
                       legislation that can be
                       introduced January 2009.

RN Workforce Data      WNA staff is an active participant   Nursing
Collection and State   on the Department of Workforce       workforce
Funding for the        Development Subcommittee to
Wisconsin Center       identify a strategy for the
for Nursing            collection data regarding the
                       nursing workforce.

Nurse Fatigue &        WNA along with the Wisconsin         Wisconsin
Patient Safety         Nursing Coalition has developed a    RNs
                       Working Draft paper on awareness
                       campaign related to the impact of
                       nurse fatigue and patient safety.

Nurse Faculty          Recommendations from the Legis-      Nurse
Shortage Task          lative/Board of Nursing sponsored    Faculty
Force                  Task Force for addressing the Nurse
                       Faculty shortage can he found on
                       WNA's website.

Peer Assistance        Approved position statement on       Nurses
Advisory Council       Guidelines for the Chemically
                       Dependent, Impaired Nurse and Peer
                       Assistance. It can be found on
                       WNA's website under the Workforce
                       Advocacy/Impaired Practice tab

Core Issue #3--Continued Competencies--WNA Educational Offerings
for 2008

Legislation/Rule       Activity                             Target
/Policy                                                     Group

Mandatory Continuing   Identified the pros and cons to      RNs
Education for RN's     mandatory continuing education as
                       requirement for RN license renewal.
                       Strategy pending

Clarification of       Follow-up to WNA Summit of February  RNs
Role and Practice      2008. Strategy for advancing
Standards for RN's     practice standards for RN and LPN
and LPN's in           care in the nursing home has been
Nursing Homes.         developed.

Educational Offerings 2001--Mark Your Calendar!

2008 WNA/AVSNA Annual    Oct 16-18     2008 Environmental    Oct. 16
Convention                             Health and Parish
                                       Nurse Conferences

Core Issue #4--Patient Safety/Advocacy

Healthy Wisconsin Wisconsin, state, United States
Wisconsin (wĭskŏn`sən, –sĭn), upper midwestern state of the United States. It is bounded by Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, from which it is divided by the Menominee

Will be working with WNA WNA World Nuclear Association (UK)
WNA Wisconsin Nurses Association
WNA Weather Normalization Adjustment
WNA Wireless Network Access
WNA Wireless Network Administration
WNA Wednesday Night Acro
WNA White Noise Acceleration
 Districts and other community groups to sponsor Town Hall Meetings on the benefits of Health Care Reform and the important role of the nurse


Check WNA website for listing of the legislative bills that were of interest to WNA. The legislative floor sessions have ended.
You Were Represented April 2008-May 2008

Topic                     Individual/Group        Location     Date

Promoting Nurse           Nurses Foundation       Madison      4/11/08
Scholarships and          of Wisconsin
Research Funding

ANA and National          ANA Midwest States      Chicago      4/12 &
Nursing Issues            Meetings                             4/13

Overview of WNA Public    Eau Clare District      Eau Claire   4/14/08
Policy Agenda             Public Policy

Presentation on           Eau Claire County       Eau Claire   4/14/08
Delegation Issues         Public Health
                          Department RN

Presentation on           Advance Practice        Wisconsin    4/17/08
Employment Contracts      Nurses                  Dells
and Patient Compen-
sation Fund Statutes

Presentation on           WNA Lakeshore           Cleveland    4/21/08
Criminalizalion for       District
Medical Errors

Board of Nursing          Wisconsin Board of      Madison      5/1/08
Meeting                   Nursing

Strategies for state-     DWD Subcommittee on     Madison      5/1/08
wide collection of        Data Collection on
nursing workforce data    health care workforce

Exhibit at Milwaukee      Nurses Week Lamplight   Milwaukee    5/5/08
District Nurses Event     Walk

Nurse Interviews desire   Representatives from    Madison      5/8/08
to amend Adm Code N8      Wisconsin Chapter of
(APNP)                     Nurse Midwives

Media Interview on        ANA Reporter            Madison      5/27/08
Health Care Reform

WNA Public Policy         WNA Public Policy       Madison      5/31/08
Agenda                    Council Meeting
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