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 SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- WilTel, Inc. (NYSE: WMB)

today announced it is aggressively restructuring its business to focus on serving the data communications marketplace.
 "WilTel has an excellent reputation for delivering real-world data solutions through its various private-line and public frame relay services," said Roy Wilkens, WilTel president and chief executive officer. "WilTel will differentiate itself from its competitors by providing customers with the appropriate data services -- rather than the latest technology -- to solve their data communications problems. WilTel is committed to becoming the premier provider of data communications services to the business marketplace."
 "WilTel will achieve a position in the data communications market much like MCI did in the voice market," said Bill Wilson, WilTel vice president of strategic planning. "Through a strong, clear focus and aggressive service definitions and pricing, WilTel will change the rules of competition in data communications."
 WilTel will be adding several hundred marketing and technical data "specialists" in the upcoming months to bolster the company's data focus, Wilson said. The company will also be restructuring its various business units to strategically support WilTel's core focus on data communications.
 "WilTel is a major player in switched voice and equipment and we plan on doing well in those markets," he said. "We will continue to grow these businesses, adding as many basic and advanced services as possible. However, all of WilTel's businesses will become more integrated to support the core data effort."
 WilTel's Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) strategy is indicative of this commitment to data communications, Wilson said. "WilTel is the first carrier to deploy a Class 4 central office ATM network, but more importantly, WilTel is the first carrier to define and provide an ATM- based service that will provide customer solutions today.
 "Many companies have announced ATM technology without defining specific services," Wilson added. "To create value for customers you provide services and solutions, not technology."
 WilTel announced its first ATM service in March, Channel Networking Service (CNS), which exemplifies WilTel's commitment to the data communications marketplace.
 "WilTel's ATM Channel Networking Service is a clear example of service definition," Wilson said. "It demonstrates how to work at the application level to solve a common customer problem with a variety of tools and approaches.
 "Customers needed a cost-effective high-speed solution for host-to- host and host-to-peripheral communications so we developed an end-to-end solution that packaged all the customer premise equipment, maintenance, local access everything," he said. "WilTel's Channel Networking Service is a very cost-competitive ATM service that provides an immediate benefit for certain customers."
 Applications for WilTel's ATM CNS include centralized or remote data storage, disaster recovery, distributed data processing, performance improvement of peripheral devices and geographic consolidation of operations. WilTel's ATM CNS offers customers a single, competitively priced, all-inclusive solution that includes the channel extender, multiplexers, CSUs/DSUs and local and long-distance transmission links.
 The offering also includes maintenance service through a single point of contact for any problems with the service, transmission or equipment. Customers will also benefit from having a single point of contact for ordering, engineering, installation and maintenance.
 The initial pricing structure will be based on an all-inclusive "per channel" basis, providing customers with a 20-40 percent savings over the current solutions for host-to-host and host-to-peripheral communications.
 Eight NEC NEAX" 61E ATM switches will be operational in the WilTel ATM network in late 1993; switch sites are located in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington and New York. Eight additional switch sites will be activated throughout 1994 in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Des Moines, Houston, Nashville, Orlando and Boston. Seven additional switch sites will be activated in late 1994, early 1995, in Albuquerque, Kansas City, Tulsa, Detroit, Jacksonville, Raleigh and Philadelphia.
 WilTel is quickly forming alliances with various customers to define new ATM services. WilTel's first ATM beta customer is Convex Computer Corporation; Convex will begin transmitting ATM traffic over the WilTel network in October.
 "We are identifying long-term partners to define real ATM services and solutions," Wilson said. "WilTel will be building broadband applications that change the way companies do business WilTel is committed to revolutionizing competition in data communications."
 WilTel's ATM CNS will be commercially available in Oct., 1993. Beta testing of ATM LAN interconnect services will begin in Oct. and will be available for measured commercial availability in early 1994 .
 WilTel is a full-service telecommunications company that offers data, voice and video products and services nationwide. WilTel owns and operates a nationwide digital fiber-optic network, one of only four in the United States, with access to more than 30,000 system miles. WilTel has the only nationwide fiber-optic network dedicated primarily to business communications services.
 WilTel is one of The Williams Companies, Inc., a $5 billion corporation based in Tulsa, Okla., that also operates a nationwide energy transportation system. The Williams Companies, Inc. is listed on the New York and Pacific stock exchanges (symbol WMB).
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