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WHATA FAN-TTASTIC GAME; Celebs line up for the Rangers Man Utd clash.


IT'S the battle between two of the biggest teams in the world and some of the most famous footballers in the country.

But when Scottish champions Rangers meet Manchester United on Wednesday, the match won't just be followed in the stands and the pubs.

Going by the number of celebrity fans following each team, the game is just as likely to be debated and argued about in celebrity hang-outs like The Ivy Bar in London as in The Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow.

As two of the best-supported sides in Britain, both clubs havea huge army of famous fans who will be crowding round the TVs in hospitality bars and VIP tents to watch the big game if they can't get their hands on the precious tickets for the game.

From golfer Colin Montgomerie Colin Stuart Montgomerie, OBE (born June 23, 1963) is a Scottish professional golfer often referred to by his nickname 'Monty'. He has had one of the finest careers in European Tour history, having won a record eight Order of Merit titles including a streak of seven consecutively  to sexy newsreader A client program that is used to read messages from Internet-based discussion groups (the venerable Usenet) or syndication feeds such as RSS and Atom. Some programs provide a search and organization tool for both newsgroups and feeds as well as local e-mail messages, contacts and other  Kirsty Young, a wide range of Scots celebs will be lining the Ibrox stands or watching the game from home.

And they will be joined by Irish-born fans such as race driver Eddie Irvine and actor director Kenneth Branagh, as well as English chat show host Clive Anderson in cheering the Gers.

But the famous bluenoses will face staunch opposition from the team which has arguably the most famous fans in the world. From every field of celebrity, including TV, radio, sport, movies and music, Manchester United have a huge famous fanbase.

And they even have a token Scot in their side Radio Oneand MTV MTV
 in full Music Television

U.S. cable television network, established in 1980 to present videos of musicians and singers performing new rock music. MTV won a wide following among rock-music fans worldwide and greatly affected the popular-music business.
 star Edith Bowman, from Fife. But the Scots team shouldn't be too worried Gers fan Robert Carlyle's famous Begbie character could wipe the floor with Man United-supporting Steve McFadden's TV hardman Phil Mitchell.

Bluenose bluenose

a name used in the UK for a photosensitive dermatitis of the horse's face marked by a cyanotic appearance in the early stages of skin which later sloughs. The disease occurs in the spring and may be accompanied by such a severe edema that it resembles purpura hemorrhagica.
 Clive Anderson is definitely funnier than Angus Deayton, Kirsty Young sexier than Zoe Ball and Kenneth Branagh has had more Oscar nominations than Steve Coogan will ever see in his life.

And don't even mention Mick Hucknall versus Lulu.

So are those celebs clued-in die-hards or glory hunters? Here are the teams for the Battle of Britain Battle of Britain, in World War II, series of air battles between Great Britain and Germany, fought over Britain from Aug. to Oct., 1940. As a prelude to a planned invasion of England, Germany attacked British coastal defenses, radar stations, and shipping. On Aug.  Celebrity Trial.


THE controversial chef famously played for Rangers reserves as a youngster until he tried his hand at cooking and made it to the culinary first team.

He will be one of the few celeb ce·leb  
n. Informal
A celebrity.
 fans who actually go to the games and is never afraid to show his true colours.

Verdict: Die-hard


THE successful golfer is the most temperamental sportsman in either list and has spoken about his passion for Rangers.

The Glasgow-born golf star is also fond of Leeds United, but insists his first team will always be the Gers.

Verdict: Die-hard


HE may be Down Under with the Scotland rugby squad for the big game, but the keen fan will be keeping an eye on the score.

May spend too much time with a funny-shaped ball to be a real football fan, but the star sportsman does his best.

Verdict: Die-hard


THE Belfast-born actor and director is another unlikely footie fan, but the London-based star insists he is dedicated to hometown side Linfield, local club Spurs and Rangers.

Hardly ever at a game, the classical actor is more a fair weather fan.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


LIKE a lot of Glasgow celebs, the Maryhillborn star onceclaimed to support Partick Thistle, but has since admitted to being a bluenose.

He's seen at the odd game, but his filming schedule will keep him away from Ibrox most of the season.

Verdict: Die-hard


THE comedian and chat show host seems an unlikely bluenose, but has always followed his Glaswegian father's beloved Rangers.

An Arsenal fan as well, Anderson is very proud of his Scots football heritage.

Verdic: Glory Hunter


THE playboy Formula One driver spends too much time chasing fast cars, yachts and women to concentrate too hard on the beautiful game.

Still, he often talks of his passion for Rangers.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


HER affections for the Govan club may have been altered by her split from Kenny Logan.

But she is definitely one of the sexiest Gers fans around.Verdict: Glory Hunter

10. LULU

ANOTHER unlikely supporter, tiny Scots songstress song·stress  
1. A woman who performs songs, especially ballads or popular songs.

2. A woman who writes songs. See Usage Note at -ess.
 Lulu is a well-known Gers fan whose family especially son Jordan all go to the games.

She has been seen at Ibrox now and again, but is hardly a week-in, week-out kind of star.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


SOME fans thought Wet Wet Wet were wearing their hearts on their shirts when they sponsored local side Clydebank back in the nineties. But the band, and especially Marti, were mostly Rangers daft. Pellow was a regular at Rangers dinners and charity events and even took out a full-page tribute advert in the club paper when manager Walter Smith left in 1998.Verdict: Die-hard

7. ANDY ANDY Andrew
ANDY US Popular Abbreviation for Andrews AFB

THE former Scotland star has become one of the best-known pundits on TV for his work on Sky but he still holds his old club dear to his heart.

Well known for his enthusiasm, he will love being part of the Sky coverage for the big game this week.

Verdict: Die-hard

UTD University of Texas at Dallas
UTD Up to Date
UTD United Teachers of Dade
UTD Uniform Theory of Diffraction
UTD Uniform-geometrical Theory of Diffraction
UTD Urban Thermo Dynamics (hip hop)
UTD Unit Training Device


LIKE her pal Sara Cox, Ball claimed to be a Man United fan at the peak of the Euro 96-inspired football mania which influenced most of today's crop of celeb fans.

As someone who built a career as a self-styled ladette, the biggest team in the country are the natural team to claim to support - even if she admits to not knowing a thing about the offside off·side   also off·sides
adv. & adj.
1. Sports Illegally ahead of the ball or puck in the attacking zone.


Verdict: Glory Hunter


ALTHOUGH born in Anstruther in Fife, the Radio One DJ claims to have been a lifelong fan of the Manchester giants. Old Trafford is a long way from Anstruther.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


ANOTHER soap star Red, the EastEnders star professes to be a huge Man United fan even though he was born in north London.Verdict: Glory Hunter


THE former Verve lead singer is football mad and wanted to play for his Old Trafford heroes until he started singing at age 13. Not necessarily as regular an Old Trafford goer as some other famous fans, Ashcroft is still a genuine supporter.

Verdict: Die-hard

8. KYM KYM Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram  MARSH

THE former Popstars winner and solo artist may look like a dizzy pop starlet star·let  
1. A small star.

2. A young film actress publicized as a future star.


a young actress who has the potential to become a star

Noun 1.
, but is also a genuine United fan.

She goes to as many games as she can fit in, and was at their European Cup quarter-final defeat in Madrid last year.

Verdict: Die-hard


FIRMLY in the fair-weather fan category, this TV presenter's most famous football connection is sleeping with Sven Goran Eriksson.

But she says she's a Red.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


LIKE almost every other Irishman who doesn't support Celtic, Holmes is a rabid Manchester United fan.

As well as bleating on about his club as often as possible on GMTV GMTV Good Morning Television (UK) , he does actually go to games when he can, so is not as bad as some famous Reds.

Verdict: Die-hard


THE comic actor is one of the most committed of the celebrity Manchester United fans.

Actually coming from Manchester is a good start, but the lifelong fan regularly travels from his home in Brighton to watch the games and his brother Brendan works for the club satellite channel, MUTV MUTV Manchester United Television
MUTV Marquette University Television
.Verdict: Die-hard


THE presenter spends more time scoring with women than watching his heroes do the same at Old Trafford.

He may be just another bandwagon jumper.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


HERE'S one of the stereotypical, London-based Man United fans.

McFadden is rarely seen at Old Trafford apart from big games.

Verdict: Glory Hunter


ANOTHER one who takes it very seriously, the singer claims to have named his band Simply Red after his beloved team and is a regular at Old Trafford. Hucknall takes part in all sorts of charity and club events and is a keen follower.

Verdict: Die-hard


Verdict: Die-hard
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