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WDI to implement JEWEL Project.

... AMMAN (Star)--The William Davidson Institute (WDI WDI World Development Indicators (World Bank)
WDI William Davidson Institute
WDI Walt Disney Imagineering
WDI Wood Destroying Insect (home inspections)
WDI Websphere Data Interchange
WDI Wind Drift Indicator
) has signed a three-year agreement with Higher Education for Development Higher Education for Development works in close partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the nation’s six presidential higher education associations to support the involvement of higher education in development issues worldwide.  in Washington to implement the Jordanian Education for Water and Environmental Leadership (JEWEL) project, which is funded by USAID USAID United States Agency for International Development
USAID Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (Spanish) 
.Partnering with WDI will be: The Erb Institute The Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise was created in 1996 through the generosity of Frederick A. Erb (BBA ’47) and his wife, Barbara, and is a partnership between the Stephen M.  for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan (body, education) University of Michigan - A large cosmopolitan university in the Midwest USA. Over 50000 students are enrolled at the University of Michigan's three campuses. The students come from 50 states and over 100 foreign countries.  (UM); UM School of Natural Resources and Environment; the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management The Johnson School of Management was founded in 1948 as the Graduate School of Management of Cornell University. However, in 1984 the school was renamed the Johnson School of Management to honor the generousity of the Johnson family.

The S.C.
; the Jordan University of Science and Technology . The Jordan University of Science and Technology (Arabic: جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا الأردنية),  (JUST); the University of Jordan The University of Jordan (Arabic الجامعة الأردنية), founded in 1962, is the first university established in Jordan. It is located in the Jubeiha Area, District of University, Amman.  (UJ); and the Jordan River Foundation. The JEWEL partnership focuses on developing leaders at all levels in the public, private and community sectors who understand how to use and how to develop new decision-support tools for natural resources management. The project will develop a Masters of Science degree in Integrated Natural Resource Management to train future leaders in applied Natural Resource Management. The focus of the project will principally be on water since Jordan is among the countries with the greatest water shortage.It also will develop modules to train mid-level private and public sector leaders on the development of optimization models and other tools, as well as develop an interdisciplinary course on salient natural resource management issues that will be required for undergraduate students at JUST and UJ.Wajih Owais, president of JUST, said, "JEWEL is designed to empower leadership and decision making, and to create resources and knowledge networks to improve decision-making in integrated natural resources management in Jordan."Khalid Al-Naif, director of Development Consulting Services at WDI, said that the JEWEL project goes beyond training and incorporates the principles of integrated natural resource management. He said the program balances hard and soft sciences, merges research and development, sets up a system for adapting and learning; focuses the right type of science at the right level, and changes scientific culture and organization. For example, JEWEL will develop a research center and lab where academics, practitioners, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and community leaders can work collaboratively to develop sustainable business models, optimization tools, research and data."It will also create suitable spaces, physically and virtually, for sustaining the collaboration," Naif said. "It will bring in US and other international models and state-of-the-art applications for use in the classroom and by practitioners. The JEWEL partners will translate academic research into formats appropriate for all users of natural resources." nWDI to implement JEWEL Project

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Aug 25, 2007
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