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Byline: Lisa Mascaro Staff Writer

Swimming pools may be a summer oasis for suburban kids, but they're the most likely place for young children to drown drown  
v. drowned, drown·ing, drowns
1. To kill by submerging and suffocating in water or another liquid.

2. To drench thoroughly or cover with or as if with a liquid.

, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 a nationwide study being released today.

But many parents didn't need a report to tell them about the dangers of backyard pools.

Following the tragic drowning drowning /drown·ing/ (droun´ing) suffocation and death resulting from filling of the lungs with water or other substance.
n asphyxiation because of submersion in a liquid.
 death of a young boy at rocker Tommy Lee's Malibu house last month, swim lessons are in greater demand, gates and covers have been added to pools, and some parents have even hired private lifeguards for backyard parties.

``It's so scary,'' said Jacqui Dres, who was finishing up a Mommy and Me class recently at Woodcrest Preschools on Tampa Avenue in Tarzana with her 19-month son, William, while 4-year-old Caroline took a private lesson a few lanes over.

``Pool parties are probably the biggest scare - and you're right there,'' Dres said. ``Parents are yapping. ... (It's) very easy to get engrossed en·gross  
tr.v. en·grossed, en·gross·ing, en·gross·es
1. To occupy exclusively; absorb: A great novel engrosses the reader. See Synonyms at monopolize.

 in a conversation, 10-15 minutes go by, they haven't even glanced at the kids. I'm guilty of it, too.''

A report being released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics The American Academy of Pediatrics ("AAP") is an organization of pediatricians, physicians trained to deal with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. Its motto is: "Dedicated to the Health of All Children.  provides the first nationwide tally of childhood drowning deaths to pinpoint where youngsters are most likely to drown.

Researchers from National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University, mainly at Baltimore, Md. Johns Hopkins in 1867 had a group of his associates incorporated as the trustees of a university and a hospital, endowing each with $3.5 million. Daniel C.  School of Public Health, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau found that infants are most likely to drown in the bathtub while older children and adolescents are most likely to drown in such fresh water sources as rivers, lakes or ponds.

But for toddlers, swimming pools are the most likely place.

``If you had to give one message, I'd say parents and kids need to be aware even though swimming can be a fun activity ... a fun day can turn into a tragedy very quickly,'' said the study's lead author, Dr. Ruth Brenner, an investigator at the National Institue of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Md.

A 5-year-old boy drowned Friday in a backyard pool in Lancaster while only briefly away from adult supervision. On Saturday, an 11-year-old boy died at a hospital after he was found at the deep end of a swimming pool at a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport “LAX” redirects here. For other uses, see LAX (disambiguation).

“KLAX” redirects here. For other uses, see KLAX (disambiguation).

Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX, ICAO: KLAX, FAA LID: LAX
, where he had been left alone for only a short time.

The drowning of a 4-year-old boy at rock drummer Tommy Lee's home during a birthday party two weeks ago has been the topic of discussion at summer pool parties across the Valley, said parents and those who work with kids.

Parents are hiring out lifeguards at $25 an hour to watch the kids, they said, and enrolling their kids in swimming classes.

``This thing with Tommy Lee This article is about the American drummer Tommy Lee. For other uses, see Tommy.
For the actor, see Tommy Lee Jones.

Tommy Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass on October 3, 1962), is a Greek American rock musician.
, it sparked all this interest,'' said Scott Lieberman, vice president at Woodcrest Schools and a father of an 8- month-old.

Jennifer Muldoon, a parent of three boys ages 3, 5 and 7 in Bel Air Bel Air may refer to:

Places in the United States:
  • Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, a district of the City of Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Bel Air, Alabama
  • Bel Air, Kentucky
  • Bel Air, Maryland
, said she hired a lifeguard for the end-of-preschool party she threw two weeks ago for 18 little ones young children.

See also: Little
 in her backyard pool.

She got the idea from another party - and said more parents are doing it.

``I had never thought about it before. When I was there I thought, what a great idea,'' she said. ``I think all the parents were just glad to have that extra level of security.''

Each year in Los Angeles Los Angeles (lôs ăn`jələs, lŏs, ăn`jəlēz'), city (1990 pop. 3,485,398), seat of Los Angeles co., S Calif.; inc. 1850.  County, about 120 people die from drownings, according to the Department of Health Services' Web site.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department said it responds to slightly more than 100 reported drownings each year - most at backyard pools and spas.

Among the children reported drowned, most were missing from sight for five minutes or less, said Fire Department spokesman Bob Collis.

``It's not so much the lack of attention, but the lapse of attention,'' Collis said.

The Fire Department encourages a strategy similar to designated drivers designated driver Public health A person at a social function who volunteers, or is 'volunteered' to chauffeur inebriated revellers chez elles at festivity's end. Cf Squash it.  - a designated watcher whose job is to keep guard over the kids in the pool.

``You just have to have one adult watching the kids,'' he said. ``Of course if they're partying, there's alcohol, it doesn't help.''

For the study being published in the July issue of Pediatrics, researchers examined nearly 1,400 death certificates for those under age 20 who drowned in 1995.

Researchers additionally found that older African-American boys, those older than 10, had a risk of drowning in a swimming pool that was up to 15 times greater than their white peers.

They offered various explanations - public pools used by African-American youths could be less safe, with fewer lifeguards and more crowded conditions, or the children may have fewer opportunities for swimming lessons.

Brenner's group offers recommendations for all groups - fencing in backyard pools, watching kids in the tub and being sure children have swimming lessons - to help prevent tragedy.

``Even for parents who believe their kids are proficient swimmers, there's a need to take these precautions precautions Infectious disease The constellation of activities intended to minimize exposure to an infectious agent; precautions imply that the isolation of an infected Pt is optional, but not mandatory. ,'' Brenner said. ``It's also equally important (to know) you can't rely on that alone ... even the best swimmers could drown.''

Brett Henry operates the ABC ABC
 in full American Broadcasting Co.

Major U.S. television network. It began when the expanding national radio network NBC split into the separate Red and Blue networks in 1928.
 Swim School Van Nuys and suggests nothing less than three lines of defense against backyard pools: a fence, a locked gate, another door to stop kids' access or a hard pool cover strong enough to walk on.

Henry makes house calls to teach swimming lessons in families homes, has taught nannies to swim and recently told the parents of three in Tarzana that they, too, needed lessons.

``I said, we're going to teach all five of you to swim. Trust me, if your kid falls in, that's going to be your biggest regret,'' he said.

Mulhoon, the mother of three boys, said before her family even moved into their home, they made sure the fence was up around the backyard pool. Dres said her kids aren't even allowed in the backyard unless its for supervised pool play - otherwise they play out front.

``Parents always think someone else is watching them,'' said Lindsey Knebel, who said she had a nightmare last week that her 17-month-old Tiffeni had fallen in their pool.

``There really should be more campaigns for drownings. You hear reports of it every summer. Ever summer it could have been avoided.''

Lieberman, a young father of an 8-month-old, said just last week he ordered a mesh fence for his backyard pool in Sherman Oaks after a recent family birthday party showed him how tough it can be to keep kids safe.

``The kids were just running around it, testing us - it turned out to be such a nightmare,'' he said. ``I thought, oh boy, I really need to start thinking about this.''

LIFE GUARDS There are several military regiments called the Life Guards:
  • The Life Guards of the British Army.
  • The Life Guards of the Swedish Army.
  • The Leib Guards of the Imperial Russian Army.


--Learn to swim and make sure children know how to swim How to Swim is a cartoon made by the Walt Disney Company in 1942. In this cartoon, Goofy provides an educational treatise on swimming and diving with questionable results. .

--Designate an adult to watch children.

--Keep a telephone outside so children are not left unattended while answering calls.

--Consider a home pool safety course from the American Red Cross American Red Cross: see Red Cross. .

--Post emergency telephone numbers.


--Never let children swim alone.

--Watch out for the ``dangerous toos'': too tired, too cold, too much sun, too much hard playing.

--Flotation devices should complement adult supervision, not replace it.


--Yell for help.

--Get the child out of the pool immediately.

--Call 911.

--Begin CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Definition

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure to support and maintain breathing and circulation for a person who has stopped breathing (respiratory arrest) and/or whose heart has stopped (cardiac
 if necessary. If no one is trained in CPR, follow the telephone instructions from the dispatcher Software that determines what pending tasks should be done next and assigns the available resources to accomplish it. It may execute other programs or generate a list for human operators to follow. See scheduler.  until help arrives.

Source: American Red Cross, Los Angeles County Fire Department Not to be confused with Los Angeles Fire Department.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD), serves unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County, as well as 58 cities and towns that choose to have the county provide fire and EMS services, including the City of La
, Los Angeles City Fire Department


4 photos, box


(1 -- color) Beginning swimmer Sara Kinney, right, receives a lesson from swim instructor Lauren Pasternack at Woodcrest Preschools in Tarzana last week.

(2 -- color) Christian Cox prepares to be launched by instructor Avi Shafshak during a swim lesson.

(3 -- color) Baylee Speery learns how to float on her back during a beginning swim lesson last week.

(4 -- color) Beginning swimmers, from left, Darien Villate, Thomas Kalinsky, Christian Cox, Baylee Speery and Megan McCanee await instruction last week at Woodcrest Preschools.

Tina Burch/Staff Photographer

Box: LIFE GUARDS (see text)
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