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WARM CREAM(TM) A Vermont Secret for Warming Cold Hands and Feet (and Ears and Noses Too!); Now available to the rest of the USA!

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- For years WARM CREAM(TM), Vermont's best kept secret, has only been available to those with access to the Vermont Country Store and a few other select local outlets. Now WARM CREAM(TM) inventor, Dr. Eric T. Fossel, and Strategic Science & Technologies, the company he founded, have arranged for this revolutionary new product to be available nationwide. WARM CREAM(TM) was recently featured on the NBC Today Show and has appeared in the February editions of ELLE, SKI and FITNESS Magazines.

WARM CREAM(TM) is based on the science that won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Aware of that science, Dr. Fossel, who holds a PhD from Harvard in Chemistry and a former Professor at Harvard Medical School, set out to create WARM CREAM(TM), a topical transDermal cream which works naturally to warm cold hands and feet by allowing warm blood to more readily reach the targeted area. Originally Dr. Fossel invented WARM CREAM(TM) to help his wife who was suffering from cold hands and feet. Convinced that he could invent a topical remedy for this uncomfortable phenomenon, that effects up to 45% of the population, Mrs. Fossel encouraged him to find a solution. Following three years of intense research Dr. Fossel found a way to deliver the natural amino acid L-Arginine across the skin into the warm tissue below. Once the L- Arginine is in the tissue, it is converted to nitric oxide, which controls local blood flow through the production of c-GMP. The result is the restoration of normal blood flow to the area, which naturally warms the body. Dr. Fossel obtained two US Patents and licensed them to Strategic Science & Technologies, Inc, who produces and markets this groundbreaking product.

WARM CREAM(TM) is currently available in New York at Duane Reade drug stores, at the Vermont Country Store, and on our web site:

In addition to WARM CREAM(TM), Dr. Fossel has a number of other L-Arginine based products that not only improve people's appearance, but also can improve their sexual performance. These other L-Arginine based from Strategic Science & Technologies include CelluFlite(TM), Natural Arousal(TM), Natural Sensation(TM), Model's Secret(TM) and Decollete(TM).

For additional information and to speak directly with Dr. Fossel call LASSO PUBLIC RELATIONS LTD. AT 212.925.2622 or

Dr. Fossel is available to talk with your radio station on February 20 between the hours of 7:00 am and Noon Eastern Time. For bookings call Bob Winsor at CBS at 212.975.3172 or

To learn more about WARM CREAM(TM) you can obtain a VIDEO NEWS RELEASE and an AUDIO NEWS RELEASE from Bob Winsor at CBS and the above number and email.

For technical product information refer to the 2001 Physicians Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs and Supplements or call Strategic Science & Technologies, Inc. at 781.416.3777 or email


Contact: Catherine Hopkins of Strategic Science & Technologies, Inc., +1-781-416-3777,
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Date:Feb 15, 2002
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