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 NEW YORK, Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The winner of the November 1991 ratings race is WABC-TV, posting a 9.2 rating/23 share in Nielsen and an 8.8 rating/22 share in Arbitron, sign-on to sign-off, Monday through Friday. WCBS-TV delivers a 5.6 rating/14 share in Nielsen and a 5.5 rating/14 share in Arbitron, while WNBC-TV shows a 5.5 rating/14 share in Nielsen and a 6.1 rating/15 share in Arbitron.
 "Eyewitness News This Morning" remains the top-rated early morning local news program despite the recent entry of WNYW-TV into the race. Anchored by Tim Fleischer and Art McFarland, "Eyewitness News This Morning" delivers a 3.5 rating/23 share in Nielsen and a 3.8 rating/ 23 share in Arbitron, clearly beating WNBC-TV's "Today New York" (1.3 rating/11 share in Nielsen and 2.5 rating/18 share in Arbitron) and WNYW-TV's GDNY 1st Edition (1.8 rating/12 share in Nielsen and 1.8 rating/11 share in Arbitron).
 "Live! with Regis & Kathie Lee" at 9 a.m. almost doubles the combined deliveries of its competitors. With its 7.9 rating/33 share in Nielsen and 7.4 rating/32 share in Arbitron, "Live" easily beats WCBS-TV's "Chuck Woolery" (1.9 rating/8 share in Nielsen and 1.6 rating/7 share in Arbitron) and WNBC-TV's "Highway to Heaven" (1.6 rating/7 share in Nielsen and 2.3 rating/10 share in Arbitron).
 At 10 a.m., "The Sally Jessy Raphael Show" mirrors the strength of its "Live" lead-in and wins its time period with an 8.1 rating/32 share in Nielsen and a 7.6 rating/32 share in Arbitron.
 In early fringe, "Oprah Winfrey" dominates with a 12.2 rating/31 share in Nielsen and a 10.8 rating/26 share in Arbitron, while competing "Candid Camera/Inside Edition" on WCBS-TV posts a 2.3 rating/6 share in Nielsen and a 3.8 rating/9 share in Arbitron. On WNBC-TV, "Donahue" delivers a 6.1 rating/15 share in Nielsen and a 7.2 rating/17 share in Arbitron, while at 3 p.m. "Maury Povich" achieves a 4.9 rating/14 share in Nielsen and a 5.2 rating/16 share in Arbitron.
 "Eyewitness News" takes first place in the 5 o'clock news race. With anchors Greg Hurst and Roz Abrams, "Eyewitness News" delivers a 12.0 rating/26 share in Nielsen and an 11.6 rating/24 share in Arbitron, placing it far ahead of the competing newscasts on both WCBS-TV (5.3 rating/12 share in Nielsen and 6.0 rating/12 share in Arbitron) and WNBC-TV (6.2 rating/13 share in Nielsen and 7.3 rating/15 share in Arbitron).
 At 6 o'clock, "Eyewitness News" with Bill Beutel scores an equally impressive win with an 11.3 rating/22 share in Nielsen and an 11.2 rating/20 share in Arbitron. On WCBS-TV, "Channel 2 News" occupies last place with a 5.3 rating/10 share in Nielsen and a 6.6 rating/12 share in Arbitron, while WNBC-TV's "News 4 New York" finishes second with a 5.9 rating/11 share in Nielsen and a 7.5 rating/13 share in Arbitron.
 With the three network newscasts in head-to-head competition at 6:30 p.m., tri-state area viewers overwhelmingly choose "ABC World News Tonight." Anchored by Peter Jennings, this newscast captures first place with an 11.5 rating/21 share in Nielsen and an 11.7 rating/ 20 share in Arbitron, beating both competitors by wide margins. "CBS Evening News" delivers a 5.1 rating/9 share in Nielsen and a 6.5 rating/11 share in Arbitron, while "NBC Nightly News" scores a 5.8 rating/11 share in Nielsen and a 6.9 rating/12 share in Arbitron.
 During the 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. news hour, WABC-TV is number one with an 11.4 rating/21 share in Nielsen and an 11.5 rating/20 share in Arbitron. This compares to WCBS-TV's 5.2 rating/10 share in Nielsen and 6.5 rating/12 share in Arbitron, and WNBC-TV's 5.9 rating/11 share in Nielsen and 7.2 rating/13 share in Arbitron.
 "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune" continue to be the most viewed programs in access, both winning their respective time periods by tremendous margins over "Hard Copy" and "Entertainment Tonight" on WCBS-TV and "Love Connection" and "Ruckus" on WNBC-TV. In Nielsen, "Jeopardy" delivers a 16.6 rating/28 share, while "Wheel" posts a 16.8 rating/27 share. In Arbitron, "Jeopardy" garners a 19.1 rating/ 32 share, while "Wheel" achieves a 16.7 rating/27 share.
 Wrapping up the day at 11 p.m., WABC-TV's "Eyewitness News" and WNBC-TV's "News 4 NY" both score a 10.7 rating/20 share in Nielsen while WCBS-TV's "Ch. 2 News" delivers a 10.4 rating/19 share. In Arbitron, "Eyewitness News" posts a 10.3 rating/20 share while WCBS-TV has an 8.8 rating/17 share and WNBC-TV an 11.1 rating/21 share.
 WABC-TV, Channel 7, is the Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (NYSE: CCB) owned television station in New York City.
 Source: NY Overnights: Arbitron 10/30/91 - 11/26/91; Nielsen 10/31/91 - 11/27/91
 Monday - Friday Programming Nielsen Arbitron
 WABC-TV Sign-on/sign-off 9.2/23 8.8/22
 WCBS-TV Sign-on/sign-off 5.6/14 5.5/14
 WNBC-TV Sign-on/sign-off 5.5/14 6.1/15
 WABC Eyewitness-morning
 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. 3.5/23 3.8/23
 WNBC Today New York
 6:00 - 7:00 a.m. 1.3/11 2.5/18
 WNYW GDNY 1st Edition
 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. 1.8/12 1.8/11
 WABC Regis & Kathie Lee 7.9/33 7.4/32
 WABC Sally Jessy Raphael 8.1/32 7.6/32
 WCBS Chuck Woolery 1.9/ 8 1.6/ 7
 WNBC Highway to Heaven 1.6/ 7 2.3/10
 WABC Oprah Winfrey 12.2/31 10.8/26
 WCBS Candid Camera/Inside Edition 2.3/ 6 3.8/ 9
 WNBC Donahue 6.1/15 7.2/17
 WNBC Maury Povich 4.9/14 5.2/16
 WABC 5 p.m. Eyewitness News 12.0/26 11.6/24
 WCBS Channel 2 News - 5 5.3/12 6.0/12
 WNBC News 4 NY at 5 6.2/13 7.3/15
 WABC 6 p.m. Eyewitness News 11.3/22 11.2/20
 WCBS Channel 2 News 5.3/10 6.6/12
 WNBC News 4 New York 5.9/11 7.5/13
 WABC 6 p.m. Eyewit/ABC World News 11.4/21 11.5/20
 WCBS Ch. 2 News/CBS Evening News 5.2/10 6.5/12
 WNBC News 4 NY/NBC Nightly News 5.9/11 7.2/13
 WABC ABC World News Tonight 11.5/21 11.7/20
 WCBS CBS Evening News 5.1/ 9 6.5/11
 WNBC NBC Nightly News 5.8/11 6.9/12
 WABC Jeopardy! 16.6/28 19.1/32
 WABC Wheel of Fortune 16.8/27 16.7/27
 WCBS Hard Copy 8.6/15 7.9/13
 WCBS Entertainment Tonight 10.3/17 9.4/15
 WNBC Love Connection 5.8/10 6.6/11
 WNBC Ruckus 4.4/ 7 5.3/ 9
 WNYW Current Affair 7.7/12 8.9/14
 WPIX Now It Can Be Told 4.3/ 7 4.0/ 7
 WNYW Married With Children 8.7/15 6.5/11
 WABC M-Su. Prime 13.2/20 13.2/20
 WCBS M-Su. Prime 12.6/19 12.4/19
 WNBC M-Su. Prime 12.3/19 13.4/20
 Monday -Friday
 WABC 11 p.m. Eyewitness News 10.7/20 10.3/20
 WCBS Channel 2 News - 11 10.4/19 8.8/17
 WNBC News 4 New York 10.7/20 11.1/21
 -0- 11/28/91
 /CONTACT: Anna Carbonell of WABC-TV, 212-887-3076/

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