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Volkswagen's new caddy proves to be a cool operator.

Volkswagen's latest Caddy A plastic container that holds a CD or DVD disc for added protection. The bare disc is placed in the caddy, and the caddy is inserted into the drive. A caddy is not a jewel case. A jewel case protects the disc for transportation. A caddy protects the disc while reading and writing.  is proving to be a great success.

Van operators are attracted by its increased load capacity and payload compared with its predecessor, as well as its typically robust Volkswagen build quality, advanced diesel engines and appealing driving characteristics.

Underlining its improved flexibility, Volkswagen's Benfield Van Centre in Newcastle is receiving significant interest; from a variety of businesses, for a conversion of the new Caddy for chill operations. The conversion was carried out by Cold Consortium Ltd, which opted for the newly developed under-bonnet refrigeration system from GAH GAH Ground Antenna Hardware  Refrigeration.

The converted Caddy features TCC TCC The Car Connection (web site)
TCC Tidewater Community College
TCC Tallahassee Community College
TCC Temporary Continuation of Coverage
TCC Tucson Convention Center (Tucson, AZ, USA) 
 pressure-bonded, 50 mm insulated panels. The insulation used is high density, CFC-free extruded polystyrene, which is well known for its high strength and excellent temperature retention properties. The panel set is bonded into the vehicle load space to prevent cold bridges forming to the metal work of the vehicle, thus reducing the transmission of load temperature to the exterior.

The interior load space also receives a final treatment of 'food friendly' expoxy resin to give a high gloss, easy to clean surface which is impregnated im·preg·nate  
tr.v. im·preg·nat·ed, im·preg·nat·ing, im·preg·nates
1. To make pregnant; inseminate.

2. To fertilize (an ovum, for example).

 with Envirocare Bactercide. This is claimed to kill, for example, E-coli, lysteria and salmonella, plus a whole range of fungi and yeast that may have an adverse effect on foodstuff.

With a class-leading load space of 3.2 cubic metres, the new Caddy can accommodate a payload of up to 819 kg (including driver). Access for loading could not have been made easier with a side sliding door fitted as standard that opens to 70cm. Operators also have the choice of rear wing doors or a tailgate A conversion layer that lets IDE devices connect to the IEEE 1394 Firewire interface. .

The Caddy is available with a choice of two diesel engines: a 2.0-litre 69 PS SDI (1) (Serial Digital Interface) A physical interface widely used for transmitting digital video in various formats. For electrical transmission, it uses a high grade of coaxial cable and a single BNC connector with Teflon insulation.  unit or a turbocharged 1.9-litre 104 PS TDI TDI - Transport Driver Interface  powerplant. Both employ Volkswagen's highly acclaimed 'Pumpe Duse' (or unit injector) technology, which is characterised by high efficiency and low emissions. Opened in June 2004, Benfield is the largest dedicated Volkswagen Van Centre in the UK, with a display of five vehicles inside and three new external display areas. The site call show 40 used vehicles and has 16 workshop bays plus over 100 customer parking spaces.

Contact Volkswagen on tel: 0191 276 9200 or 0800 717131 or visit
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