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Voices raised in protest; defending citizens of Japanese ancestry in North America, 1942-49.


Voices raised in protest; defending citizens of Japanese ancestry in North America, 1942-49.

Bangarth, Stephanie.

U. of British Columbia Press


280 pages




Bangarth (history, U. of Western Ontario) offers a comparative analysis of the wartime treatment of Nikkei--people of Japanese descent--in Canada and the U.S. in the 1940s. Coverage includes an overview of policies enacted by the governments of both countries concerning Nikkei incarceration Confinement in a jail or prison; imprisonment.

Police officers and other law enforcement officers are authorized by federal, state, and local lawmakers to arrest and confine persons suspected of crimes. The judicial system is authorized to confine persons convicted of crimes.
 and deportation during WWII WWII
World War II

WWII World War Two
; efforts made by the Co-operative Committee on Japanese Canadians (CCJC CCJC Church Council on Justice and Corrections (Canada) ) and the American Civil Liberties Union American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), nonpartisan organization devoted to the preservation and extension of the basic rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution.  (ACLU) on behalf of Japanese Canadians and Japanese Americans; other groups and individuals who agitated for fair treatment of the Nikkei; Japanese Canadian and Japanese American activists who fought to secure justice for their own communities; and the legal briefs submitted by the CCJC and ACLU, and the legal judgments rendered by the courts. Academic but accessible to general readers interested in ethnic and racial profiling, and current tensions between civil liberty and security concerns. Distributed by UTP UTP (uridine triphosphate): see uracil.

(Unshielded Twisted Pair) See twisted pair.

UTP - unshielded twisted pair

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