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Viuda de Romero Introduces Blanco Tequila to the United States.

- Mexico's Second Oldest Tequila Brand Perfect

for Mixed Drinks or With Viuda's Sangrita Cocktail -

NEW YORK, March 5 /PRNewswire/ --

Viuda de Romero, Mexico's second oldest Tequila, introduces Tequila Viuda de Romero Blanco -- the brand's traditional, premium white Tequila -- to the United States. Tequila Viuda de Romero Blanco, offered in 750 ml and 1L bottles (38% alcohol), is an authentic fifty-one percent blue agave Tequila.

"Tequila Viuda de Romero Blanco is the smoothest white Tequila produced and has a pleasant, soft agave taste," said Augustine Sanchez, Master Distiller, Viuda de Romero. "Viuda de Romero's Blanco brand can be enjoyed with Sangrita Viuda de Romero, the traditional, spicy cocktail juice, or is ideal for use as the base liquor in popular mixed drinks such as the Margarita or Brave Bull, amongst others."

Tequila Viuda de Romero Blanco will initially be released in major metropolitan cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, New York and Texas.

Viuda de Romero Tequila, quality insured by 150 years of production experience, is bottled with the "Envasado de Origen" seal, which is given by Mexican liquor authorities. The "Envasado de Origen" seal confirms that Viuda de Romero's Tequila is produced from the best selection of agave and stored in carefully chosen wood. Viuda's brands are produced following the traditional process and bottled in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. Viuda de Romero Tequila is recognized among the best for its quality and was awarded the first prize of Primera Gran Feria de Jalisco by the state government as early as December 31, 1953.

Tequila, an icon of Mexican nationality, pride and culture, was first imported to the United States in the 1870s. It is made exclusively in Mexico from the agave plant, a cactus-like plant that is the clear-spirit's main ingredient. Although tequila was a favorite with Americans since the Mexican Revolution in 1916, it began to reach new levels of popularity in the 1950s when a rumor began that the drink contained mescaline and now as the base liquor of a multitude of mixed cocktails.

Viuda de Romero's distillery was founded in 1852 and was purchased by Pernod Ricard in January, 2000. Francisco Romero, who died fighting for the Village of Tequila, left his family the secret of the tequila and four "Tabernas" (Tequila distilleries). Romero's widow and the brand's founder, Catalina Viuda de Romero, decided to continue her husband's family tradition by dedicating her life to honoring her love with Mexico's fine Tequila. Catalina's determination ensured that the quality of the tequilas could only be matched by the passion she would pour into them.

Viuda de Romero is now the second oldest Tequila brand in Mexico. Viuda's high quality Tequila is manufactured by using the blue agave, Tequilana Weber Agave, a plant which is indigenous to the Jalisco region, and prepared according to a recipe kept secret since the company's founding.
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Date:Mar 5, 2001
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