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Virus alert at MySpace.

Users of social networking See social networking site.

social networking - social network
 website MySpace are being warned about an infected banner advertisement that may have affected thousands of people.

The advertisement exploits a flaw in the Microsoft Internet Explorer See Internet Explorer.  browser to bombard bom·bard  
tr.v. bom·bard·ed, bom·bard·ing, bom·bards
1. To attack with bombs, shells, or missiles.

2. To assail persistently, as with requests. See Synonyms at attack, barrage2.

 victims with pop-up adverts and installs spyware that logs browsing habits.

MySpace has more than one million regular users and internet experts are advising subscribers to watch out for viruses that could be used to alter setting, track movement or delete information. The malicious software, discovered by security group iDefense, has reportedly been on MySpace for around a week and many people with unprotected machines have already fallen victim to it. The website is now working with advertising networks to ensure that the bogus advert is removed.

Users who access MySpace via Internet Explorer Microsoft's Web browser, which comes with Windows starting with Windows 98. Commonly called "IE," versions for Mac and Unix are also available. Internet Explorer is the most widely used Web browser on the market. It has also been the browser engine in AOL's Internet access software.  and have not installed a fix for a Windows MetaFile vulnerability The Windows Metafile vulnerability is a security vulnerability in Microsoft Windows NT-based operating systems which has been used in a variety of exploits since late December 2005.  are at risk. The bug was detected in January this year and Microsoft has released a patch for the hole.

MySpace has been dogged by security problems recently and has been forced to tighten up its systems to protect vulnerable users and minors using the website to talk to friends and acquaintances online.
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Publication:Software World
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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