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Virginia establishes bee 'Pollinator' web page.


A 'Pollinator' web page has been established by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) Office of Plant and Pest Services in the US, to help the state's fruit and vegetable growers.

The web-based resource, which can be found at, is intended to assist fruit and vegetable growers in Virginia to locate sources of bee colonies to meet crop pollination requirements. The Pollinator is designed to enable the growers to contact beekeepers who have honey bees available for pollination rental.

Beekeepers can register their details online, including information such as location, number of hives available and delivery and price details, with the information listed by VDACS on the online Beekeeper list, by region. Farmers requiring bees to pollinate orchards and fields can register their requirements online, including acreage, number of hives required and the requested date and delivery.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, around 80% of insect crop pollination is achieved through honey bees and about 2.5m colonies of bees are rented each year by growers in the US to pollinate their crops.

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Date:Apr 19, 2006
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