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Verrry Private Private-Equity Kingpin Peels Off Posh E. 79th St. Co-op

“We try to hide religiously. If anyone at Cerberus has his picture in the paper and a picture of his apartment, we will do more than fire that person,” said private-equity kingpin Stephen Feinberg, founder and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of Cerberus Capital Management, at last year’s shareholder meeting. “We will kill him. The jail sentence jail sentence jail npeine f de prison  will be worth it.”

Yet Mr. Feinberg, who has never given an interview and whose quiet collection of companies (including, as of last year, Chrysler automobiles) makes an estimated $120 billion annually, did not mask his name on the deed for his nine-room, 4,200-square-foot apartment.

According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 city records, he and his wife, Gisela, both massive Republican donors, sold their ninth-floor co-op at 151 East 79th Street last month for $9.1 million, $800,000 above the asking price. The buyers are Elizabeth and Brett Milgrim. Mr. Milgrim, not astoundingly, is managing director at a private-equity firm, JLL JLL Jones Lang LaSalle (real estate service and investment management firm)
JLL Junior League of London
JLL Junior League of Louisville
JLL Joint Lessons Learned
JLL Junior League of Lincoln
JLL Junior League of Lynchburg

According to the listing with Elliman’s Stephanie Kanter-Weisberg, who did not return calls to her office, the co-op has two wood-burning fireplaces, four bedrooms, a library and an eat-in kitchen.

How do Mr. Feinberg’s decorative tastes run? “There is little at the office to distract staffers from the business at hand,” a Portfolio profile said last year, “almost no art on the walls, no fancy woodwork.” (As for Mr. Feinberg, still under 50, he was described as sporting “thinning brown hair and a wispy wisp  
1. A small bunch or bundle, as of straw, hair, or grass.

a. One that is thin, frail, or slight.

b. A thin or faint streak or fragment, as of smoke or clouds.


His apartment probably had interesting guests: Dan Quayle James Danforth "Dan" Quayle (born February 4 1947) was the forty-fourth Vice President of the United States under George H. W. Bush (1989–1993). He unsuccessfully sought the Republican Party Presidential nomination in 2000.  and John Snow are Cerberus’ co-chairmen. (Mr. Feinberg reportedly sent Mr. Snow, a former Treasury secretary, to D.C. to lobby against fuel-economy standards last year; Cerberus, incidentally, is named for a mythical three-headed hellhound.)

It isn’t clear why the executive is leaving his posh co-op, where Brooke Astor’s embattled son, Anthony Marshall, also has an apartment. The sales deed lists his alternate address at 36 East 67th Street, the former Egyptian mission to the U.N. When he bought it in 2003 for $19.75 million, that mansion had been outfitted with a small movie theater, a basement sauna, a landscaped roof garden with motorized mo·tor·ize  
tr.v. mo·tor·ized, mo·tor·iz·ing, mo·tor·iz·es
1. To equip with a motor.

2. To supply with motor-driven vehicles.

3. To provide with automobiles.
 awning, a ballroom and a massive commercial kitchen.
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Author:Max Abelson
Publication:The New York Observer
Date:Jan 15, 2008
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