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VeriBest Launches Expedition PCB Incorporating AutoActive

Technology VeriBest Announces Expedition PCB, a Series of Printed Circuit

Board Design Tools which Incorporates a Revolutionary Technology
 Within the PCB Environment

BOULDER, Colo., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- VeriBest(R), Inc. (VeriBest), the leading provider of EDA systems solutions for Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R), has announced the launch of Expedition PCB, a series of scalable products for printed circuit board (PCB) design to address all levels of design complexity. The series is comprised of three products -- Ascent, Advance and Pinnacle, each built around AutoActive(TM), a real-time PCB design assistance technology. The exclusive AutoActive environment is available for every task in a PCB design from setting design rules to batch routing and provides 100% design compatibility across the series. Interfacing with other VeriBest digital, analog and library management products, Expedition PCB provides companies with a complete EDA system solution and scalable alternatives to match the needs of its design groups.

According to Brian Andrews, director of product marketing for VeriBest, AutoActive couples a designer's experience with automatic features. "Every single task that a PCB designer needs to perform can be achieved within the new AutoActive environment, revolutionizing the manner in which PCBs are designed. Users will literally have the full power of an automated system available at their fingertips, allowing the experience of a designer to flourish within the most advanced editing system available. The real advance is that VeriBest is making this unique technology available in all of its new Expedition PCB products, so all levels of users can benefit from its capabilities."


Traditionally, most PCB tools are written with two distinctly different design paradigms, a manual interactive editor and an automatic batch design environment. The traditional manual interactive environment forces users to manually create various aspects of their overall design requirements. The traditional automatic environment is used for background or batch, tasks such as automatic placement and track routing.

Recognizing a need for a change in the philosophy of PCB design, VeriBest developed a single editing environment, coupling the flexibility of a traditional interactive editor within a fully automatic environment, resulting in the merger of Auto(matic) with (inter)active, becoming AutoActive. Because of this advanced AutoActive technology, there are no rules or boundaries limits. The system constantly checks and prevents errors from occurring. The end result is the ability to design a high quality, production-ready board in a fraction of the time.

According to Steve Herbstman, director of operations for Electronics Systems Packaging, "In my career I have used in excess of 10 different CAD systems and routers. The VeriBest AutoActive environment is the most powerful interconnect and routing environment I have ever experienced."

Expedition PCB Series
 VeriBest adds to its suite of scalable EDA tools and redefines its PCB offering with the Expedition PCB Series. Now users can choose from three distinct product categories to match current design needs, yet have the flexibility to upgrade as they evolve into more advanced technologies. Also compelling is the fact that the products are fully interchangeable so that designs can be moved from one level to another for additional functionality and then back again without loss of that data. This is due to the unlimited and open environment of the AutoActive technology.

* Ascent - This product addresses the needs of designers doing standard, low frequency (under 50 MHz) boards. Built on the AutoActive technology, Ascent provides full rules capability, enabling signal constraints to be defined and monitored throughout the design process, gerber output and an unrestricted technology environment. In other words, there are no layer, component or pin count limits for a board. The product is priced starting at $7,500 (US) for a single license on Windows NT.

* Advance - Designers looking for more automation from their PCB tool will be interested in Advance. Advance includes all of the functionality of Ascent with an increased level of automation applied to key tasks. In Advance, placement and routing tasks are automated without losing the benefits of the AutoActive environment. Designers may still apply their skill and knowledge to critical issues before handing control over to the sophisticated placement and routing functions. Additional tools for signal integrity and thermal analysis may be added to the Advance design tool to help ensure that the design performs to the expected standards. Prices start at $18,000 (US) for a single floating license on Windows NT.

* Pinnacle - For designers needing extremely high functionality, very high-speed design capability and high volume production, Pinnacle offers optimum automation. In addition to supporting differential pairs and design for manufacturing, Pinnacle includes integrated mechanical design capability that is engineered with Microstation Modeler from Bentley Systems, a Gerber reader (in addition to the standard Gerber output available with the Expedition Series), and customized reports. Expanding upon the increased levels of AutoActive control found within Ascent and Advance, Pinnacle delivers the highest level of automation available within the Expedition Series. Such tasks as automatically spreading and expanding traces for manufacturing purposes, to creating a fully detailed and customized documentation and Bill of Materials (BOM) set are accomplished in the most expedient manner possible. The result is completing designs in the shortest possible time while still maintaining the highest levels of quality. Pinnacle pricing starts at $36,000 (US) for a single floating license on Windows NT.

All products and the AutoActive technology will be available with VeriBest release 99.0 in August of 1998.

About VeriBest

VeriBest, Inc., is a broad-line supplier of scalable EDA system solutions that enable customers to solve their critical business issues by doing more and spending less. VeriBest pioneered the Windows NT EDA market by introducing its PCB tools on that platform in June 1994 and continues to offer the best price/performance products available in the EDA industry. The company has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and development offices in Huntsville, AL and Mountain View, CA. For more information call 1-888-482-3322 or visit the Web home page at

VeriBest is a registered trademark of VeriBest, Inc. Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All proper names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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