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Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver, Canada's largest port, third largest city, and home to half of British Columbia's population, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year with a 165-day birthday bash, EXPO 86, from May 2 to October 13. Vancouver is Canada's city with everything: a big-bay setting backed by snowcapped mountains, mild West Coast weather, acres of parks and beaches, and 3,974-foot Grouse Mountain ski resort just minutes from the center of town.

Stanley Park, one of Vancouver's 157 parks, is within walking distance of downtown. Here are 1,000 acres of natural woodland trails, trees 200 feet tall and 800 years old, several large, vividly painted Indian totem poles etched with thunder-birds and grizzly bears, and an eight-mile oceanfront road offering glorious views of bays and mountains. Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park is Canada's largest--more than 8,000 sea animals.

Vancouver's arts and industry co-exist on Granville Island's 37 acres. Urban renewall turned this once ratinfested smear into artists' shops and studios, three theaters, restaurants, canoe and kayak rental centers, and an agency that handles whale watching and balloonsing. Travelers should tour the Granville Island brewery--its Island Lager is British Columbia's best brew. Watch printmakers, glass blowers, potters, and goldsmiths at work. Try cappuccino with almond syrup at the Blue Parrot bar.

Granville's outdoor, covered produce market features hand-dipped chocolates, fresh-squeezed honeydew juice, salmon packed to go, homemade pasta, and breads and doughnuts. Pack a lunch here for a picnic at nearby Kitsilano Beach.

The interesting Robson Street is sometimes called Robsonstrasse because of its German merchants and restaurants. One delicatessen has 70 varieties of sausage. Robson Street is a neighborhood of cheese, sausage, and pastry shops, and boutiques and family businesses.

Beautiful Vancouver is full of extra attractions for EXPO visitors.
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