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Vacuum sealing is a chosen specialty at Audion.

With headquarters just outside Amsterdam, Audion Elektro got its start at the very center of the European Community's commercial and technological heartland. Being at the center of things, most particularly in packaging, has been a theme at Audion for the past 40 years. This relates to coffee and tea packaging as well as to a plethora of other items, and with applications in nations around the world.

Audion is specialized in sealing and vacuumizing equipment for small and medium-sized coffee and tea product manufacturers and sellers. This means that the company has extensive experience in service to a range of clients, including those new in vacuumizing. The equipment is kept simple, from hand-held models to table tops to more complex and larger unit that incorporate small conveyor systems. Speeds vary on the different sizes and applications, but the most typical model can vacuum seal three packages of coffee or tea per minute. Bigger Audion units handle 24 packs per minute. The top speed for now is 40 packs per minute. All models are semiautomatic.

Audion Elektro began in coffee several years ago with sales of hand held sealers to Central American green coffee exporters. Now the company offers an entire range of packagers and sales are primarily oriented to product manufacturing and retail applications.

The company has machines in use in 63 nations, with dealers in 53 countries. Audion's sister company in Germany is just now inaugurating a new production facility. The company also has a U.S. affiliate--Packaging Aids Corp (PAC). A full 85% of Audion sales are outside of the Netherlands.
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Title Annotation:Audion Elektro
Author:Bell, Jonathan
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Aug 1, 1993
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