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VST Technologies Adds Three New Higher Capacity FireWire Drives.

New FireWire Drives Offer Even More Capacity, Modularity, True

Portability and FireWire Connectivity Across Platforms

ACTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 10, 1999--

VST Technologies, Inc. today announced new 8, 10 and 14 Gigabyte(GB) FireWire(R) Drive capacities less than two weeks after initial shipments of its 2, 4 and 6 Gigabyte(GB) 1394 compliant drives.

The new 8GB, 10GB and 14GB FireWire drives address users' demands for larger capacities for a variety of digital video, audio and multimedia applications, while maintaining true portability and a very small form factor.

VST's new FireWire Hard Drives are the first IEEE 1394 compliant drives to take full advantage of FireWire equipped CPUs. In January, Apple(R) Computer began shipping FireWire as a key feature built-in to every Power Macintosh G3 series professional desktop computer. VST also expects Microsoft Windows 98 compatibility within the next few months.

The new products announced this week include the VST FireWire Hard Drives in 8, 10 and 14 Gigabyte sizes, combining greater capacity with hot-plug/unplug and blazing transfer speeds, up to 14 MB/sec -- fast enough for DV record and playback. The larger capacity drives announced this week require no AC power adapter. Simply cable the drive and computer together and the volume mounts automatically -- ready for high-speed file transfers.

"VST's ultra compact FireWire drives combine the best aspects of portability, modularity and FireWire connectivity to offer the most exciting high-performance storage product the industry has seen yet," said Vincent Fedele, Chairman and Founder of VST Technologies. Introduction of the VST FireWire drives marks the company's first offering of desktop peripherals devices, and one that is completely platform independent.

Introduction of the VST FireWire drives also includes the industry's first FireWire Formatting utility, VST Format, which is included with every VST drive. VST Format allows multiple partitions, supports both standard and Extended MacOS partitions, and also provides a quick-scan function allowing the user to see, mount and initialize any VST FireWire drive on the 1394 bus. -0-

Pricing and Availability
Product: Model: Pricing: Availability:
VST 2GB FireWire HD FW9520 $299.95 NOW
VST 4GB FireWire HD FW9540 $399.95 NOW
VST 6GB FireWire HD FW1260 $499.95 NOW
VST 8GB FireWire HD FW1280 $699.95 May 24th
VST 10GB FireWire HD FW1210 $799.95 May 24th
VST 14GB FireWire HD FW1714 $999.95 Now

About VST Technologies

VST Technologies, Inc. is a market leader in the design, engineering and marketing of peripheral products for the notebook and desktop computer industries. VST peripheral products can be found as optional features or as after market add-ons from leading OEMs and from notebook manufacturers, including Apple Computer, Fujitsu, NEC, and IBM. In addition to the VST FireWire Drives, VST Technologies, Inc. manufactures notebook Zip Drives, SuperDisk(TM) Drives, Hard Drives, AC/DC Power Adapters, Battery Chargers and Auto Adapters.

VST's products can be viewed and purchased through their Web site at and from major distributors, resellers and catalog mail houses.

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Date:May 10, 1999
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