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HAWTHORNE, N.Y., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Achieving a breakthrough in hard copy, full-color printing, VRex today announced its invention that will lead to low-cost, compact printers that can produce stereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) images. VRex recently received patents for the 3D polarizing ink/paint that will be used with the devices. This technology is also considered to be a breakthrough for the fine arts because it will enable artists for the first time to produce full color paintings, murals and frescos with dramatic depth perception.

Dr. Sadeg Faris, president of VRex, Inc. and former scientist with IBM Watson Research Center, will be on hand at SIGGRAPH 96 in New Orleans, August 7-8 to discuss the technologies behind this printing capability and discuss the coming products.

The breakthrough in 3D technology was developed exclusively by VRex and is based on a revolutionary polarizing ink/paint invention that exists in left-handed and right-handed forms. The inks reflect the left-handed and right-handed circular polarized light and are used to encode the left and right perspectives in stereoscopic printing.

"Human stereoscopic vision enables people to perceive vital depth information in the 3D world," says Dr. Sadeg Faris. "We believe, as do our corporate customers, that creating and showing images, videos and presentations in 3D, greatly enhances the learning process. VRex's revolutionary technology has already enabled us to create professional stereoscopic 3D cameras, projection systems and computers and the first affordable and practical 3D eyewear for computers and televisions for consumers and small businesses." VRex's new VR Surfer (3D eyewear) will be demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 96.

VRex and its parent company Reveo, Inc., along with the University of Rochester, performed research and development activities that will culminate in the demonstration of the world's first 3D stereoscopic ink jet printer. Significant progress has already been made in this regard. Upon satisfactory demonstration of the 3D stereoscopic printing concept, Reveo/VRex will aggressively seek business partners to license and to market the technology.

While the majority of VRex's products have been developed for the professional market, this May the company announced the introduction of their first 3D consumer product, the VR Surfer. The VR Surfer is the first affordable, wireless, stereo 3D eyewear that works with both computers and televisions and will make true stereoscopic 3D accessible to virtually every family, classroom and small business.

Leading organizations worldwide use VRex products for entertainment, engineering, medicine and virtual reality, including General Electric, ITT, Merck, IBM, NASA, Carnegie Mellon University, and New York University.

For more information contact Carl Tung, Vice President at 914-345-8877 or visit their Web Site at
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/NOTE TO EDITORS: VRex will be at booth 2505 at SIGGRAPH 96 in New Orleans./

/CONTACT: Risa B. Hoag of Global Marketing Group, 914-627-3000. Web site has full press kit at

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Date:Jul 30, 1996

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