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VMARK Software announces universe support for IBM's RS/6000 SMP servers.

WESTBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 28, 1995--VMARK Software Inc. (NASDAQ:VMRK) today announced the availability of uniVerse, its relational database management system, on IBM's symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) RISC System/6000 PowerPC-based servers running the AIX version 4 operating system.

uniVerse's support for SMP enables faster response to user queries, and allows the server to process transaction- and query-based information faster and more efficiently.

VMARK's architecture expands the traditional relational data model and improves upon it for increased price/performance, flexibility and support for transaction-intensive applications, particularly well-suited for SMP. VMARK's uniVerse was developed utilizing a multi-dimensional data model and variable length fields and records. The multi-dimensional architecture allows for associations of data fields that contain multiple values, supporting query-intensive applications such as on-line analytical processing (OLAP), providing in-depth data for effective decision making and analysis. Today, uniVerse is available on over 70 UNIX platforms from 20 vendors, and on platforms employing the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.

"uniVerse's relational model more accurately reflects real-world business needs, giving users the ability to develop applications on more efficient and cost-effective computer systems like IBM's RS/6000 PowerPC-based SMP Servers," said Peter L. Fiore, vice president of marketing, VMARK Software. "The uniVerse architecture was designed to support multiprocessing, giving VMARK an advantage in its database design for SMP architectures. Providing uniVerse for IBM's RS/6000 PowerPC-based SMP Servers will allow users to maximize the efficiencies of both uniVerse and IBM's SMP systems," he said.

"IBM is pleased that leading developers like VMARK have ported their industry-leading products to AIX Version 4 so quickly and easily," said Chris Walter, director of commercial systems marketing, IBM's RISC System/6000 Division. "RS/6000 customers can access an ever-increasing range of applications which help them improve their businesses and we are excited that VMARK is a part of our comprehensive solutions offering."

Pricing and Availability

uniVerse is available immediately for IBM's RS/6000 PowerPC-based SMP Servers. US list price for uniVerse is $435 per user for 4-63 users, and $365 per user for 64 or more users. uniVerse is distributed by over 368 value added resellers (VARs) worldwide, who build business solutions on top of uniVerse's powerful database engine.

VMARK Software Inc., with its headquarters in Westboro, Mass., is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of software and services for the client/server business solutions market. VMARK's offerings are available worldwide in virtually all areas of business, industry and government. Its integrated product family includes the uniVerse relational database management system, which is ideally suited for both transaction-based business applications as well as on-line data analysis, and HyperSTAR, object-oriented middleware which enables simple integration of complex client/server applications. VMARK's products are complemented by a comprehensive suite of services including 24-hour customer support, consulting and integration, and customer education.

CONTACT: Vmark Software Inc.

Paula Levis Suita, 508/366-3888, x3270


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Date:Mar 28, 1995
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