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Upper Canada Brewing bottles wheat beer.

Upper Canada Brewing bottles wheat beer

The Upper Canada Brewing Co, Toronto's only microbrewery, has launched its newest specialty beer just in time for summer - Upper Canada Wheat Beer.

Although this style of brew has been produced in Europe for centuries, only now, for the first time, is it being bottled in Ontario. Originally, Wheat Beer was brewed as a limited Special Edition product in 1987, according to Upper Canada vice president Greg Cromwell.

"We introduced the Wheat Beer in the summer of 1987 as a keg product only, and through direct sales were able to assess its market acceptability based on trade performance," Cromwell said.

After three successful summers, Cromwell continued, the decision was made to put Wheat Beer in bottles and make it available to off-premise consumers.

According to Cromwell, the beer is brewed in the traditional style of Germany's "Krystal-Weizen" beers. The taste produced is characteristically light and delicately flavored - "a perfect compliment for a summer's day," explained Upper Canada's brewmaster Dr. Richard Rench.
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Title Annotation:Upper Canada Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 28, 1990
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