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University Results - Welsh College of Music and Drama.

BMus (Hons)

BROWN, Matthew Scott

Honours Third Class

GAUDION, Tristan Stewart Davies Stewart Davies is the former chairman of Darlington. He became chairman following George Reynolds, and got the club out of debt and liquidation, from stadium costs, other footballing matters, and put them back into financial stability.  Honours Third Class

HENDERSON, Benjamin James Honours Third Class

JOHN, Rhodri Llewellyn Honours Class 2 Division 2

MCGUCKIN, Niamh Bernadette Isobel Honours Third Class

NEVINS, Hannah Jayne Honours Class 2 Division 2

PHILLIPS, Benjamin Henry Honours Class 2 Division 2

TORRAMILANS-LLUIS, Elisenda Honours Class 2 Division 1

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance and Production

ARGYLE, Anthony James Honours Class 2 Division 2

BAGLOLE, Christopher Lawrence The following persons are named Christopher Lawrence:
  • Christopher Lawrence (historian) is a professor at University College London who specializes in the history of medicine and is the author of 'Medicine in the Making of Modern Britain, 1700-1920''
 Honours Class 2 Division 2

EDWARDS, William Howell William Peter Howell (born December 29, 1869, Penrith, New South Wales. died July 14, 1940, Castlereagh, New South Wales) was an Australian cricketer who played in 18 Tests from 1898 to 1904.  Honours Class 2 Division 1

HOWELLS, Scott Alistair Honours Class 2 Division 2

PENRI, Dylan Honours Class 2 Division 1

SKELLERN, Russell John Honours Class 2 Division 1

VOISEY, Nick Honours Class 2 Division 2

WILLIAMS, Nia Honours Class 2 Division 1

BA (Hons) Acting

AYERS, Catherine Honours Class 2 Division 1

BEST, Adam Gerald Honours Class 2 Division 1

BIGGS, Andrew Honours Class 2 Division 1

CECIL, Bethan Honours Class 2 Division 1

DAVIES, Anna Victoria Honours Class 2 Division 1

HORNSEY, Michael Andrew Honours Class 2 Division 1

LLWYD, Elin Wyn Honours Class 2 Division 1

LONG, Harry Honours Class 2 Division 1

MACARTHUR, Emma Louise Honours Class 2 Division 1

MCGRADY, Niamh Patricia Honours Class 2 Division 2

MCLOUGHLIN, Stuart Nicholas Honours First Class

OWEN, Katherine Mary Honours Class 2 Division 1

PRITCHARD, Sion Iorwerth Honours Class 2 Division 1

RAYMENT, Heather Ann Honours Class 2 Division 1

RICHARDS, Caitlin Helen Honours Class 2 Division 1

RICHARDS, Gareth John Honours Class 2 Division 1

SUMMERS, Ronan Luke Honours Class 2 Division 1

SWIRE SWIRE Spitzer, Wide-Area, InfraRed Extragalactic Survey , Thomas William Honours Class 2 Division 1

WILSON, Hazel Louise Honours Class 2 Division 1

BA (Hons) Stage Management

BILKEY, Dominic James Dominic James (born October 5, 1986 in Richmond, Indiana) is an American basketball player. James plays for the Marquette University Golden Eagles men's basketball team. The 5"11 175 pound point guard averaged 14.9 points, 4.9 assists, and 3.0 rebounds per game in 2006-2007.  Honours Class 2 Division 1

BYROM, Jayne Honours Class 2 Division 2

CHANDLER, Amy Honours Class 2 Division 1

CONWAY, Thomas Honours Class 2 Division 1

DUROSE, Paul Douglas For other persons named Paul Douglas, see Paul Douglas (disambiguation).

Paul Howard Douglas (March 26, 1892 – September 24, 1976) was an American politician and University of Chicago economist. He served as a Democratic U.S. Senator from Illinois from 1949 to 1967.
 Honours Class 2 Division 2

HAMILTON, Rebecca Kim Honours Class 2 Division 1

JEANNE, Gareth William Honours Class 2 Division 1

LEE, Derek John Honours Class 2 Division 1

LYONS, Philip John Honours Class 2 Division 1

MIYAZAKI, Federico Augusto Honours Class 2 Division 1

MORGAN, Holly Claire Honours Class 2 Division 1

NORTH, Matthew Richard Honours Class 2 Division 1

PASZTOR, Andras Honours Class 2 Division 2

THOMAS, Rhian Wynn Honours Class 2 Division 2

TIPPETTS, Alan Paul Clive Honours Class 2 Division 1

TOWERS, Laura Honours First Class

WEIR, John-Ross Honours Class 2 Division 1

WILD, Matthew Paul Honours Class 2 Division 1

WINTERS, Jennifer Mary Honours Class 2 Division 2

BA (Hons) Theatre Design

BARNETT, Claire Beatrice Honours Class 2 Division 1

BOHIN, Katie Honours Class 2 Division 1

COLES, Mark Clunie Scott Honours Class 2 Division 1

DAVIES, Carl Jonathan Arthur Honours Class 2 Division 1

EVERETT, Corinna Claire Honours Class 2 Division 1

KINKEAD, Hannah Honours Class 2 Division 1

MADDRELL, Blaanid Grayse Honours Class 2 Division 1

MASON-PAULL, Jessica Honours Class 2 Division 1

NICHOLLS, Joanna Ross Honours Class 2 Division 1

ROBERTS, Alex Honours Class 2 Division 1

ROBERTS, Caroline Honours First Class

ROBERTS, Helene Louise Honours First Class

STONE, Kieron Honours Class 2 Division 1

WEBLEY, Nicola Honours Class 2 Division 1



COLLINS, Emma Victoria Distinction

GASERUD, Eirik Larsen


LOZANO, Elizabeth

MANIAS, Andonis

MAVRON, Christiana Ingrid

MCLAREN, Andrea Margaret

NIEMELC, Taina Marjatta Distinction

TAMURA, Atsushi


WATKINSON, Helen Louise


Rob Brydon Rob Brydon (born Robert Brydon Jones, May 3, 1965, Swansea[1])is a Welsh actor, comedian and impressionist most famous for his role as Keith Barret in the BBC comedy Marion and Geoff, Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive and  

Larissa Gergieva

Nick Goding

Jean Stanley Jones

Roger Lewis

Janet Price

Bernard Roberts Bernard Roberts (born July 23, 1933 in Manchester) is a notable British pianist. His treatment of the cycle of Beethoven's piano sonatas has been particularly highly acclaimed.

He is also noted for his recordings of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Dougray Scott

HND HND (in Britain) Higher National Diploma; a qualification in a technical subject equivalent to an ordinary degree

Noun 1. HND - a diploma given for vocational training that prepares the student for a career in a particular area; good
 in Music Performance (Popular Music)


MICHEL, Stuart Edward

Presentation of College Diplomas by the Vice-President

Graduate Diploma A Graduate Diploma is generally a postgraduate qualification. Australia
See also:

Postgraduate diplomas offered in Australia are typical of those offered in England, Wales, and Ireland.


ABRAMSON, Thomas Alexander


DAVIES, Jamie Robert

FLATT, Molly Jessica


MANN, Kenon

SNELLER, Keren Mary


WHITE, Sam Joshua


Theatre Design

STERGIOS, Christina Distinction

Postgraduate Diploma
See also: Postgraduate Training in Education

A postgraduate diploma is a qualification awarded typically after a bachelor's degree. Countries which award postgraduate diplomas include Australia, India, New Zealand, England and Wales, and the Republic


BISHOP, Gethin

BUCKLAND, Joanne Elisabeth


DANCE, Abigail

DANN, Howard William

DAVEY, Helen Ruth


DAVIES, Matthew Crispin Paul



FRY, Rebecca Jane

JONES, Graham Distinction



LARCOMBE, Michelle Louise

LEWIS, Nerys


MAJOR, Elizabeth

MINNS, Sarah Louise

MORGAN, Angharad Elizabeth Distinction

NAKAO, Arisu Distinction


PARRY, Lawrence


PIERCE, Helen Elizabeth

POULTER, Charlotte Victoria Melville


ROUTLEDGE, Eloise Amanda Distinction

ROWE Rowe   , Nicholas 1674-1718.

English writer whose works include drama, poetry, and an edition of Shakespeare. He was appointed poet laureate in 1715.
, Katy Louise


SHONE, Alison (With Distinction in Performance)


STYLER, Laura Ann

SYRMOS, Spyros



VARLEY, Jonathan Richard (With Distinction in Performance)

WARREN, Catherine

WATKINS, Claire Natalie (With Distinction in Performance)

WILLIAMS, Ross Anthony

WILTSHIRE, Jenifer Mary

Music Therapy



HANYU, Etsuko


LYNCH, Colette


SLEIGHT, Victoria


Stage Management


DAVIES, Matthew

FAULKNER, Matthew Robert Distinction

HALL, Linsey

HUGHES, David Edward Professor Sir David Alexander Ogilvy Edward, KCMG, QC, FRSE, (b 1934) is a Scottish lawyer and academic and sat as a Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities between 1992 and 2004.

Sir David read Classics at Oxford and Law at Edinburgh University.

Theatre Design

GRIFFITHS, Cara Wendy Distinction

JONES, Alexandra

MOORHOUSE, Nicola Kathryn

Arts Management

CASS CASS Cardiology, cardiovascular surgery A randomized, open label, multicenter trial that compared the outcomes of CABG vs. medical therapy on M&M in Pts with coronary artery disease after an MI. See Angina, CABG, Silent ischemia. , Rebecca Sophie Distinction

COOPEY, Richard James

DRIVER, Giulietta Luisa Distinction

DUBBER, Sophie Louise Katherine Distinction


HUXTABLE, Janet Marion

JACK, Grace Catherine Janette Distinction

MORRIS, Donna Marie

MOXHAM, Lucinda Denise Distinction

WARD, Hayley Clare Distinction

Prizes Donated to the College


The Beattie Prize For Piano

Tokino Kaga

The Caerphilly Caerphilly (kīrfĭl`ē, kär–), Welsh Caerffili, town (1981 pop. 42,376) and county borough, 108 sq mi (279 sq km), S Wales.  Borough Council String Prize

Heather Williams

The Edwards Prize for Progress

Matthew Blunt

The Elgar Recital Prize

Mali Llywelyn

The Friends of RWCMD RWCMD Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (UK)  JMAS JMAS Junta Municipal de Aguas y Saneamiento
JMAS Joint Mission Application Software
JMAS joint manpower automation system (US DoD)
JMAS Joint Mission Application Systems
 Prize - Music First Programme 1

Luke Rogers

The Friends of RWCMD JMAS Prize - Music First Programme 2

Henry Waller

The Friends of RWCMD JMAS Prize - Junior

Elizabeth Jones

The Friends of RWCMD JMAS Prize - Access

Hannah Curtis

The Friends of Junior RWCMD Prize

James Thomas

The Principal's Prize

Angharad Edmunds

The Betty Richards Prize

Jonathan Cartwright

The South Wales Evening Post The South Wales Evening Post is a tabloid evening newspaper that serves South West Wales from Swansea. It is published by South West Wales Publications, part of the Northcliffe Media group. The current editor is Spencer Feeney.  Prize for Brass

Philippa Irving

The South Wales Evening Post Prize for Woodwind

Jennie Porton

The South Wales Evening Post Prize for Voice

Luke Williams

The Walker Prize

Sian Millett


The Accompanist Prize

Daniel James Perkin

The Barry Choral Society Prize for Composition

Owen Griffiths

The Cardiff Violins Prize for Chamber Ensembles

Miyuki Kato & Junyan Liu

The Cavatina Ca`va`ti´na

n. 1. (Mus.) Originally, a melody of simpler form than the aria; a song without a second part and a da capo; - a term now variously and vaguely used.
 Chamber Music Trust Prize

Junyan Liu, Miyuki Kato and Esen-Nikolas Gjylaci

The Mabel Linwood Christopher Award

Claire Natalie Watkins

The Simon Clarkson Memorial Award

Helen Elizabeth Pierce

The Louis Cohen Prize for Strings

Joanne Elizabeth Buckland

The Stuart Cohen cohen
 or kohen

(Hebrew: “priest”) Jewish priest descended from Zadok (a descendant of Aaron), priest at the First Temple of Jerusalem. The biblical priesthood was hereditary and male.
 Award for Classical Guitar

Joseph Emrys Hughes

The Stuart Cohen Award for Jazz Guitar

Jon Philip Hyde

The Ivor Coles Memorial Award

Wilfred Henry Simon Driscoll

The Composition Prize

Tristan John Evans

The Davies Scholarship

Not Awarded

The Aneurin Davies Memorial Award

Sarah Louise Minns

The Daniel Emlyn Davies Award

Tina Jayne Hitchens

The Lawrence Davies Memorial Award

Arisu Nakao

The Elias Singing Prize for Soprano

Nicola Jayne Hughes

The Peter Esswood String Prize

Not Awarded

The Dolan Evans Memorial Award

David Andrew Thaxton

Sarah Louise Minns

The Eifion Evans Award

Katy Louise Rowe

The Sir Geraint Evans Scholarships (Singing)

Stephanie Teresa Corley

Huw Llywelyn Jones

Eloise Amanda Routledge

Claire Natalie Watkins

David Fortey

Mari Wyn Williams

Nicola Jayne Hughes

The Lee Freeman Memorial Scholarship

Angharad Elizabeth Morgan

The Friends of RWCMD Prize for Music

Charlotte Victoria Melville Poulter

Zbigniew Grzybowski Memorial Prize

Arisu Nakao

The Ernest and Doris Haigh Memorial Award

Donated by the Musicians Union Cardiff Branch

Howard William Dann

The Dr David Harries Memorial Award

Not Awarded

The Hebble Woodwind Prize

Drew Cyster

The Eric Hodges Memorial Prize Donated by Marcia and Graham Watts

Johanna Ballou

Elaine Hodkinson Award for Early Music

Joanna Emily Portia Bursby

The HTV HTV H-II Transfer Vehicle
HTV Harlech Television (Wales, UK)
HTV Hrvatska Televizija (Croatian television)
HTV Heidenheimer Tarifverbund (German)
HTV Habitual Traffic Violator
 Study Award

Lewis Arthur Evans

The Valetta Iacopi Memorial Award

Nicola Jayne Hughes

The Jacobson Prize

Yukiyo Negishi

The John MacIntyre Memorial Prize

Elizabeth Major

The Manning Singing Prize for Tenors

David Fortey

The John Mills Guitar Prize

Jonathan Richard Varley

The Monmouth Choral Society Singing Prize

Eloise Amanda Routledge

The Linda Mowat Prize

Richard Andrew Colquhoun

The Pendyrus Trust/Glynne Jones Conducting Scholarship

Jin Tanaka

The Performance Practice Prize

Asuka Kurogi

David Joel Danford

The Principal's Award

Graham Jones

The Florence Mary Proctor Scholarship

Not Awarded

The E A Redman Interpretation Prize

David Andrew Thaxton

The Gemma Sharp Memorial Award

Hugh Fowler

The Vera Smart Scholarship

Rebekah Susanna Brown

The Eirwen Thomas Scholarship

Deri Roberts

The John Thomas (Merthyr Tydfil) Award

Matthew Davies

The Welsh Livery Guild Bursary bur·sa·ry  
n. pl. bur·sa·ries
1. A treasury, especially of a public institution or religious order.

2. Chiefly British A scholarship granted to a university student in need.

Owen Griffiths

The Nick Whiting Orchestral Prize

Stuart Murray

The Margaret Tann Williams Award

Gareth Morris

The Philippa Whitelaw Yardley Memorial Award

Esen-Nikolas Gjylaci


The Arts Management Prize

Not Awarded

The Cardiff New Theatre Society (1965-1997) Award

Caryl Owens Morgan

Holly McCarthy

Delyth Williams

The Cardiff New Theatre Society (1965-1997) Arthur Morris Jones Arthur Morris Jones (1889 – 1980), was a missionary and musicologist who worked in Zambia during the early 20th Century. He was stationed at St Mark's School in Mapanza in the Southern Province of present-day Zambia (called Rhodesia at the time).  Award

Robert Alun Vernon

The J O Francis Memorial Award

Laura Towers

The Friends of RWCMD Prize for Drama

Nicola Webley

Elaine Hodkinson Prize for Voice in Poetry

Mark Sullivan

The Prudence Emlyn-Jones Prize for Movement and Dance

Emily Jane Bowker

Alan Edward Winner

The Paul Kimpton Prize for Innovation

Rhys David Jarman

The Principal's Award

Stuart Nicholas McLoughlin

John C Reilly Memorial Prize

Matthew Paul Wild

The Peter Shuffley Memorial Prize

Cara Wendy Griffiths

Matthew Robert Faulkner

Katie Bohin

The Smith Special Drama Prize

The Stage Management Prize

Matthew Richard North

The Margaret Amelia Thomas Award

Caroline Roberts

Zahra Ahmadi

The James Westaway Memorial Prize for Radio

Bethan Cecil

The John Wills Memorial Prize

Stuart Nicholas McLoughlin

The Lord Williams Memorial Prize for Design

Helene Louise Roberts

Prizes awarded by the Board of Governors

These Prizes are awarded to the student achieving the highest mark at examination


First Year Sian Elizabeth Winstanley

Second Year Jennifer Hazel Walker

Third Year Thomas Jackson


Taina Marjatta Niemele

Postgraduate Diploma

Graham Jones

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance and Production

Nia Williams




First Year Alan Edward Winner

Second Year Zahra Ahmadi

Third Year Stuart Nicholas McLoughlin

Theatre Design

First Year Tom Crisford Scutt

Second Year Ruth Hall

Third Year Helene Louise Roberts

Stage Management

First Year Christopher Barry Wicks

Second Year Jonathan Rose

Third Year Laura Towers
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