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All political parties supporting democracy, supremacy of Constitution: Parliamentarians. Sep 5, 2014 218
Officials Say Yemeni President Dismisses Cabinet. Sep 2, 2014 122
Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Double His "Strong Approval"; Republicans are more likely to strongly disapprove now than in 2010. McCarthy, Justin Aug 28, 2014 1020
Republicans' "Thought" to 2014 Election Exceeds Democrats'; GOP advantage more similar to those in 2002 and 2010 than in 2006. Jones, Jeffrey M. Aug 27, 2014 930
UK must pay PS224m to IT firm sacked by the Tories. Aug 19, 2014 166
Ex-Minister:Bulgaria Inked Shareholder Agreement on Kozloduy NPP Unit7. Aug 8, 2014 389
Iraqi parliament convenes to elect new president. Jul 23, 2014 155
Obama Averages 43.2% Job Approval in 22nd Quarter; Slight improvement from 42.4% average in 21st quarter. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jul 21, 2014 1068
Clinton Is Best Known, Best Liked Potential 2016 Candidate; Huckabee's image is slightly better than other GOP contenders. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jul 17, 2014 1192
Americans' Approval of the Supreme Court Remains Divided; Approval among Republicans up 21 percentage points from 2013. Jul 14, 2014 909
A look at the left: a friendly guide to the Democrat or socialist next door. Birnbaum, Norman Jul 1, 2014 1628
Short S&P 500 index trade a winner. Jun 16, 2014 803
Working the GOP's weak spot: how Barack Obama is following Bill Clinton's minimum wage game plan to try to hold on to the senate. Glastris, Paul Jun 1, 2014 3542
Romney stumps for GOP Senate candidate in Iowa. Beaumont, Thomas May 31, 2014 623
Republicans Have Edge on Top Election Issue: the Economy; Democrats have advantage on Affordable Care Act and economic inequality. Newport, Frank May 19, 2014 818
Satisfaction With Direction of U.S. Remains at 25%; Republicans still less satisfied than Democrats and independents. McCarthy, Justin May 16, 2014 947
Many Americans View Congressional Leaders Negatively; Republican leaders net higher favorability among Tea Party supporters. May 15, 2014 973
Voter Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2010; Republicans, Democrats less enthusiastic about voting. Jones, Jeffrey M. May 12, 2014 1006
Three in 10 Voters Say They Will Vote to Oppose Obama; As in 2010, almost two-thirds of Republicans say they will vote to oppose Obama. Dugan, Andrew May 8, 2014 1137
Repeal (what?) and replace (with what?). May 1, 2014 1301
Mobile Technology in Politics More Potential Than Reality; Little substantive difference in political contact among Americans. Newport, Frank Apr 29, 2014 1228
Ukraine calls for renewal of anti-terror measures after two 'tortured to death'. Apr 23, 2014 128
Obama Job Approval Up Slightly in Most Recent Quarter; Averages 42.4%, up from 41.2%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Apr 21, 2014 816
On Economy, Americans Less Confident in Federal Leaders; Record low for Obama, Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress. McCarthy, Justin Apr 17, 2014 1042
Crusading Teddy would be aghast at today's GOP. Wolfson, Lewis Apr 11, 2014 1014
U.S. Tops Other Global Leaders in Approval; Russian global approval ratings remain lowest in world. Clifton, Jon Apr 11, 2014 821
Global Image of U.S. Leadership Rebounds; Median approval rating of 45% in Asia is highest on record. Ray, Julie Apr 10, 2014 1327
Election indications suggest GOP edge. Agiesta, Jennifer Apr 6, 2014 660
Politics Are Biggest Factor in Views of Healthcare Law; Party ID is most influential predictor of support. Dugan, Andrew; Newport, Frank Apr 1, 2014 904
Greedy tax dodgers owe us PS35BILLION; But Con-Dems are busy hounding the poor hit by welfare cuts. Mar 29, 2014 898
U.S. Seniors Have Realigned With the Republican Party; Seniors move from a reliably Democratic to a reliably Republican group. Jones, Jeffrey M. Mar 26, 2014 1155
Secret handshakes in India fuel fastest inflation in Asia. Mar 26, 2014 797
Americans' Outlook for U.S. Environmental Quality Steady; Republicans more likely than Democrats to say environment is excellent or good. Riffkin, Rebecca Mar 19, 2014 892
MasterMinds. Mar 8, 2014 383
MasterMinds. Mar 8, 2014 383
MasterMinds. Mar 8, 2014 383
MasterMinds. Mar 8, 2014 383
MasterMinds. Mar 8, 2014 383
Rove Connections Turn Into Political Ammunition. Feb 19, 2014 960
The war on the Tea Party: the Tea Party coalition in Congress is reviled by both establishment Democrats and Republicans--as well as mass media--but most claims against it are untrue. Eddlem, Thomas R. Feb 17, 2014 2992
Congressional Job Approval at 12% in February; Republicans significantly more positive than independents or Democrats. Newport, Frank Feb 10, 2014 778
POLICE 'NEEDED' AT BRUM POLLS; Fears vote rigging is still a risk in 'banana republic' city. Feb 9, 2014 426
Danish prime minister reshuffles cabinet. Feb 3, 2014 194
Republicans set agenda focused on middle class. Feb 1, 2014 342
Not as Many U.S. States Lean Democratic in 2013; Parties now about equal in state party leanings, 17 to 14. Saad, Lydia Jan 29, 2014 1305
Minimum wage bills in at least 30 states; Democrats giving proposals priority. Hill, Michael Jan 27, 2014 868
Huckabee: Dems pitching women on birth control. Elliott, Philip Jan 24, 2014 413
Zahra: March 14th is a national, popular, sovereign movement. Jan 19, 2014 276
Former CHP leader: Gov't proposal serves to politicize HSYK. Jan 16, 2014 489
Minister pouring money down the drain; COMMENT BY JOE HIGGINS, SOCIALIST PARTY. Jan 16, 2014 143
Brum named ashotspot for vote-rigging. Jan 8, 2014 313
CHP's Kylycdaroy-lu says new interior minister is Erdoy-an's 'deep state'. Dec 27, 2013 579
Common ground. Dec 22, 2013 547
Democratic Party Maintains Favorability Edge Over GOP; Republican Party's favorability rating at 32%, Democrats' rating at 42%. Dugan, Andrew Survey Dec 11, 2013 788
From the editor. Column Dec 1, 2013 209
2013: a political obituary. Roberts, Tyler Obituary Dec 1, 2013 861
Democrats unseat Republicans in NY, Virginia in US voting. Nov 6, 2013 882
Wealth-X Reveals USA's Top Public Political Donors. Oct 23, 2013 727
In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High; Twenty-six percent believe Democratic and Republican parties do adequate job. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 11, 2013 826
Amid Shutdown, Americans Not Calling for One-Party Gov't; Partisans still lean toward scenario that's better for their own party at the moment. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 11, 2013 984
Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Gov't Drops to New Low; Democrats remain most likely to be satisfied, but much less so than in September. Wilke, Joy Survey Oct 10, 2013 660
Americans Down on D.C. Leaders Since Shutdown Began; Majority now view have unfavorable view of Speaker John Boehner. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 10, 2013 1118
Sofia City Hall Seeks to Sell Municipal Bank Stake. Oct 9, 2013 401
The Evening Brief: Oct. 8, 2013. Oct 8, 2013 550
Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats for US shutdown. Oct 4, 2013 201
10 things you need to know about Washington: part 1 of 2. Sanger, David E. Sep 2, 2013 2260
The Green Party's "Shadow Cabinet". Kaufman, William Aug 7, 2013 651
Republicans push on documentaries. Thomas, Ken Aug 7, 2013 589
GOP warns CNN, NBC to cancel Hillary Clinton programming or be cut out of presidential debates. Aug 6, 2013 197
U.S. editorial excerpts -2-. Editorial Aug 5, 2013 708
Keep on truckin'. Brief article Jul 12, 2013 223
Portugal's President Considers Snap Election. Jul 8, 2013 166
Loose lips: broadcast and socially mediated political rhetoric and the sinking of the 2012 senatorial campaigns of todd akin and richard mourdock. Spurlock, Jefferson Jul 1, 2013 3447
Govt wakes up after FDI freeze. Jun 25, 2013 536
Out of the antiworld. Kalb, James Essay Jun 22, 2013 4997
PM mulling to summon APC on drone attacks & terrorism: Ch Nisar. Jun 20, 2013 300
PM mulling to summon APC on drone attacks & terrorism: Ch Nisar. Jun 20, 2013 300
APC to be convened on drone attacks, terrorism: Ch Nisar. Jun 20, 2013 300
Americans View GOP Less Favorably Than Democratic Party; Both parties' favorability ratings are below their historical averages. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jun 18, 2013 1081
LETTERS IN THE EDITOR'S MAILBAG. Letter to the editor Jun 15, 2013 820
Turkish Protesters Hold Square As Cops Pull Back. Jun 2, 2013 551
Religious Right warns GOP leaders not to co 'vanilla' on social issues. Jun 1, 2013 343
Jumblatt: U.S. has given up on Syrian people. Jun 1, 2013 300
Mitt Romney plans to campaign for GOP candidates in 2014. Jun 1, 2013 121
Two paradigms of presidential nominations. Steger, Wayne Essay Jun 1, 2013 5152
Lincoln Chafee, Independent Governor Of Rhode Island, To Join Democratic Party. May 29, 2013 219
Today's 'radical' Republicans would never welcome Reagan, Nixon again: Bob Dole. May 27, 2013 157
Guinea Clashes Killed At Least 11, Hospital Says. May 26, 2013 169
Republicans Feel The Sting Of Sequestration. May 25, 2013 185
NCP Parliament Speaker will not negotiate with those who carry arms. May 23, 2013 985
IRS Scandal: Republicans' New Road To Repeal Obamacare, But Will It Work? May 20, 2013 1456
Tories not trusted on tax 'deals'. Apr 28, 2013 119
The GOP, Walmart, New Research and Award-Winning Case Studies Round out the AHAA 2013 Conference. Apr 23, 2013 2083
Republicans question Obama's counter-terrorism efforts in wake of Boston Marathon bombing. Apr 22, 2013 268
GOP lawmakers want Obama to use 'combatant status' for Boston bombing suspect. Apr 21, 2013 199
Majority feel GOP 'out of touch with concerns of average Americans': Poll. Apr 17, 2013 197
The Polling Center: Rubio, Rest of GOP Say No to Amnesty. Apr 16, 2013 475
National news agency devises code of conduct for balanced election coverage. Apr 11, 2013 399
Former GOP Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator, Rick Santorum, and MSNBC's Ezra Klein Headline Benefits Selling Expo Conference. Conference news Apr 9, 2013 628
Rory set for a Green party; Four days to the first Major of the year THE MASTERS WATSON: HE CAN TAKE JACKET AND NO.1 SPOT. Apr 7, 2013 402
Rory set for a Green party; THE MASTERS Four days to the first Major of the year; WATSON: HE CAN TAKE JACKET AND NO.1 SPOT. Apr 7, 2013 401
Rory set for a Green party; THE MASTERS; Four days to the first Major of the year; WATSON: HE CAN TAKE JACKET AND NO.1 SPOT. Apr 7, 2013 401
Rory set for a Green party; THE MASTERS Four days to the first Major of the year WATSON: HE CAN TAKE JACKET AND NO.1 SPOT. Apr 7, 2013 402
Oz opposition backs Murdoch for branding Gillard govt's stance on migrants workers 'racist'. Apr 3, 2013 219
Bangladesh: Anti-government Strike Injures 30 People. Apr 2, 2013 111
Ashley Judd not running for US Senate seat in 2014. Mar 28, 2013 251
Gun Control Debate: Support For Stricter Gun Laws Drops As Democrats Ready To Push Bill, Poll. Mar 26, 2013 478
Joe Biden says Republicans 'didn't get message' from 2012 election defeat. Mar 24, 2013 265
Chinese protestors publicly beat up corrupt official's associate. Mar 23, 2013 287
Letter from the editors. Lee, Kristine; Mitchell, Michael Editorial Mar 22, 2013 448
Cyprus Parliament Delays Vote On Seizing Citizens' Bank Deposits; Ruling Party Members To Abstain From Vote; Rumors Of Finance Minister Sarris Resigning Swirl. Mar 19, 2013 628
GOP chairman says 'lousy job of branding and ridiculous' number of debates led to 2012 loss. Mar 18, 2013 329
Laura Bush says some GOP candidates 'frightened women' in 2012 election. Mar 13, 2013 166
Pakistani Shiite Leader Describes Sectarian Attacks as Genocide. Mar 9, 2013 1178
Obama to host GOP Senators for dinner to end political impasse on core issues. Mar 7, 2013 217
GOP rift deepens as Clint Eastwood joins Republicans rooting for gay marriage. Mar 1, 2013 235
The GOP's Vietnam: how Republican foreign policy lost the culture war--and a generation. McCarthy, Daniel Cover story Mar 1, 2013 2672
Why marriage equality is right. Huntsman, Jon Mar 1, 2013 751
Over 80 Republicans sign brief supporting gay marriage. Feb 27, 2013 267
GOP lawmakers raise alarm over another possible sale of taxpayer-backed firm to Chinese company. Feb 21, 2013 256
Prominent Republicans spilt on weighing new options authorizing US drone strikes. Feb 18, 2013 399
GOP favorite Malkin to speak. Feb 10, 2013 647
Are Republican and democratic brains different? A new study concludes that everyone uses reason to persuade, not to find truth. Bailey, Ronald Column Feb 8, 2013 1188
Republicans Still Trust Fox News: Conservatives, Not So Much. Feb 7, 2013 859
Boehner accuses Obama of wanting to 'annihilate' Republican Party. Jan 24, 2013 200
Top Democrats confident Congress will pass gun laws. Jan 21, 2013 250
Tenor Anthony Kearns to Sing at Maryland Democratic Party's Inaugural Ball Hosted by Gov. Martin O'Malley. Jan 20, 2013 469
Republican Party's approval rating hits new low among Americans. Jan 18, 2013 206
Obama gun plans meet with stiff resistance from Republicans. Jan 17, 2013 335
Colin Powell blasts GOP for 'dark vein of intolerance' towards minorities. Jan 14, 2013 281
Democrats and Republicans Almost Equally Disapprove Of Boehner After Fiscal Cliff Talks. Jan 8, 2013 571
Republicans Killed The Violence Against Women Act, Why Did The Media Go Silent? Jan 4, 2013 572
Rep. John Boehner Re-Elected As Speaker Despite Harry Reid Confrontation And Fiscal Cliff 2013 Handlings. Jan 3, 2013 412
Pakistani Official Killed in Suicide Blast. Dec 23, 2012 292
Way forward on US 'cliff' uncertain after Republican plan fails. Dec 21, 2012 821
Majority of Americans find Republicans 'too extreme'. Dec 21, 2012 159
7 in 10 Americans disapprove of GOP handling of fiscal cliff standoff. Dec 19, 2012 196
Former Romney adviser calls on Republicans to 'break ranks' on gun control conundrum. Dec 16, 2012 356
Japan Votes In General Elections; Shinzo Abe's Conservative LDP Predicted To Win. Dec 16, 2012 407
Obama may replace Panetta with former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel at Pentagon. Dec 14, 2012 175
Obama 'pretty confident' GOP will surrender on taxes on rich. Dec 12, 2012 309
Republicans 'living in parallel universe' because of 'conservative media', says US Senator. Dec 12, 2012 137
Walmart row: CPI-M seeks independent, time-bound inquiry. Dec 11, 2012 274
Walmart allegations spark political storm. Dec 11, 2012 763
'Majority of Americans would blame Republicans if "fiscal cliff" talks end in deadlock', finds poll. Dec 6, 2012 258
Obama says no deal on fiscal cliff unless GOP agrees to raise taxes on rich. Dec 5, 2012 326
White House rejects House GOP proposal on fiscal cliff. Dec 4, 2012 299
Political capital, not campaigns. Dec 1, 2012 622
Revenge of the reality-based community: my life on the Republican right--and how I saw it all go wrong. Bartlett, Bruce Essay Dec 1, 2012 3483
The party that lost America. Buchanan, Patrick J. Dec 1, 2012 776
Obama accuses GOP of putting US at risk of 'Scrooge Christmas' without tax-cut extension. Dec 1, 2012 323
The president's effect on Partisan attitudes. Jacobson, Gary C. Report Dec 1, 2012 11511
The president's economy: parity in presidential party performance. Campbell, James E. Report Dec 1, 2012 3624
Former UN Ambassador Bolton To GOP: There Are Implications If Susan Rice Is Next Secretary Of State. Nov 28, 2012 1041
Fox News Ends Interview, But Tom Ricks Saga Continues: Network, Reporter Squabble Over Apology. Correction notice Nov 27, 2012 580
Fox News Ends Interview: Tom Ricks Says Network 'Operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party' [VIDEO]. Nov 27, 2012 489
Duke Energy names Heath Shuler to lead Federal Government Affairs. Nov 26, 2012 587
Republicans losing stronghold on Orange County, California due to demographic shift. Nov 25, 2012 195
Romney's top adviser blasts Republicans for deserting him after presidential defeat. Nov 22, 2012 282
Bilawal launches awareness campaign about Child Rights. Nov 21, 2012 444
Obama more likely than GOP to make 'bipartisan effort' in solving nation's problems, finds poll. Nov 20, 2012 160
Bobby Jindal says 'liking people, keeping conservative principles' keys to expanding 'GOP tent'. Nov 19, 2012 342
MAIL TODAY COMMENT. Nov 19, 2012 717
Sri Lanka Tamils call for inquiry into UN's 'failure to save civilians' in bloody civil war. Nov 16, 2012 378
Latinos didn't vote for Romney as they were 'scared' of extremists in GOP party, says adviser. Nov 12, 2012 395
OUR VIEW In. Nov 11, 2012 339
Dramatic slump in Hispanic voters' support hurting Republicans badly. Nov 10, 2012 197
Google's services unable to reach much of China. Nov 10, 2012 275
GOP strategist Karl Rove 'raving mad' on Fox News after own network declared Obama win. Nov 8, 2012 220
Obama's night. Nov 7, 2012 598
Sandinistas Sweep Nicaragua's Mayoral Elections. Nov 6, 2012 259
The Evening Brief: Nov. 6, 2012. Nov 6, 2012 783
Obama calls himself purveyor of 'real change' during Wisconsin rally. Nov 4, 2012 175
Obama predicts 'war' inside Republican party 'if he's reelected'. Oct 30, 2012 304
Kyodo news summary -6-. Oct 29, 2012 492
Ex-Powell aide blasts GOP as party full of 'racists'. Oct 27, 2012 248
Pizza May Have Been Used To Court Votes, GOP Claims. Oct 27, 2012 363
Gloria Steinem On Romney Abortion Views: He's 'Most Destructive To Equality'. Oct 23, 2012 561
Republicans slam 'Romnesia' quip as Obama's 'silly' attempt to distract people from main issues. Oct 22, 2012 219
Liberal Democrats more prone to clicking Facebook 'Likes' than conservative Republicans. Oct 20, 2012 221
Biden's 'GOP has bullets aimed at you' remark sparks fury among Republicans. Oct 19, 2012 295
MPs in U.K. to examine Starbucks tax strategies. Oct 17, 2012 672
Our wounded world needs to heal. Oct 16, 2012 2505
Clinton Takes Responsibility for Benghazi Attack as Republicans Exploit Tragedy. Oct 16, 2012 295
This Day For Republicans: Ann Romney Accuses Obama Of 'Poor Sportsmanship'. Oct 10, 2012 161
The stateless hit up the superpower for a solution in Kuwait. Oct 10, 2012 797
Romney judged winner of first US presidential election debate; CANDIDATES HEAD STRAIGHT BACK OUT ON CAMPAIGN TRAIL. Oct 5, 2012 789
City's conference centre e gets the party started; Ian Hateley, Senior Event Manager at the ICC on dogs, bees, celebrities and planning the Conservative Party Conference. Oct 4, 2012 871
GOP House leaders say White House 'ignored pleas to increase security at US consulate in Libya'. Oct 3, 2012 408
Bahraini Police, Protesters Clash After Funeral. Oct 3, 2012 311
Politics - Abi Ramiya: Media exaggerated in Aoun's visits' updates. Oct 1, 2012 166
Party animus. Kauffman, Bill Essay Oct 1, 2012 777
How Unlikable Is Mitt Romney? George W. Bush Beats Him In Popularity Contest: Poll. Survey Sep 28, 2012 464
South Africa : Burson-Marsteller hires top Corporate Communicator Mike Love as new UK Chairman. Sep 28, 2012 215
Could Clegg find political salvation in The Valleys? Sep 27, 2012 659
Romney says he has same Iran policy as Obama but will do better job of it. Sep 21, 2012 730
Libertarian Gary Johnson: GOP Scared I'll Steal Romney's Votes. Sep 20, 2012 462
China's 'future leader' Xi Jinping makes first public appearance after 2 week 'mystery absence'. Sep 15, 2012 138
The Evening Brief: Sept. 13, 2012. Sep 13, 2012 717
The Polarised Election. Sep 12, 2012 1058
Fox News' dig at Democrats using 'Losing My Religion' track during DNC coverage leaves R.E.M. fuming. Sep 8, 2012 210
Record US Food Stamp Use May Give Republicans An Opening. Sep 4, 2012 427
Black CNN camerawoman 'not surprised' by racist attack at GOP Convention. Aug 31, 2012 194
Romney vows to create 'jobs, lots of jobs' during GOP Convention. Aug 31, 2012 264
Democrats Blast Republican National Convention As 'Open Mic For 2016 Candidates'. Aug 31, 2012 556
Ron Paul: The GOP 'Is Not My Party,' Still Not Endorsing Romney. Aug 31, 2012 418
No honor among GOP liars. Aug 31, 2012 604
Attendee at GOP convention given boot for 'racially taunting' black camerawoman. Aug 30, 2012 155
Romney's nomination as GOP presidential nominee marred by low 40 pc popularity. Aug 29, 2012 224
'R.I.P., G.O.P' Says Republican Anti-Romney Activist Lord Nigel Featherston. Aug 28, 2012 504
Chris Christie: If Mitt Romney Chooses To Open Up To Americans, All Else Is In His Favor. Aug 28, 2012 806
Arlen Specter, Ex-Pennsylvania Senator, Fighting For His Life After New Cancer Diagnosis. Aug 28, 2012 316
Romney's Endorsement of Costco Shows Big Business Has No Political Party. Aug 27, 2012 595
Americans fast losing interest in political parties: Poll. Aug 24, 2012 242
GOP lawmaker challenged by doctors over 'legitimate rape rarely causes pregnancy' remark. Aug 22, 2012 265
'A Game of Thrones' author rants about Republicans in blog. Aug 21, 2012 164
Huffington Post Coat Hanger Image Responds To Akin's 'Legitimate Rape' And GOP Platform. Aug 21, 2012 646
Republicans Flee From Todd Akin As 'Legitimate Rape' Comments Cause GOP To Withhold Election Cash. Aug 20, 2012 301
Tories criticise 'embarrassing' launch of Welsh base in London; DAVIES CLAIMS EVENT DIDN'T ATTRACT ENOUGH INTEREST. Aug 18, 2012 683
Voter Engagement Down Slightly From Last Two Elections; Republicans giving more thought to election than Democrats. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 13, 2012 915
The Brief: Aug. 7, 2012. Aug 7, 2012 866
Obama showered with fake gifts by Republicans on 51st b'day. Aug 5, 2012 302
Heavily Democratic States Are Concentrated in the East; Three Western states are the most Republican. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 3, 2012 1108
Politicians must holiday in UK; your letters To The Point. Aug 3, 2012 109
UCubed: Unemployed Poised to Deliver Payback. Aug 2, 2012 318
Exorcising George McGovern: how the GOP lost its foreign-policy advantage. Desch, Michael C. Aug 1, 2012 1005
Sympathy swells for Greek Olympic athlete Papachristou expelled for 'racist' tweet. Jul 26, 2012 330
Jon Stewart Rips Fox News, Says Romney's Latest Ad Means The Candidate Is 'Completely F#@%&d'. Jul 26, 2012 450
Another Republican Calls For Romney To Say Something Substantial: Scott Walker. Jul 25, 2012 592
Lib Dem plan for council is dangerous; Views of the North. Jul 5, 2012 384
Half of U.S. Hispanics Identify as Political Independents; But more than half identify as or lean Democratic. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 2, 2012 950
Q&A with senator Bob Corker: a key player in the Senate when it comes to financial reform and housing policy, senator Corker offers his views on Fannie and Freddie, Dodd-Frank, the Qualified Mortgage rulemaking and whether the GOP wilt take back the Senate. England, Robert Stowe Interview Jul 1, 2012 3128
Too important to fail: predatory lending still poses a systemic risk to the economy. Will Obama's new consumer financial protection bureau succeed in taming it, or will the agency be strangled in its crib? Gravois, John Jul 1, 2012 5968
Measures to cut deficit 'can be backed without difficulty'. Jun 21, 2012 550
Democrats More Confident in Labor; Republicans, in Business; Long-term decline in TV news seen more sharply among Republicans and independents. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 20, 2012 867
Luka Rocco Magnotta Pleads Not Guilty In The Murder And Dismemberment Of Jun Lin. Jun 19, 2012 1380
Romney's foreign policy team should alarm Middle East. Jun 17, 2012 758
Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama for Bad Economy; About half of Republicans blame Bush. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 14, 2012 904
Hunt survives vote as Lib Dems abstain; Backbench Tories' anger towards Clegg. Jun 14, 2012 491
Tension within the coalition government over hunt. Jun 13, 2012 461
Gordon Brown and George Osborne face Leveson Inquiry. Jun 11, 2012 288
Cops Hunt Far Right Greek Politician Who Smacked Female Leftists on Live TV [VIDEO]. Jun 7, 2012 333
Fusionism revisited: Matt Welch vs. Jonah Goldberg and Nick Gillespie vs. Ann Coulter on the future of the libertarian-conservative alliance. Jun 2, 2012 6718
Rebecca Black Slammed For Endorsing Mexican Presidential Frontrunner Pena Nieto [VIDEO]. May 31, 2012 481
Vince Cable: Lib Dems subjected to 'veiled threats'. May 30, 2012 271
Pervez Musharraf murdered my mother: Bilawal Bhutto. May 26, 2012 654
Wall St. blunder colors Senate race; Dems hit Brown after big bank loss. May 15, 2012 876
Euro near 3-1/2 month low vs dlr as Greece wrangles. May 11, 2012 713
Obama says Republicans have found nominee to "rubber-stamp" their agenda. May 6, 2012 227
Tories are crying crocodile tears after Murdoch finding; views. May 4, 2012 293
Buck and cover. Brief article May 4, 2012 284
Gingrich officially suspends GOP Presidential campaign. May 3, 2012 156
Libyan ban lift paves way for Islamists to run for control of government. May 3, 2012 172
MPs split over their ruling on Murdoch; Tories refuse to support 'biased' report. May 2, 2012 550
Can democrats get realist? Why the best minds of international power politics are leaving the GOP. Smith, Jordan Michael May 1, 2012 2257
TALLY-GO! TORIES IN CRISIS SLEAZE ROW MPs demand probe into Hunt links with tycoon but public want him out. Apr 28, 2012 420
Republicans slam Obama's 'shameless, pathetic' bin Laden ad campaign. Apr 28, 2012 254
US House Speaker Boehner urges Democrats to work to regain majority. Apr 24, 2012 249
Obama Trusted More Than Romney, Other Leaders on Economy; By a 50% to 42% margin, more Americans have confidence in Obama than in Romney on economy. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Apr 20, 2012 1227
US Democrats may have a long way to go to gain power in the House. Apr 15, 2012 273
Romney's Challenge: Midwestern, Young, Highly Religious GOP; He also does less well among conservatives. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 12, 2012 1284
Green grilling for candidates. Apr 12, 2012 110
Romney 42%, Santorum 24% as Santorum Exits; Romney's support among lowest for presumptive nominees. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 11, 2012 1150
GOP establishment thinks Mitt Romney will lose to Obama. Apr 6, 2012 312
Bulgarian Oligarch to Be Charged over Abuses at Sofia Municipal Bank. Mar 30, 2012 760
'Pak will no longer allow US to use its airspace to target militants'. Mar 14, 2012 246
Jindal says won't endorse GOP candidate before Louisiana primary result. Mar 13, 2012 132
GOP race for White House is "corrosive": Obama adviser. Mar 12, 2012 209
Carwyn flies flag for business links in USA; Five-day visit as Tories slam Labour 'abject failure' on inward investment. Mar 7, 2012 564
One-party control doesn't always eliminate political turmoil. Linsky, Martin Column Mar 1, 2012 1038
Americans Divided on Repeal of 2010 Healthcare Law; Majority of Republicans strongly favor repeal if a Republican is elected president. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 27, 2012 974
The Malev maelstrom: frenzied fallout from the failure of Hungary's national airline. Feb 17, 2012 1978
CBS News poll says Obama holds edge over GOP hopefuls. Feb 15, 2012 184
2012 presidential race slipping away from Republicans, says expert. Feb 15, 2012 192
Congress' Job Approval at New Low of 10%; Republicans and Democrats equally negative. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 8, 2012 941
Media shaping the presidential election: establishment media bias shapes the theme of the presidential elections, helping to create a Republican "flavor of the month" front-runner. Eddlem, Thomas R. Cover story Feb 6, 2012 3019
Labeled "dangerous": GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater preceded Ron Paul by many years in being labeled dangerous over his foreign policy views, but it wasn't true then either. Kenny, Jack Feb 6, 2012 2957
NLC calls on Congress and the administration to get to work. Brief article Jan 30, 2012 280
GOP candidate Ron Paul signed off on racist 90s newsletters. Jan 28, 2012 300
Palin calls South Carolina primary winner Gingrich new GOP 'front runner'. Jan 22, 2012 274
Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary. Jan 22, 2012 129
Clinton says Yemen leader has reneged on promises. Jan 18, 2012 1134
Romney leads GOP rivals by 23 points in national poll. Jan 17, 2012 249
Jon Huntsman withdraws from GOP presidential race, to endorse Romney. Jan 16, 2012 205
A dream deferred? House GOP leader says business tax goals may not be met. Landrigan, Kevin Brief article Jan 13, 2012 316
Romney 'only GOP candidate' giving head-to-head contest to Obama ahead of polls. Jan 10, 2012 207
58% GOP voters want more presidential choices: Poll. Jan 10, 2012 170
Craig James Starts Late, Behind the Competition. Jan 9, 2012 859
Protestant, Catholic GOP Vote Similar to National Average; Highly religious Protestants slightly less likely to support Romney. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 3, 2012 1038
U.S. immigration policy in the 21st century: a market-based approach. Hall, Joshua C.; VanMetre, Benjamin J.; Vedder, Richard K. Essay Jan 1, 2012 7055
Volatile Iowa. Dec 30, 2011 546
Iraq's anti-US Sadrists call for dissolution of parliament, early elections. Dec 27, 2011 284
Who's More Anti-Science: Republicans or Democrats? Comparing the applied ignorance of our two major political parties. Bailey, Ronald Column Dec 21, 2011 1154
Republicans in state of turmoil over selection of presidential candidate. Dec 21, 2011 337
Gingrich Running Strong With Traditionally Reliable Voters; Older Republicans and core GOP identifiers show solid preference for Gingrich. Saad, Lydia Survey Dec 15, 2011 957
Gingrich Continues to Lead GOP Field, but by Smaller Margin; Republicans divided as to whether Romney or Gingrich is more likely to beat Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 14, 2011 996
In U.S., Fear of Big Government at Near-Record Level; Democrats lead increase in concerns about big government. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Dec 12, 2011 755
Egypt Brotherhood says won't impose Islamic values. Dec 4, 2011 797
Punjab, Bihar farmers favour FDI in retail. Dec 2, 2011 324

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