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Uganda's schoolchildren.

F For several months parents and teachers had worked hard to pay for visas and airline tickets by saving money from their salaries and selling handicrafts. When the Ugandan delegation of 19 students-from three schools in the Kampala area-and seven teachers and chaperones finally arrived at Dulles International Airport, Dr. Valencia Campbell was waiting for them. She had arranged for their stay at Howard University Howard University, at Washington, D.C.; coeducational; with federal support. It was founded in 1867 by Gen. Oliver O. Howard of the Freedmen's Bureau, to provide education for newly emancipated slaves. A normal and preparatory department was opened the same year. , her alma mater. As president of the Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition in Maryland, she also held a fundraising event to partially offset the housing charges.

The festival was a dream come. The children learned new approaches to art, sport, and creative education. Kibuuka Mark, 11, said, "I like the way children from other countries express their culture. It is an opportunity for me to learn more about their background."

Students from the Namilyango Junior Boys School changed into traditional attire before stepping on the World Stage to perform. They wore bark cloth bark cloth, primitive fabric made in tropical and subtropical countries from the soft inner bark of certain trees. It has been made and used in parts of Africa and India, the Malay Peninsula, Samoa, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Fiji Islands and perhaps reached its  adorned with cowrie cowrie or cowry (both: kou`rē), common name applied to marine gastropods belonging to the family Cypraeidae, a well-developed family of marine snails found in the tropics.  shells, feathers and whistles. They carried African drums and shakers. They danced with their music.

They also danced away with the award for best musical performance and a $1,000 cash prize. The children jumped. Music director Isingoma Felix was ecstatic. ICAF ICAF International Child Art Foundation
ICAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAF International Comic Arts Festival
ICAF International Capoeira Angola Foundation
ICAF International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue
ICAF Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation
 and Melody Street, a multimedia entertainment company, organized the competition, and Melody Street provided the prize money.

"The judges couldn't imagine how drums and shakers could produce unbelievable music. Our music was original, from the heart of Africa Heart of Africa is an adventure game for the Commodore 64 and unofficial sequel to The Seven Cities of Gold. Created by Ozark Softscape and published by Electronic Arts in 1985, it casts the player as an adventurer searching for the Lost Tomb of Pharaoh Ahnk Ahnk in Africa ," said Ssembiro Mike, the group leader and ICAF representative in Uganda.

Matovu Martin, 13, recited a short poem at the festival. Later he said, "I realize that Americans and Africans are equal, however different they might appear."

The delegation also met with Uganda's ambassador to the U.S., Perezi Kamunanwire, who told entertaining stories of his childhood and how he came to be an ambassador. When the group returned home, hundreds of parents, teachers and well-wishers greeted them at the Entebbe Airport.


SSEMBIRO MIKE is ICAF representative in Uganda
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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