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USIS Antiterrorism Assistance director is speaker at national training symposium.

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- Christy McCampbell, who leads the Antiterrorism an·ti·ter·ror·ist  
Intended to prevent or counteract terrorism; counterterror: antiterrorist measures.

 Assistance (ATA (1) (AT Attachment) The specification for IDE drives. See IDE.

(2) See analog telephone adapter.

ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment
) teams at USIS USIS United States Information Service
USIS United States Imagery System
USIS United States Investigations Services
USIS Ugandan Schools Information Service
USIS User-to-User Indicator (Signaling System #7) 
 (, will be delivering the opening remarks and discussing leadership issues at the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement (WLLE) Training Symposium on Nov. 3, in San Mateo, Calif. The conference is sponsored by the California Police Chiefs Association, and Ms. McCampbell will open the WLLE session workshops that include topics on ethics, managing critical incidents, and how to be a resilient leader, among other subjects.

Ms. McCampbell, global antiterrorism assistance program director for USIS, is a career law enforcement officer with extensive U.S. and international experience including service as the United Nations' country representative to Pakistan, where she focused on anti-drug operations and crime control. Her law enforcement background also includes service with the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotic narcotic, any of a number of substances that have a depressant effect on the nervous system. The chief narcotic drugs are opium, its constituents morphine and codeine, and the morphine derivative heroin.

See also drug addiction and drug abuse.
 Enforcement, where she served as Chief of the Bureau from 1999 to 2003.

Most recently, Ms. McCampbell served as the staff director for the United States Senate's Caucus on International Narcotics narcotics n. 1) techinically, drugs which dull the senses. 2) a popular generic term for drugs which cannot be legally possessed, sold, or transported except for medicinal uses for which a physician or dentist's prescription is required.  Control. Earlier in her career, she was Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Department of State, where she oversaw foreign counter narcotics and crime programs, operations, and diplomatic relations throughout the Western Hemisphere.

USIS, an Altegrity company, is the largest commercial provider of security investigation services to the federal government and a provider of specialized training solutions, including overseas support to post-conflict nations and indigenous law enforcement personnel.

For more information about USIS' ATA program and job opportunities, visit USIS is also on Facebook and Twitter A Web site and service that lets users send short text messages from their cellphones to a group of friends. Launched in 2006, Twitter ( was designed for people to broadcast their current activities and thoughts.  (USIS_LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control
). Follow posts and tweets for up-to-date company information and employment opportunities and updates.
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