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Articles from USA Today (Magazine) (May 1, 2007)

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"Deserving poor" or "greedy geezers"? Brief article 271
"Something" in the way she smells. 420
2008 The amazing race is on. Fischer, Raymond L. 2082
A tale of two countries. Howell, Llewellyn D. 973
America's left has taken a wrong turn: "the centralized, pyramidal command structure of the socialist form of government, and the idea that the 'party' can lead and represent the best interests of the people, have, over the last century, repeatedly shown themselves to be moral and economic disasters." Still, this is the platform the Democrats insist upon pushing. Marsh, Gerald E. 2015
Black & Decker spruces up spring. Product/service evaluation 364
Body grooming no longer just for gals. Product/service evaluation 175
Digital downside. Saltzman, Joe 1019
Digital technology spurs "copyright panic". 413
Do ethics promise too much? Kreyche, Gerald F. 1078
Does an assembly line really move that fast? Product/service evaluation 467
Enough: the phony leaders, Dead-End Movements, and culture of failure that are undermining black America--and what we can do about it. Fischer, Raymond L. 1139
Entrepreneurship will beat battleships: "money cures almost all ills, while its absence is a precursor of restlessness, discontent, and violence. We need a foreign policy that showers dollars, not bombs, that ships business plans, not Humvees, abroad.". Wiesen, Jeremy 1965
Escaping the trap: "... U.S. policymakers need to absorb the larger lesson of the Iraqi debacle. Launching an elective war in pursuit of a nation-building chimera was an act of folly. It is a folly they should vow never to repeat in any other country.". Carpenter, Ted Galen 4711
FBI not tracking gay murders. 316
Fighting fire with diplomacy: "for the 21st century, the U.S.-Iran relationship will frame the structure and dynamics of the Middle East. We must be sure of our actions and wise with our words. The prospects for peace that have eluded all nations of the Middle East for so long may be on the edge of a convergence of historic intersects.". Hagel, Chuck 2859
Getting workouts off to a quick start. 237
Giving lip service to Angelina Jolie. Brief article 308
Good as gold: a glittering exhibition reveals the dazzling art and intriguing science behind this icon of wealth. 1776
If you want to play, Wii do, too. Product/service evaluation 1119
Implementing a business strategy: "without successful initiatives, strategy implementation is impossible, and companies cannot make acquisitions, create and commercialize new products, enter new markets, forge and maintain competitive advantages, establish or enhance brand equity, drive costs out of a supply train, or develop talent.". Brache, Alan P.; Bodley-Scott, Sam 2834
Inhabited by a cry. Van Gelder, Kiera Excerpt 1329
It's baseball bliss when you play hardball. Product/service evaluation 358
Join the "Bellobration": this year's circus truly is a clown's delight. Barrett, Wayne M. 503
Kids can bypass internet filters. 409
Looking for talent in all the right places: " ... how can management identify those who have potential to improve and work with them toward the accomplishment of that goal?". Mache, Chuck 1912
Man-on-man job complaints soaring. 310
Most Americans want health care reform. 378
Museum memo. Calendar 172
Old abd fat a bad combination. Brief article 249
On the defensive: "one thing is certain.... Military intervention in Iraq and the climate of open rebellion that ensued profoundly have altered the terms of the [terrorist] threat and now condition its development.". Bruguiere, Jean-Louis 3796
Picking up the tab. Brown, Lester R. 996
Quick: Spot Drake & Josh. Product/service evaluation 316
Racial and ethnic intermarriages slowing. 335
Resurrecting Gustave Dore: "... his ambitions and achievements in terms of illustrating a staggeringly vast encyclopedia of world literature far exceeded anything dreamed of by the young Romantics. Yet, like them, he continued to plunge us into fantastic extremes that only can be fully experienced behind closed eyes.". Rosenblum, Robert Critical essay 4391
Say goobye to dimpled thighs. 316
Scaredy-cat politics. Bresler, Robert J. 985
Seeing red over blue. Barrett, Wayne M. 1023
Stop the bellyaching: "eradicating victim mindset and behavior is not an overnight job. It takes real fortitude on the part of leaders to encourage candor, create high levels of accountability, and hold themselves to the same standards as their employees.". Halper, June A. 2424
Taking care of business: "if Great Britain and the EU fail to put prompt and massive pressure on Iran and confront it with the alternative of either changing course or suffering devastating economic blows, all that will remain will be the choice between a bad solution (the military option) and a dreadful one (the Iranian bomb).". Kuntzel, Matthias Essay 1991
The cards are in the cards. Product/service evaluation 366
The CIA knew the depense department knew of Iraqi insurgency--but did nothing: "the U.S. intelligence community ... steadfastly has resisted serious attempts to exploit and release the information captured in postwar Iraq.". Hayes, Stephen F. Speech 2794
The hidden diagnosis: "though it is considered to be two to three times more common than bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, [borderline personality disorder] is far less understood and grossly under recognized.". Gershon, Judy Disease/Disorder overview 1276
The Party of Death: the Democrats, the media, the courts, and the disregard for human life. Fischer, Raymond L. Critical essay 1108
The price of anything is the foregone alternative: "proactive pricing strategies come from visionary companies that understand and rely on the economic value they bring to customers. They separate value from benefits.". Lucke, Tom; Hogan, John 2638
The wonderful "truth". Gehring, Wes D. 962
This ball will pump up your game. Product/service evaluation 283
Venice and the Islamic World: "[This] is the first major exhibition to explore one of the most important and distinctive facets of Venetian art history: the exchange of objects and interchange of ideas between the great Italian maritime city and her Islamic neighbors in the Eastern Mediterranean.". Critical essay 967
What's for dinner--and when do we eat? Product/service evaluation 309
Why we ignore nagging spouse. 440
You're not out of line with these skates. Product/service evaluation 169
Your time is now my time. Brief article 278

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