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US Air Force Directorate of Logistics Readiness. (Government).


The Directorate of Logistics Readiness integrates AF Agile Combat Support concepts, doctrine, exercises, and sustainment policies with OSD, Defense Agencies, JCS, CINC, and MAJCOM staffs. Executes the Combat Support Center (CSC) mission. Establishes and implements AF materiel management, fuels, vehicles & equipment policy. Develops, advocates and implements strategic deployment and distribution programs and policies. Defines and integrates installations and logistics management information system requirements for GCSS. Plans and coordinates transformation and innovation for logistics.

Col Michael R. Van House, USAF, Deputy Director

(703) 697-1429

Ms Patty Kelly (Actg), Chief Deployment and Distribution System

(703) 697-5886

Cal Andy Kiracofe, USAF, Chief Combat Support Center and Readiness Dvision

(703) 697-8860

Ms. Debbie Alexander, Chief Material Management Policy Division

(703) 614-3548

Cal Connie Morrow, USAF Chief Planning, Doctrine and Wargames Division

(703) 697-4292

Cal Thomas J. Bruns, USAF, Chief Personal Property and Passenger Policy Division

(703) 697-5978

Cal (s) Frank Gorman, USAF, Chief Task Farce Agile Combat Expeditionary Support

(703) 695-1794

Cal Ronne Mercer, USAF, Commander AF Logistics Management Agency Maxwell AFB,

(334) 596-4511


Details at WWW.AF.MIL

* Planning, Doctrine and Wargames

* Infrastructure and Vehicles

* Deployment and Distribution Management

* Combat Support Center and Readiness Assessments

* Materiel Management and Policy

* Information Integration

* Personal Property and Passenger Management
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Author:Maj Gen(s) Sullivan, Kevin J.
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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