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UNUM Corporation Sponsors Tom Whittaker, First-Ever Person With a Disability to Stand 'On Top of the World'.

PORTLAND, Maine--(BW HealthWire)--Nov. 10, 1998--UNUM Corporation (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
:UNM UNM University of New Mexico
UNM UnumProvident Corporation
UNM Under New Management
UNM United Nations Medal
UNM User Name Mapping
), one of the world leaders For a list of heads of state, see .
World leaders is a MMORPG. The game involves creating a state, joining an alliance and going into war. It is mostly played by players from Israel, China, USA, Britain, Brazil and Saudi-Arabia.
 in protecting income and preserving assets, today announced a sponsorship agreement with Tom Whittaker Tom Whittaker may refer to:
  • Tom Whittaker, football player and manager of Arsenal F.C..
  • Tom Whittaker, disabled mountaineer, the first disabled person to climb Everest.
, who became the first person with a disability ever to summit Mount Everest in May 1998.

"The alignment between UNUM, which specializes in helping people deal with some of life's most unexpected and challenging times, and Tom Whittaker, one of the world's most vibrant examples of how people with disabilities can pursue lifelong dreams, is powerful," said Kevin O'Connell Kevin O'Connell may refer to
  • Kevin O'Connell (television), meteorologist
  • Kevin O'Connell (sound re-recording mixer)
, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. "Tom has dedicated himself to helping others with disabilities achieve their full potential which is exactly what UNUM does."

Whittaker lost his right foot and kneecap kneecap (patella), saucer-shaped bone at the front of the knee joint; it protects the ends of the femur, or thighbone, and the tibia, the large bone of the foreleg. The kneecap is embedded in the tendon tissue of the quadriceps femoris, a large thigh muscle.  when his car was hit head-on in 1979. The prognosis was that he would never walk again. However, On May 28, Whittaker accomplished his most challenging goal yet when he reached the 29,028-ft peak of Mount Everest.

To complement his own climb of the world's highest mountain Whittaker planned the "All Abilities Trek" which placed five disabled trekkers in the 17,500-ft. base camp on Everest. This 50 mile trip took 30 days.

Whittaker's successful ascent of Mount Everest followed two earlier attempts in 1989 and 1995 when he had to turn back because of dangerous weather.

Whittaker has spent 25 years teaching others to enjoy the challenges of outdoor recreation, and currently teaches Adventure Education at Prescott College
For the Adelaide-based college, see Prescott College, South Australia.

The College is known for its hands-on approach to learning and high student activist enrollment.
 in Prescott, AZ.

In 1981, Whittaker founded the Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group - C.W. Hog - at Idaho State University Enrollment for fall semester 2006 was 12,676 students, including 8,848 undergraduates.[1] ISU enrolls a large number of older, non-traditional students who live and work off-campus. . The organization seeks to rebuild hope, courage and self -confidence in disabled people through involvement in outdoor adventure in a supportive peer group. Hog activities include skiing, kayaking, rock climbing rock climbing Sports medicine An 'extreme sport' in which the participant climbs rock formations, with or without ropes Injury risk Fractures, abrasions, death. See Extreme sports.  and white water rafting.

UNUM and Whittaker share a common quest to reshape attitudes toward disability, helping individuals safeguard their independence and quality of life. Through speaking engagements and other public activities, Whittaker will demonstrate the "human side" of disability - and of ability - on UNUM's behalf.

UNUM Corporation is a publicly held disability and special risk insurance holding company based in Portland, Maine. UNUM, celebrating 150 years of leadership and growth this year, is a world leader in disability insurance and ranks among the world's leading special risk insurers. UNUM's businesses are leading providers of group long term disability insurance in North America and the United Kingdom, as well as providers of other employee benefits, including group life insurance, short term disability, long term care insurance and payroll-deducted voluntary benefits offered to employees at their worksites.

UNUM has approximately 8,000 employees and operations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Pacific Rim, Europe, Latin America and Bermuda. For more information on UNUM Corporation, call 1-800-UNM-FACT or visit the company's web site at
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