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UDA MUM SENT PACKING; Adair henchmen's mother flees Shankill after death threats from loyalist bosses.


ONE of the founders of the UDA's women's brigade has been turfed out of her beloved Shankill home - by the organisation's leadership!

Ultra-loyalist Wendy Millar, dubbed 'the Queen of the UDA', was one of the last casualties of the bitter loyalist feud A loyalist feud refers to any of the sporadic feuds which have erupted almost routinely between Northern Ireland's various loyalist paramilitary groups since the late 1990s.  which ended with the slaying of terror boss John Gregg John Gregg can refer to the following people:
  • John Robert Gregg (1867–1948), Inventor of Gregg Shorthand
  • John Gregg (CSA) (1828–1864), Confederate general
  • John Irvin Gregg (1826–1892), Union general
 in February.

Millar, who was one of the founding members of the UDA (Universal Data Access) An umbrella term from Microsoft for its combined set of standards for file and database access. UDA includes ODBC, ADO, OLE DB and RDS. See ODBC, ADO, OLE DB and RDS.  and is the mother of Johnny Adair's henchmen Herbie and Sham Millar, fled in the middle of the night after mainstream chiefs warned she would be shot because of her links to rogue terror chief Adair.

Millar and her husband left their lower Shankill home after being told to get out weeks after the UDA cleared Adair's mob from the lower Shankill.

The tough Shankill woman, who worked as a cook in Adair's so-called Big Brother community house, thought she'd be allowed to stay because of past credentials.

But attempts to smooth the path failed and terror chiefs gave her 12 hours to get out or face execution.

Links with Adair, and her sons' wheeling and dealing wheeling and dealing

shrewd and sometimes unscrupulous moves made in order to advance one's own interests

wheeler-dealer n
 for C Company, sealed her fate.

Sources claim she also knew the UDA was being ripped off by Sham and Herbie to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds.

They fled to Bolton with other C company henchmen - including Jackie Thompson who ran C Company while Adair was in jail - in the wake of the murder of UDA South Antrim leader John Gregg.

Last week we tracked them down to their hideaway in the town where they're holed up.

The younger of the brothers, Herbie Millar, is the man usually behind the mask whenever C Company statements are read to the Press.

Herbie, whose estranged wife still lives in the Shankill, is a senior drug dealer and loan shark and left Ulster with almost pounds 200,000 of UDA dosh.

His brother Sham, who we last week revealed is sleeping with Gina Adair after rekindling a former affair, was also a major figure in the Belfast drug dealing trade.

He ran Johnny Adair's brutal punishment beating operation and became a key figure during the loyalist feud between the UDA and UVF UVF Ulster Volunteer Force
UVF St Lucia, Saint Lucia - Hewanorra (Airport Code) 
 in 2000.

The gang have taken to holding drinking sessions in the Black Bull pub near the Reebok Stadium, home of Bolton Wanderers and just yards from a police station.

Jackie Thompson, who ran C company when Adair was in jail, is also in the hide-out with Gina and Sham's girlfriend.

They're paying pounds 325 a month for their rented house - valued at pounds 100,000 - but have been looking at other properties in the town and in nearby Manchester.

There's no doubt that the gang are planning a long stay - and there's no chance that the UDA will allow them to follow other former colleagues back to Northern Ireland.

Two weeks ago nine men from the Lower Shankill tried to 'sneak' back home - and were greeted by an angry crowd of locals when their ferry docked.

But 'UDA Queen' Wendy Millar chose not to follow her sons to Bolton - she's believed to be hiding out in Scotland and is desperate to come home.

Sources in the Shankill said: "Wendy tried to appeal to the UDA leadership's better nature because she was always a supporter and used to called the Queen of the organisation.

"But they were having none of it. As far as they were concerned she knew all about the money that her sons were ripping off from the UDA.

"She appealed but they refused and within hours of the ultimatum she was out - her house boarded up. Nobody had ever seen Wendy so terrified ter·ri·fy  
tr.v. ter·ri·fied, ter·ri·fy·ing, ter·ri·fies
1. To fill with terror; make deeply afraid. See Synonyms at frighten.

2. To menace or threaten; intimidate.

"She was also known around the Shankill as Wendy Bucket because of her big mouth - she was afraid of no-one.

"She worked down in the Big Brother house where Adair used to take all the wee fellas to beat them up and she'd be working there making the fry-ups," sources said.

"It was bizarre. But she was a big fan of Adair and a fierce and loyal supporter but she also fell a cropper CROPPER, contracts. One who, having no interest in the land, works it in consideration of receiving a portion of the crop for his labor. 2 Rawle, R. 12. .

"C Company and any associates are not allowed anywhere near the Shankill and I doubt if that'll ever change."


HERBIE MILLAR: Took UDA's cash; SHAM MILLAR: Adair henchman's mother has fled; HOME FROM HOME: Bolton bolt-hole
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 27, 2003
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