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U.S. congressman co-authors HR 570.

U.S. Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess of Denton, Texas, co-authored HR 570, the Dental Emergency Responder Act of 2011. This bill would incorporate dentistry by name into the federal disaster response framework. Dentists and allied dental health care personnel could volunteer and readily fit into all "all-hazards" emergency health care situations in any state which allows it. The bill encourages stronger collaboration between the dental community and the Department of Health and Human Services in developing the nation's medical surgical supplies. HR 570 has passed in the House and has been sent to the Senate.

Joanne Wineinger, RDA, is the Ninth District Trustee for ADAA. She is a resident of Denton, Texas and was a practicing dental assistant for 45 years. Ms. Wineinger has been an ADAA member since 1962 and currently serves as TDAA Chairman of the Past President's Council and TDAA Executive Secretary.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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