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Typhoon Morakot slams Taiwan.

8/8/2009 12:42:25 AM

One person has died and four others have gone missing in Taiwan as Typhoon typhoon: see hurricane.  Morakot lashed the island with strong winds and downpours, rescuers said.

A woman in southern Kaohsiung died after she fell into a ditch when strong winds swept her off her motorcycle on Saturday, while four fishermen remain unaccounted for An inclusive term (not a casualty status) applicable to personnel whose person or remains are not recovered or otherwise accounted for following hostile action. Commonly used when referring to personnel who are killed in action and whose bodies are not recovered. , the National Fire Agency, which coordinates rescue work, said.

Fourteen people have been injured, but none of those hurt in typhoon-related incidents are seriously wounded A casualty whose injuries or illness are of such severity that the patient is rendered unable to walk or sit, thereby requiring a litter for movement and evacuation. See also evacuation; litter; patient. , the agency said.

Morakot hit land at around midnight in eastern Hualien county Hualien County (Traditional Chinese: 花蓮縣; Hanyu Pinyin: Hūalián Xiàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Hualián Siàn; Wade-Giles: Hua-lien Hsien; POJ: Hoa-liân-kōan) is the largest county in Taiwan Province, Republic of China and is located on the mountainous eastern , unleashing powerful winds that swayed high-rise buildings, flipped cars and uprooted trees and road signs in many places.

Television footage showed that winds ripped the iron roof off an elementary school elementary school: see school.  in central Changhua county Changhua County (Traditional Chinese: 彰化縣; Hanyu Pinyin: Zhānghuà Xiàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Jhanghuà Siàn; Wade-Giles: Chang-hua Hsien; POJ: Chiong-hòa-kōan) is a county in western Taiwan. .

Thai 'emerald'

Morakot, which means "emerald" in Thai, had dumped a total of 1,255mm of rain on southern Pingtung county Pingtung County (Traditional Chinese: 屏東縣; Hanyu Pinyin: Píngdōng Xiàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Píngdong Siàn; Wade-Giles: P'ing-tung Hsien; POJ: Pîn-tang-kōan) is a county in Southern Taiwan. Pingtung County is officially administered as a county of Taiwan.  early on Saturday and caused flooding in 100 locations, the agency said.

Taiwan's financial markets, offices and summer schools were shut and most outdoor festivities fes·tiv·i·ty  
n. pl. fes·tiv·i·ties
1. A joyous feast, holiday, or celebration; a festival.

2. The pleasure, joy, and gaiety of a festival or celebration.

 postponed on Friday, while almost 400 domestic and international flights were cancelled, authorities said.

According to Taiwan's weather bureau, the typhoon was 50km northeast of Hualien at 05.30am on Saturday (2130GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) See UTC.

GMT - Universal Time 1
 Friday), moving west-northwest at 10kph and packing gusts of 126kph.

The bureau said the typhoon was losing strength and was expected to hit China later on Saturday, the bureau said.

Taiwan is typically hit by around a dozen typhoons in the summer, which help to replenish its water supply.

Authorities said Morakot had already brought 270m tons of water to reservoirs island-wide to help avert an imminent drought.

Philippines deaths

In the Philippines, where Typhoon Morakot had earlier struck land, 12 people were killed north of Manila, the capital, after the typhoon caused major flooding and landslides on Thursday.

Two French tourists and a Belgian, along with two of their guides, were killed after their hiking group were caught in heavy rain caused by the storm.

A spokesman for the French foreign ministry in Paris said: "A group of French nationals on an excursion in Mount Pinatubo province were taken by surprise by rising water levels while crossing a river by car."

Six French tourists and three South Koreans who were also on the hike were rescued by an air force helicopter.

In the northern resort city of Baguio, three children were killed after the rain triggered a landslide that buried their shanty town, a local police official said.

In Zambales province, near Pinatubo, the heavy rain caused a dike Dike, in Greek religion and mythology
Dike: see Horae.
dike, in technology
dike, in technology: see levee.

Bank, usually of earth, constructed to control or confine water.
 to burst, flooding 10 villages and leaving a husband and wife dead, said Amor Deloso, the province's governor.

The floods also washed out a major bridge and forced some 2,100 people to flee their homes for evacuation centres.

Deloso appealed for more assistance, saying some residents were isolated by floods and were forced to climb up trees to avoid the rising waters.

Two other locals died near Pinatubo in separate incidents. 2003 - 2009

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Date:Aug 8, 2009
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