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Two new sensors for sleep testing.

Cadwell Laboratories, Inc. has begun shipping an SpO2 Oximeter oximeter /ox·im·e·ter/ (ok-sim´e-ter) a photoelectric device for determining the oxygen saturation of the blood.

Pulse oximeter.
 sensor and a Nasal Pressure Airflow sensor to be used with the Cadwell Easy[R] Ambulatory Movable; revocable; subject to change; capable of alteration.

An ambulatory court was the former name of the Court of King's Bench in England. It would convene wherever the king who presided over it could be found, moving its location as the king moved.
 and Easy III sleep diagnostic systems. The modules use Cadwell's EasyNet[R] communications protocol Hardware and software standards that govern data transmission between computers. The term "protocol" is very generic and is used for hundreds of different communications methods. A protocol may define the packet structure of the data transmitted or the control commands that manage the  to share data with these and other Cadwell EasyNet sensors like limb movement and body position. EasyNet manages the transfer of information between multiple networked modules worn by the patient. These plug and play modules increase patient comfort and mobility with their small size. For additional information contact: Bill Antilla, RPSGT RPSGT Registered Polysomnographic Technologist  Senior Product Manager Cadwell Laboratories, INC. 800-245-3001 Circle Action Card #28

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Publication:FOCUS: Journal for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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