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Two hours before this picture was taken, she was scoring WITH ME; DALLAGLIO'S LOVER CHEATS.. WITH HIS PAL We slipped away for tryst at the kick-off Alice would call in for sex on school run.

Byline: By EUAN STRETCH Chief Reporter

RUGBY hero Lawrence Dallaglio's lover cheated on him as England kicked off in their famous World Cup victory.

While the sports legend was sweating blood and tears for nearly two hours to help his team beat Australia, Alice Corbett - the mother of his three children - was making a play for one of his pals.

Alice secretly met Leon Butler in the concourse of Sydney's Telstra stadium for an encounter which sparked an 18-month affair behind the star's back.

But Leon has been left heartbroken after Alice dumped him to return to Dallaglio.

Quantity surveyor Leon, 31, told the Sunday Mirror yesterday: "We'd been getting close in the days before she texted me just before kick-off to find out where I was in the ground.

"We met as the crowd was cheering and she confessed her feelings towards me and kissed me on the lips."

They later went on to romp daily while Dallaglio, 32, was training.

Leon said: "Alice is an amazing lover, beautiful and sensitive. We fell in love and even talked about marriage."

Ten months later Alice confessed to the affair and later told England's vice-captain to move out of the family home. Leon also dumped HIS girlfriend.

But Leon told yesterday how Alice had chosen to go back to Dallaglio - leaving him "humiliated and dumb-founded".

Leon met Alice through his long-term friendship with Dallaglio. He regularly mixed with England and Wasps players.

He said: "We weren't the best of friends, but drank in the same places in London - South Kensington and Chelsea - and socialised in the same crowd.

"I'd met Alice a couple of times - she's obviously very attractive, but I had my own girlfriend. Having a relationship with her didn't enter my head."

However, all that changed in November 2003 when they flew out to Australia to support Dallaglio and the rugby squad. Leon stayed with an old schoolfriend in Sydney while Alice joined players' wives and partners at the upmarket beach suburb Manly.

Leon said: "I was surprised to take a call from her, asking to meet up." Over the next few days, while Dallaglio was busy training, Leon and Alice began seeing each.

They enjoyed museum trips, restaurant dates and, in particular, a sight-seeing boat tour of Sydney harbour with a group of friends.

"We became drawn to each other and seemed to click," he said. "It was on a boat trip under Sydney Harbour Bridge that I realised we'd fallen in love with each other. I could tell by the way she looked at me. There was something there. We were both away from home and we had feelings for each other."

The couple finally gave in to their feelings on November 22 - the day England won the World Cup in a thrilling final match.

Leon said: "It was so strange... Dallaglio was on the pitch, I was in the stands - and had just had my heart stolen by his girlfriend.

"Alice texted me at the kick-off and asked me where I was in the ground. She wanted to meet. I was flying back to the UK the next day and Alice knew this was our last chance to see each other.

"We met in the concourse at the stadium. It was then that she confessed her feelings towards me and intimated she wanted to spend more time together.

"She said she missed me. Naturally I was reluctant to take it further at the time because of my connections to Lawrence. However we did kiss briefly.

"But I was sharing exactly the same feelings - I couldn't fight them anymore." That evening Alice joined Dallaglio to celebrate England's 17-20 extra-time victory over Australia.

But Leon couldn't face Dallaglio, so celebrated with other friends.

The following day Alice sent a series of text messages to Leon as he prepared to fly back to the UK - desperate to see him again.

They met two days later for a secret date at a restaurant near their homes in South-West London. It soon developed into a full-blown sexual relationship. They met almost daily, normally in the afternoons at Leon's flat four miles from the Dallaglio family home in Richmond, Surrey.

The trysts were squeezed between school runs and self-employed Leon's business commitments.

Within a week Leon finished with his girlfriend. He said: "We knew we were doing something that we shouldn't be doing. Neither of us felt particularly good about it. She was a mother and felt under pressure. I felt total confusion.

"Lawrence had no idea we were seeing each other behind his back."

Finally, in June 2004, shortly before she was due to go to Portugal on a three-week family holiday, Alice decided to confess.

Leon said: "She felt desperate and tortured by the situation and felt she had to tell him. She said that she had fallen in love with me, but denied we were having a sexual relationship. He believed her."

Later that night, at 1am, Leon's mobile phone rang. It was Dallaglio.

"He did most of the talking, I hardly had a chance to speak. He wasn't angry. He was quite calm. He told me Alice had told him that she was in love with me. I said I was happy to meet him the next day to talk things through.

"That was the last time I heard from him. I think he simply blanked it out."

A few weeks later Alice went on the holiday to Portugal - but came home four days early to see Leon.

He said: "Lawrence never knew she was coming back to see me.

"We made the most of our time to discuss the future. We both realised we wanted to be together but with the children, and everything else, it would take time to sort out."

Early in August last year, Dallaglio moved out of the family home "to give Alice some space".

The next month Dallaglio announced he was retiring from international rugby to "bring some kind of control to my life". He was photographed with Alice by his side.

Leon said: "I was stunned. I viewed it as a stab in my heart."

However, two months later Alice rang Leon begging for a reconciliation.

"We carried on as normal, seeing each other daily, often while Lawrence was training."

Then Dallaglio - who resigned the England captaincy in 1999 after denying reports he'd taken drugs and saying he had been tricked by reporters - asked Alice to marry him.

She said no and the rugby star moved out.

But on May 4 this year, Dallaglio suffered a broken right shin bone and damaged ankle in the first match of the British Lions tour in New Zealand.

Alice and Leon began rowing and she ended their relationship - again.

Days later Leon was horrified to see Alice and Dallaglio pictured together as a happy couple at Wimbledon tennis tournament.

He said: "I was shocked. I texted her to ask her what she was playing at. She replied that she hadn't had time to think of the consequences.

"That's the last time I had any communication with her."

Asked why he thought she'd had a fling with him, Leon replied: "I don't think Lawrence appreciated her. She thought she'd been taken for granted."


LAWRENCE Dallaglio made his England debut in 1993. In 1995 he became captain. But two years later he resigned amid drugs allegations, which he denied. He resurrected his international career after a serious knee injury in 2001 and in 2003 was vice-captain of England's World Cup-winning side. He retired from international rugby last year.


The other cheek... Alice kisses Dallaglio after England win the Rugby World Cup in Australia; Victory..the scoreboard at the historic match in Sydney; Alice beside Dallaglio at Wimbledon; Alice and Dallaglio at Twickenham; Secret love...Surveyor Leon Butler; Proud rugby star with the World Cup
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 31, 2005
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