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Turning a wasted attic into a multipurpose room.

Turning a wasted attic into a multipurpose room

A trio of large dormer windows helped turn an unused attic into a much-needed multipurpose room with nearby bath.

A bridge above the front entry hall separates the long, narrow attic into two spaces and makes room for the stairs from the first floor. A big skylight brightens the bridge, staircase, and entry hall.

At the end of the attic pictured at top left, two dormers with bay windows let in plenty of light and increase usable floor space. This area serves at a TV room and family retreat. At the other end, enlarged by a third dormer, a small bathroom lets the TV room double as a guest room.

Resawn fir paneling gives the remodel a unified appearance, while covering new insulation and ductwork.

Architect: Ron Klemmedson. Owners: Diane and Jim Lautz, Orinda, Calif.

Photo: Dormer alcoves (above) increase floor space and headroom in attic that was once wasted space. Bridge and skylight above entry hall (right) emphasize drama of high wood-sheathed attic

Photo: Cedar-clad dormer bays echo shape of first-floor windows on late-1940s house
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Date:May 1, 1986
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