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Troubled State.

Troubled State

Gari Carter

Truman State University Campus
Situated in the southern part of the city of Kirksville, Truman's main campus is situated around a slightly wooded quadrangle. By long standing policy, the entire campus is officially "dry," meaning that alcohol is not allowed (though the president of the university has

100 East Normal Street, Kirksville, MO 63501-4221

9781931112741, $34.95 1-800-916-6802

Troubled State: Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick is a collection of private journals written by Franklin Archibald Dick, a St. Louis attorney, Union officer, and provost marshal pro·vost marshal  
The head of a unit of military police.

provost marshal

the officer in charge of military police in a camp or city

Noun 1.
 general. Assiduously as·sid·u·ous  
1. Constant in application or attention; diligent: an assiduous worker who strove for perfection. See Synonyms at busy.

 assembled by Franklin Dick's great-great-granddaughter Gari Carter, Troubled State offers a firsthand view of historical events such as the early Camp Jackson incident (during which he was Captain Lyon's assistant adjutant ADJUTANT. A military officer, attached to every battalion of a regiment. It is his duty to superintend, under his superiors, all matters relating to the ordinary routine of discipline in the regiment.  general). Dick was concerned about the slow progression and horrendous cost of the civil war; witnessing the divided city of St. Louis broke his heart, and journals reflect his progression from optimism to grave doubts about the future. Thoughtfully annotated and supplemented with brief biographies as well as a family genealogy genealogy (jē'nēŏl`əjē, –ăl`–, jĕ–), the study of family lineage. Genealogies have existed since ancient times.  and bibliography, Troubled State is a welcome addition to Civil War primary source shelves.
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Title Annotation:Troubled State: Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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