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Trimark Interactive's "The Hive" swarms the PC CD-ROM video game market, approaching 100,000 pre-orders two months prior to release; one of the very first titles to take full advantage of Windows 95 Operating System.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 1995--Trimark Interactive, a subsidiary of Trimark Holdings Inc., has announced that its PC CD-ROM action adventure game title, "The Hive," developed exclusively for Windows 95, is approaching 100,000 pre-ordered copies two months prior to its official launch on Oct. 18, 1995.

"It is widely recognized that 50,000 pre-orders is considered a major success among PC CD-ROM games," said Mark Amin, president of Trimark Interactive and chairman of parent company Trimark Holdings.

"With `The Hive' generating almost twice that amount at this early stage, we are confident that Trimark Interactive has joined the pantheon of leading software publishers and has become a substantial asset for Trimark Holdings."

Critics have praised "The Hive" for its imaginative gameplay along with its compatibility with Windows 95. While U.S. News & World Report praised its graphics and dubbed it a "hot game," Computer Gaming World called "The Hive" "a game that takes full advantage of both the new operating system's (Windows 95's) power and its user demographics."

"The Hive" challenges players with a complicated quest to save the galaxy from mutant bees called Hivasects, whose "honey" will imminently provide a potent biological weapon for the Noir Dyne Corporation. The protagonist enjoys an array of experiences and settings: a dog fight in space; a crash landing on an ice planet; a journey to the home planet of the Ancients; a gun battle on foot; and the rescue of a female compatriot.

"The Hive" will be one of the very first titles to take full advantage of the Windows 95 operating system incorporating true 32-bit autoplay technology, stereo sound and 16-bit graphics. It will also be the first game to incorporate sophisticated action sequences along with never-before-seen "panoractive" gameplay, which allows the player 360-degree movement from a fixed position.

Established in March of 1993, Trimark Interactive is an entertainment-based software publisher involved in the development, marketing and sales of computer-based software products. Trimark Interactive is a subsidiary of Trimark Holdings.

CONTACT: Trimark Pictures, Santa Monica

David Van Houten, 310/314-3024
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 23, 1995
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