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Durham Regional Crime Stoppers stoppers

see stopper pad.
 Inc. To purchase audiovisual equipment for the production of crime re-enactments for television. This will help report information that the police may use to solve crimes and provide media-equipment experience to students. $24,200 over one year.

EFAP/North--PAEF Nord (Nipissing District Assessment and Referral Service). To purchase equipment for delivering presentations, promoting services and offering seminars and workshops, and renovate the facility in order to assist more people and improve the health of the community. $23,900 over one year.

Elizabeth Fry Elizabeth Fry (née Gurney; 21 May 1780 – 12 October 1845) was an English prison reformer, social reformer and, as a Quaker, a Christian philanthropist.

Fry was a major driving force behind new legislation to make the treatment prisoners more humane, and she was
 Society of Toronto. To upgrade and refurbish the organization's 14-bed residence, which provides transitional housing and support for women who are, or have been, at risk of being in conflict with the law. $100,000 over one year.

Employment Help Centre/Reseau Emploi. To purchase new computer equipment and set up new systems, which will help increase outreach to different ethnocultural groups, agencies and employers and improve services to targeted skilled newcomers. $34,100 over one year.

Encore Seniors' Education Centre. To attract and train volunteers for seniors programs in the Alexandria area and establish similar activities in the Winchester-Morrisburg area. This will help seniors remain active, healthy and connected to their community. $42,000 over two years.

Epilepsy (Ontario) Simcoe County. To develop programs and plans, conduct needs assessments and produce communication materials. This will help raise awareness, improve services and increase opportunities for people with epilepsy It may never be fully completed or, depending on its its nature, it may be that it can never be completed. However, new and revised entries in the list are always welcome. <onlyinclude> This is a list of notable people who have, or had, the medical condition epilepsy.  in the community. $61,500 over two years.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), pattern of physical, developmental, and psychological abnormalities seen in babies born to mothers who consumed alcohol during pregnancy.  Treatment and Education Centre Inc. To renovate office space and create a private counselling area, offices and a computerized learning centre. This will improve support services support services Psychology Non-health care-related ancillary services–eg, transportation, financial aid, support groups, homemaker services, respite services, and other services , training, awareness and prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome in the Belleville area. $25,000

Filipino-Canadian Autism autism (ô`tĭzəm), developmental disability resulting from a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain. It is characterized by the abnormal development of communication skills, social skills, and reasoning.  Parent Support Group. To purchase equipment and instruments, develop cultural and recreational activities, enabling this group to provide a special musical program and sports and recreational activities for autistic autistic /au·tis·tic/ (aw-tis´tik) characterized by or pertaining to autism.  children and their families in Peel. $43,000 over two years.

FM-CFS Canada. For educational materials, increased outreach and support to individuals suffering from fibromyalgia fibromyalgia

Chronic syndrome that is characterized by musculoskeletal pain, often at multiple sites. The cause is unknown. A significant number of persons with fibromyalgia also have mental disorders, especially depression.
 and chronic fatigue syndrome chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), collection of persistent, debilitating symptoms, the most notable of which is severe, lasting fatigue. In other countries it is known variously as myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, and . This will help increase professional and public awareness of these illnesses in the Ottawa region. $40,000 over one year.

Youth Initiative in Toronto. To enhance programming to better meet the needs of youth in the Keele-Eglinton neighbourhood and develop a mentorship project that links youth-led agencies with organizations seeking to engage and involve youth in Toronto. $181,600 over three years.

Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau. To develop and implement a strategic plan, which will increase the organization's ability to attract volunteers and grow and diversify its revenue base so it can better provide volunteer programs and services to the community. $37,000 over one year.

Garden River First Nation Garden River First Nation (or Gitigaan-ziibi Anishinaabe in the Anishinaabe language) is an Ojibwa band located at Garden River 14, Ontario. History
Garden River First Nation was created as a legal entity when Lord Elgin, Governor General of the Province of
. To operate a sports and leisure program, which will offer healthy-living programs and high-impact physical activities to this first nation community, as well as mentoring opportunities for at-risk youth. $75,000 over three years.

Georgian Handi-Van Association. To help purchase a new, fully-accessible van, enabling this Meaford organization to continue to offer barrier-free transportation to more than 300 registered users with disabilities in the community. $25,000

Gleaners Food Bank Quinte The Quinte (Kwin-tee) Region of the Canadian province of Ontario is comprised of several communities situated along the Bay of Quinte, which is an offshoot of Lake Ontario, one of the five Great Lakes.  Inc. To improve food donation and distribution and the organizational development of the food bank to better serve over 7,000 families each year in Belleville and the Quinte region. $75,100 over three years.

Good Shepherd Refuge Social Ministries. To purchase two one-ton cube vans that will be used to transport donations of food and clothing for use by members of the Toronto community who are homeless. $92,600 over one year.

Guelph Ringette Ringette is a team sport played on an ice surface. Players wear ice skates, and use straight sticks to control a rubber ring; with the objective of the game being to score goals by shooting the ring into the opponent's net.  Association. To purchase equipment and assess material needs for the future. This will support the development of the sport of ringette in the community and encourage healthy physical activity for children. $15,000 over one year.

Guelph Services for the Autistic. To organize and conduct a one-day conference on creative ways to support adults in the community who are vulnerable due to cognitive and sensory impairments, physical and mental health disabilities, aging and other challenges. $10,200 over six months.

Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity, nonprofit ecumenical Christian organization that enables low-income people to own affordable, livable housing. Headquartered in Americus, Ga., it was founded in 1976 by businessman Millard Fuller and his wife.  Sarnia Lambton. To promote and open a full-time ReStore in Sarnia, where donated building materials will be recycled and offered at reduced cost to low-income residents in the community, helping to build decent affordable housing. $53,000 over one year.

Haldimand-Norfolk Work Group of Simcoe--Abel Enterprises. To design and build school desks for children with physical disabilities. This will increase employment for clients with mental health disabilities and provide a needed product to area schools. $40,000 over one year.

Hamilton Youth Drug Diversion Program c/o John Howard Society The John Howard Society is a Canadian non-profit organization that seeks to develop understanding and effective responses to the problem of crime and prison reform It is named after John Howard. External links
  • Official site
 of Hamilton, Burlington and Area. To develop a comprehensive multi-step plan to reduce drag use among youth in Hamilton, using prevention, enforcement and intervention strategies. $59,800 over three years.

Health Equity and Diversity Planning Group c/o Chinese Canadian National Council The Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC), known in the Chinese-Canadian community as Equal Rights Council (平權會), is an organization whose purpose is to monitor racial discrimination against Chinese in Canada and to help young Chinese Canadians learn . To produce materials and organize a 200-plus person conference about providing holistic, accessible and equitable health care and services to marginalized and racially--diverse communities in the city of Toronto. $70,000 over two years.

Hunt Club/Riverside Community Services Centre. To expand youth-focused programs, aimed at those who traditionally do not participate. Constructive and healthy activity for young people aged 10 to 18 years will be promoted, reducing vagrancy vagrancy, in law, term applied to the offense of persons who are without visible means of support or domicile while able to work. State laws and municipal ordinances punishing vagrancy often also cover loitering, associating with reputed criminals, prostitution, and  and vandalism in the community. $82,400 over three years.

Huronia Communities Foundation--La Fondation communautaire de la Huronie. To purchase computer equipment, produce communication materials and develop fundraising strategies. This will increase funding to agencies, develop community partnerships and improve benefits to Midland-area residents. $139,000 over three years.

Huronia Hearing Impaired. To assess needs, conduct outreach and deliver workshops in Simcoe County. This will provide education for and about people with hearing loss and improve their access to programs and services in the community. $54,000 over one year.
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