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Trikon Introduces New Orion Family of CVD, Ultra-Low K, Dielectric Materials for Copper Damascene Processes.

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NEWPORT, Wales, United Kingdom--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 2001

Orion(TM) offers k <= 2.2 for 90-nm copper damascene integration

Trikon Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRKN), a technology leader in semiconductor production equipment, today announced the availability of its new Orion(TM) family of ultra-low dielectric constant ((kappa)) materials for copper damascene processes at the 90nm technology node, and below.

Orion is an organosilicate material deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD CVD Cardiovascular disease, see there ). It complements Trikon's Low K Flowfill(TM) dielectric material, currently used in production for aluminum gap-fill metalization. The Orion family incorporates integrated copper diffusion barriers, buried etch stops and dielectric layers to give complete damascene dielectric stacks.

"Trikon now offers advanced semiconductor makers a low risk CVD route to dielectric materials from k=2.8 to sub 2.0," said Nigel Wheeler, Trikon's president and chief executive officer. "CVD dielectric deposition processes are widely considered preferable to competing spin-on technologies, as they require fewer process steps and smaller clean room footprint whilst giving faster batch cycles times and lower per-wafer costs. It has, however, been thought to be extremely difficult for CVD layers to achieve the extremely low k values offered by some spin-on processes, prompting some in the industry to consider a move from CVD to spin-on as inevitable."

"Trikon was the first to sell equipment for commercial production of dielectrics below k=3.0 for aluminum gap-fill," added Mr. Wheeler. "With Orion we are now offering an ultra-low k for copper damascene processes. We have met our goal and achieved the low k values of the best spin-on processes with a CVD material that integrates with existing etch, strip and CMP CMP (cytidine monophosphate): see cytosine.

(1) (CMP Media LLC, Manhasset, NY, Part of United Business Media, CMP is a leading integrated media company that offers a wide variety of publications and services in the information
 equipment sets, offering significant advantages to our customers."

Mr. Wheeler continued, "Orion strengthens Trikon's position by providing users the lowest k dielectric CVD material for copper damascene processing at the 90-nm node and below. With Orion and Low K Flowfill, Trikon now offers a complete family of low k, CVD dielectric films for logic and memory device manufacturers looking for Looking for

In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with.
 `best-of-breed', productive, efficient, cost-effective solutions."

Andy Noakes, CVD product marketing manager, commented, "We have worked with our industry partners for 18 months to develop a family of ultra low k CVD films for copper damascene processes. This family includes etch-stop and barrier layers as well as progressively lower k values for the main dielectric material."

"Like all low-k materials below k= 2.8, the dielectric constant is lowered by a reduction in material density. The ultimate in low-k is an empty space which has a k value of 1.0," said Mr. Noakes, adding, "Integrated circuit manufacturing requires a dielectric to be physically present to keep conducting layers and tracks apart from each other. This places a requirement for a low-density material that is also resistant to etch, resist strip, metalization and subsequent CMP processes. Trikon has developed novel technologies enabling a low-density material that is also strong and resistant to post processing challenges. We believe Orion is presently the only CVD low k film commercially available that offers k values below 2.5."

John Macneil, Trikon's vice president of technology, added. "Trikon first developed Orion with a k value of 2.8 and, along with its industry partners, integrated it into 130nm dual damascene copper devices that exhibited comparable performance to other leading low k materials. Trikon then commenced a program of k value reduction to achieve the goal of dielectric constants below 2.5. This development has proven to be extremely successful and we are presently sampling low k materials between 2.2 and below 2.0."

Orion is available on Trikon's 300-mm production platform, offering high productivity and reliability in a compact cluster tool, featuring six process modules, wafer alignment, and an atmospheric factory interface with SMIF SMIF Standard Mechanical Interface
SMIF Stream-based Model Interchange Format
SMIF Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (Duke University)
SMIF Stanford Management Internship Fund
SMIF SMAD4-Interacting Transcription Factor
 and FOUP FOUP Front Opening Unified Pod  compatibility.

Trikon will present Orion at SEMICON SEMICON Semiconductors Equipment and Material International Conference  West during the SEMI low k technical session on Monday July 16, 2001.

Trikon's New Technology Products Include:

Sigma(R) fxP(TM) PVD PVD
peripheral vascular disease

PVD Peripheral vascular disease, see there
. A metalization system offering high throughput and reliability with advanced process modules for lift-off metalization, ultra-high uniformity sputtering A popular method for adhering thin films onto a substrate. Sputtering is done by bombarding a target material with a charged gas (typically argon) which releases atoms in the target that coats the nearby substrate. It all takes place inside a magnetron vacuum chamber under low pressure.  for acoustic wave devices and low-temperature, high-k dielectrics, including ALCVD ALCVD Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition (TM).

Planar(TM) fxP(TM) Low K Flowfill(TM). An advanced low-k dielectric deposition system capable of both gap-fill and planarization enabling the low-k advantage of increased device speed to be brought to existing aluminum metalized devices.

Delta fxP(TM) A cluster tool with up to six process chamber module positions available for 100-200mm wafer sizes for optoelectronic, wave-guide dielectric deposition. Additional features include germanium germanium (jərmā`nēəm) [from Germany], semimetallic chemical element; symbol Ge; at. no. 32; at. wt. 72.59; m.p. 937.4°C;; b.p. 2,830°C;; sp. gr. 5.323 at 25°C;; valence +2 or +4.  doped oxide capability for wave-guide core deposition and BPSG BPSG Boron-Doped Phosphosilicate Glass  cladding materials also Trikon's latest dielectric plasma clean technology.

Omega(R) fxP(TM) A multi-chambered cluster plasma etcher, based on Trikon's field proven fxP cluster platform, Omega fxP combines standard Omega etch plasma sources, such as PERIE, ICP (1) (Internet Cache Protocol) A protocol used by one proxy server to query another for a cached Web page without having to go to the Internet to retrieve it. See CARP and proxy server. , and M0RI with a Brooks MX 800 wafer handler and Trikon's Windows NT based software.

Omega(R) 201+ Offers leading plasma source technologies including Plasma Enhanced Reactive Ion Etch (PERIE), Inductively Coupled Plasma An inductively coupled plasma (ICP) is a type of plasma source in which the energy is supplied by electrical currents which are produced by electromagnetic induction, that is, by time-varying magnetic fields.  (ICP) and M0RI(TM) within a unique single chamber package of high performance combined with low footprint and costs.

About Trikon Technologies

Trikon Technologies, Inc., develops, manufactures and markets advanced capital equipment for plasma etching and chemical and physical vapor deposition This article or section is in need of attention from an expert on the subject.
Please help recruit one or [ improve this article] yourself. See the talk page for details.
 (CVD and PVD) for use in the production of silicon and compound semiconductors, opto-electronic and planar opto devices. These semiconductor and optical devices are used in a broad range of products including computers, telecommunications, consumer products and automobiles. Trikon's website can be visited at

Trikon was recently awarded `Supplier of the year award 2000' by Infineon Technologies.

"Safe Harbor Safe Harbor

1. A legal provision to reduce or eliminate liability as long as good faith is demonstrated.

2. A form of shark repellent implemented by a target company acquiring a business that is so poorly regulated that the target itself is less attractive.
" Statement Under the Private Securities Litigation An action brought in court to enforce a particular right. The act or process of bringing a lawsuit in and of itself; a judicial contest; any dispute.

When a person begins a civil lawsuit, the person enters into a process called litigation.
 Act of 1995: This news release contains certain forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements in this press release are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially, including, but not limited to, changes in demand for semiconductors and semiconductor equipment, competition, Trikon's new product development and acceptance of its new products and systems and the changing technologies in the semiconductor industry. These factors are not intended to represent a complete list of all risks and uncertainties inherent in the Company's business, and should be read in conjunction with the more detailed cautionary statements included in the company's SEC reports, including, without limitation, its annual report on Form 10-K Form 10-K

A report required by the SEC from exchange-listed companies that provides for annual disclosure of certain financial information.

Form 10-K

See 10-K.
, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K.
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