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Travel Security Update.

Sep 3, 2007

New machines get a better angle on baggage screening. The TSA began testing new X-ray machines at three airports this month and could buy as many as 500 to be used at major airports beginning this fall. The machines take pictures of bags from two angles at once, displaying the images side by side for screeners to check. Aug 31, 2007

New TSA headwear standard concerns religious groups: A new Transportation Security Administration standard that allows for additional screening of anyone wearing a cowboy hat, baseball cap, hijab, headscarf or turban has some religious groups concerned with racial profiling. Aug 31, 2007

Congressman reacts to TSA's certified shipper program plan. The chairman of the House Aviation subcommittee says the TSA's plan to allow cargo prepared by screened packaging companies does not satisfy legislative requirements. "I believe that the Congress' intent was clear, that cargo loaded onto passenger planes must be screened as passenger luggage is, by either a manual inspection or X-ray," said Rep. Jerry Costello, D-Ill. A TSA spokesman says the agency will work to implement the legislation. Aug 30, 2007

Airports taking steps to prevent attacks. Airports around the world are installing blastproof shields to keep terrorists from driving or carrying bombs into areas where planes and passengers congregate. The precautions have already prevented a potentially deadly incident at Scotland's Glasgow airport. Airports in the U.S. have begun exploring their security options. Aug 29, 2007

TSA chief doubts efficacy of Registered Traveler shoe screening. Registered travelers will probably have to keep removing their shoes for some time, according to TSA chief Kip Hawley. Shoe scanners being installed by some Registered Traveler contractors are "not good enough for prime time," he says. If the scanners improve enough, he added, the TSA might use them for all travelers, eliminating any benefit registered travelers might have enjoyed. Aug 29, 2007


FAA said yesterday that a team led by ITT Corp. was selected as the prime contractor for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast. ITT said the initial contract is for three years and is valued at $207 million. Should FAA exercise all the options, the contract term rises to 18 years and is valued at $1.86 billion. Aug 31, 2007


The FAA agreement calls on the ITT-led group to deploy a nationwide air traffic control surveillance network consisting of field radio sites, data processing centers, network operations centers and equipment to enable delivery of surveillance data to ATC facilities, which it will own and operate. It will be required to have the system ready for use by 2010 and to cover the entire US by 2013. FAA will pay subscription charges for ADS-B broadcasts transmitted to properly equipped aircraft and ATC facilities. Aug 31, 2007


SAIC lands DHS contract. SAIC has won a three-year order from the Department of Homeland Security for information technology work that will support Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The contract will be worth as much as $85 million. Aug 30, 2007


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