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Travel Security Update.

New York (AirGuide - Travel Security Update) Oct 18, 2009

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced an award of approximately USD3.2 million to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) for enhancements to optimize their baggage handling systems. "This funding will enhance the safety and efficiency of the baggage screening process for Transportation Security Officers who work in the checked baggage environment here in Baltimore," said TSA Federal Security Director James Schear. "We are continually looking for new ways to streamline the screening system while providing a high level of security." The approximately USD3.2 million award, derived from fiscal 2009 funds, will provide upgrades to the existing baggage systems by adding conveyor lines and constructing new spaces to perform screening. More than 20 million passengers travel through BWI each year. For more information, visit Oct 16, 2009

US Dept. of Transportation Aviation Enforcement Office issued a notice Friday stating that airlines "may not arbitrarily limit compensation for passengers who purchase necessities because their baggage is lost or delayed." DOT said a number of carriers only reimburse passengers for necessities purchased if the baggage is lost for more than 24 hr. and only if the passenger is on the outbound leg of his or her trip. "This is in violation of DOT regulations which require that airlines cover all expenses caused by lost or delayed baggage up to USD3,300 per passenger on domestic flights," the department said. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated, "Travelers should not have to pay for toiletries or other necessities while they wait for baggage misplaced by airlines. We expect airlines to comply with all of our regulations and will take enforcement action if they do not." Oct 12, 2009

AD Aerospace was selected by AeroSvit to supply its CabinVu inflight video security systems for the carrier's 767s and 737s. Oct 13, 2009

ADS, the trade association recently formed by the merger of the UK's Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers, Defence Manufacturers Association and Society of British Aerospace Companies, has opened an office in Bangalore headed by Ashok Saxeena, to complement its existing office in New Delhi. The office is supported by UK Trade & Investment as well as other trade associations and devolved UK administrations. Oct 13, 2009

Thousands of travelers were grounded for several hours as airports around the country were thrown into chaos when Air New Zealand's computer system crashed. Planes were delayed for up to two hours yesterday as the airline's electronic check-in system failed, forcing flights to be painstakingly processed one by one. The system crash, which happened about 10am, meant some flights were cancelled. It also affected online bookings and call-centre activities. Bruce Parton, Air New Zealand's group general manager of short-haul airlines, said more than 10,000 people were affected by the breakdown. The airline had called in extra staff and handed out food to help apologise to waiting travellers, he said. "It was the end of the school holidays, so you couldn't ask for a better day for this to go wrong," he said. When all the airline's computers were down, the "chaos" meant staff resorted to using pen and paper to check flights in, Mr Parton said. But the process sped up during the afternoon and the whole network was back in action by 3.30pm. Oct 12, 2009

A drunk Russian pilot was denied permission to take off from Frankfurt airport, police said. Airport staff smelt alcohol on the breath of the 49-year-old pilot as he passed through the security checks on Saturday. An alcohol test confirmed their suspicion that the pilot had been drinking, and his blood contained 0.05 per cent alcohol. The man was charged with endangering air traffic and had to pay a security fee of 1,000 euros. The Russian carrier, S7 Airlines, provided a replacement pilot and the plane took off for Moscow with an hour's delay. Oct 12, 2009

Lockheed Martin has identified a possible new business model in the global market for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft: leasing platforms that carry reconfigurable suites of multi-intelligence payloads. The strategy is based on Lockheed's airborne multi-intelligence laboratory, a company-owned Gulfstream III modified to carry three sensors - electro-optical/infrared cameras, low- and high-band signals receivers and a synthetic aperture radar - and an on-board processing system. Lockheed officials previously advertised the aircraft as simply a testbed. US and foreign militaries could pay Lockheed to experiment with unfamiliar techniques, such as using the signals intelligence system to cue the camera on to a potential target. But Lockheed also now sees the platform possibly ushering a different kind of business model for a traditional defence contractor. Oct 15, 2009

Passengers bound for London on a Qantas flight were left stranded in Australia for more than 26 hours following technical problems with two A380 aircraft. After waiting five hours at Sydney airport for a hydraulics problem to be fixed, more than 100 passengers on flight QF31 boarded a replacement A380. However, the second plane also experienced technical difficulties and had to return to the terminal shortly before take-off. "In the early stages of its take-off roll just before 11pm, the flight crew received an engine control message which required a return to the terminal and a night stop," a Qantas spokesperson said. The passengers were compensated with overnight accommodation and meals and were booked on to other flights. Qantas has been battling to restore its reputation following a number of in-flight incidents and other safety and reliability problems over the past 18 months. Oct 13, 2009

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