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Transamerica Adds 16 Investment Options to Variable Annuity Lineup.

Retirement Income Choice Riders Remain Unchanged Amid Industry Pull-Back

DENVER -- Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Transamerica) today introduced 16 investment options to its variable annuity Variable Annuity

An insurance contract in which, at the end of the accumulation stage, the insurance company guarantees a minimum payment. The remaining income payments can vary depending on the performance of the managed portfolio.
 platform. The new portfolios, from five experienced money managers with a range of investment expertise, provide additional diversification across a variety of disciplines. And while the investment options are changing, other important aspects of Transamerica's variable annuity lineup are not: the popular the Retirement Income Choice(SM) 1.2 rider and the Retirement Income Choice(SM) 1.4 rider remain intact despite ongoing variable annuity industry unrest.

"We are strategically including new investment options and maintaining our rider features as investors seek additional solutions for their retirement needs," said Dave Paulsen, executive vice president and national sales manager sales manager ngerente m/f de ventas

sales manager ndirecteur commercial

sales manager sale n
 for annuities at Transamerica Capital, Inc. "While many industry providers continue to retreat, we remain committed to providing powerful investment options and helpful variable annuity strategies. The addition of these subaccounts means financial professionals have even greater control over the allocation process, allowing clients to take advantage of opportunities available with our living benefit riders."

The fund companies and investment options now available are:

* A trusted brand with high name recognition, American Funds has been managing investors' assets since 1931. With a long-term, value-oriented approach and a commitment to low management fees, American Funds applies a consistent philosophy to generate consistent results. Five American Funds portfolios are now available in the Transamerica variable annuity lineup.

* Foxhall Capital Management, Inc. is a global investment manager whose primary objectives are to build wealth through global stock market returns while controlling portfolio risk and avoiding participating in sustained periods of stock market loss. Foxhall's decisive shift out of equities and into 'defensive' investments including U.S. Treasuries when trends indicate sustained decline helps differentiate the firm's investment discipline.

* GE Asset Management Incorporated (GEAM) and its predecessor organizations have been managing investments for GE's U.S. employee pension and benefits plans for over 80 years. The firm utilizes a fundamental, research-driven investment process characterized by consistency of approach and a long-term investment perspective. A multi-asset class product, the GEI GEI - A German software engineering company.  Total Return Fund can serve as an important underpinning un·der·pin·ning  
1. Material or masonry used to support a structure, such as a wall.

2. A support or foundation. Often used in the plural.

3. Informal The human legs. Often used in the plural.
 to investors' variable annuity portfolios.

* Hanlon Investment Management, Inc. will manage four variable portfolios employing a global tactical and strategic asset allocation Strategic Asset Allocation

A portfolio strategy that involves periodically rebalancing the portfolio in order to maintain a long-term goal for asset allocation.

At the inception of the portfolio, a "base policy mix" is established based on expected returns.
 process. The firm's tactical management involves active allocation in and out of major asset classes - including the ability to move defensively to cash positions - while the strategic management involves identifying and selecting the best asset classes for portfolio exposure.

* Vanguard is widely recognized among financial professionals and clients, with extensive index management expertise and a history of keeping investor costs low. The new subaccounts - the Transamerica Index 35 VP and Transamerica Index 100 VP - will complement the existing Transamerica Index 50 VP and Transamerica Index 75 VP.

While the investment options provide additional diversification, the core benefits of the Retirement Income Choice(SM) 1.2 rider and the Retirement Income Choice(SM) 1.4 rider remain intact. The riders continue to offer The Power of 12SM - the industry's only automatic reset based on clients' best Monthiversary(SM) value each year - during both accumulation and withdrawal periods. And, both riders still offer compounding 5% growth based on the previous year's highest Monthiversary(SM) value.

Financial professionals interested in learning more should contact the Transamerica sales desk at 1-800-851-7555. Investors should contact the customer care group at 1-800-525-6205.

Variable annuities Variable annuities

Investment contracts whose issuer pays a periodic amount linked to the investment performance of an underlying portfolio.
 are long-term financial vehicles designed for retirement purposes and contain underlying investment portfolios that are subject to market fluctuation, investment risk and possible loss of principal.

Please consider variable annuity investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The contract and underlying fund prospectus contain this and other information about the annuity. Please call 1-800-525-6205 to obtain a prospectus and read it carefully before investing.

Annuities issued by: Transamerica Life Insurance Company Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids, city (1990 pop. 108,751), seat of Linn co., E central Iowa, on the Cedar River; inc. as a city 1856. The second largest city in Iowa, it is named for the surging rapids in the river. , IA Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company Purchase, NY Underwritten and distributed by: Transamerica Capital, Inc.

Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company is licensed in New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of

Transamerica variable annuities' range of fees and charges include 0.60%-1.90% M&E&A, 0%-9% surrender charges, $30-$35 annual fee, and subaccount management fees. A fund facilitation Facilitation

The process of providing a market for a security. Normally, this refers to bids and offers made for large blocks of securities, such as those traded by institutions.
 fee of up to 0.30% may apply for certain subaccounts.

Retirement Income Choice(SM) 1.2 Rider and Retirement Income Choice(SM) 1.4 Rider initial fees range from 0.40%-1.75% annually, depending on options chosen.

About Transamerica

Transamerica companies market an array of life insurance, annuities, retirement solutions and investments designed to help individuals, families, and businesses build, protect and preserve their assets. The Transamerica companies are members of the AEGON group, an international life insurance, pension and investment group, based in The Hague, The Hague, The (hāg), Du. 's Gravenhage or Den Haag, Fr. La Haye, city (1994 pop. 445,279), administrative and governmental seat of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, capital of South Holland prov., W Netherlands, on the North Sea.  Netherlands. For more information about Transamerica, visit

About Transamerica Capital, Inc.

Transamerica Capital, Inc. is the underwriting Underwriting

1. The process by which investment bankers raise investment capital from investors on behalf of corporations and governments that are issuing securities (both equity and debt).

2. The process of issuing insurance policies.
 and wholesaling broker/dealer for Transamerica Life Insurance Company variable annuities. The company works with financial professionals at wirehouse, regional, independent, and bank firms to provide a variety of insurance and investment solutions.

About AEGON N.V.

AEGON has businesses in over 20 markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. AEGON companies employ approximately 29,500 people and have over 40 million customers across the globe.

Respect, quality, transparency and trust constitute AEGON's core values as the company continually strives to meet the expectations of customers, shareholders, employees and business partners. AEGON is driven to be a leading force in global financial services The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.
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. For more information about AEGON, visit

All policies, riders, and forms may vary by state, and may not be available in all states.

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RGMB 37 0809, RGMB 38 0809, RGMB 37 0809 (IS) (FL), RGMB 38 0809 (IS) (FL), other versions also available, RGMB 37 0809 (IS)(OR), RGMB 37 0809 (IJ)(OR), RGMB 37 0809 (AS)(OR), RGMB 37 0809 (AJ)(OR), RGMB 38 0809 (IS)(OR), RGMB 38 0809 (IJ)(OR), RGMB 38 0809 (AS)(OR), RGMB 38 0809 (AJ)(OR), RGMB 37 0809 (IS) (NY), RGMB 37 0809 (AS) (NY), RGMB 37 0809 (IJ) (NY), RGMB 37 0809 (AJ) (NY)
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