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Training briefs

Producers of workshops, seminars, and instructional materials are encouraged to mail announcements to Training Briefs Editor, Electrical Apparatus. There is no charge. All dates refer to the current year unless otherwise noted.

Corrosion testing

What's offered: "Corrosion Testing: Application and Use of Salt Fog, Humidity, Cyclic cyclic /cyc·lic/ (sik´lik) pertaining to or occurring in a cycle or cycles; applied to chemical compounds containing a ring of atoms in the nucleus.

cy·clic or cy·cli·cal
, and Gas Tests" is a twoday hands-on technical and professional training course by ASTM International ASTM International (ASTM) is an international standards developing organization that develops and publishes voluntary technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. . This course will provide a clear understanding of the proper application of ASTM ASTM
American Society for Testing and Materials
 Bl 17 and will furnish information regarding corrosion testing in general so that attendees can understand the significance of the salt fog test.

Offered by: ASTM International, 100 Barr Harbor Dr., P.O. Box C700, West Conshohocken, Pa., 19428-2959; (610) 832-9685;

What's covered: Participants will learn how to operate salt fog apparatus; the "whys" and "hows" of salt fog testing; and will gain valuable hands-on experience. Demonstrations will also be given on mixing solutions, cleaning coupons and samples, evaluation of results and samples, and Bl 17 corrosion test equipment.

Where and when: This course will be held three times in 2009: May 12-13 at the University of Akron Enrollment in fall 2006 was 23,539 students.[1] The school offers more than 200 undergraduate degrees [2] and 100 graduate degrees [3]. The University's best-known program is its College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, which is located in a  Polymer Training Center in Akron, Ohio Akron is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Summit County.GR6 The municipality is located in northeastern Ohio on the Cuyahoga River between Cleveland to the north and Canton to the south, approximately 60 miles (96 km) west of ; Sept. 29-30 at ASTM International headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa.; and Nov. 3-4 in Chicago, Ill.

Bearings and machine dynamics

What's offered: Three-day Bearings and Components course, and a two-day Dynamics and Machinery course.

Offered by: Machine Dynamics, Inc., P.O. Box 66479, Albuquerque, N.M. 87193;

What's covered: Plain and rolling element bearing fundamentals: forces, shaft and housing fits, mounting and removal tools, lubrication lubrication, introduction of a substance between the contact surfaces of moving parts to reduce friction and to dissipate heat. A lubricant may be oil, grease, graphite, or any substance—gas, liquid, semisolid, or solid—that permits free action of , Ufe, failure modes, diagnosis and repair, seals, couplings, belts, and chains. The Dynamics of Machinery covers all of the factors that affect machine reliability in the real world.

Where and when: Mesa Convention Center, Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. 9-13, 2009. Contact Machine Dynamics, or view their Web site, for further details.


What's offered: Three-day Basic Vibration Analysis course, one-day Advanced Vibration Analysis course, two-day Balancing course, and a two-day Alignment course.

Offered by: Machine Dynamics, Inc., P.O. Box 66479, Albuquerque, N.M. 87193;

What's covered: The measurement and analysis of machine vibration with special emphasis on electrical machines Electrical machine is a device that convert either mechanical energy to electrical energy or vice versa, and change AC voltage from one level to another level.

Electrical machines are divided into three parts: Generator
. The three most common field fixes, mass balancing, precision alignment, and resonance correction are covered.

Where and when: Mesa Convention Center, Phoenix, Ariz., January and February 2009. Contact Machine Dynamics, or view their Web site, for further details.

Fire alarm systems

What's offered: More than 50 sessions throughout the U.S., designed for every level of industry professional. All courses are free of charge.

Offered by: Fire-Lite Alarms, One FireLite Place, Northford, Conn. 06472-1653; (203) 484-6202;

What's covered: Courses cover everything from fire alarm basics to hands-on installation and programming. The MiniScan Academy is a three-day training course that covers basic fire alarm technology, primary and secondary functions of a fire alarm control panel, various initiating and notification devices, digital communicators, waterflow alarm, and sprinkler monitoring. New for 2009, a final segment on power supply fundamentals has been enhanced to include hands-on practical exercise covering the most common applications using Fire-Lite's FCPS-24FS series power supplies. The SuperLite Academy is a two-day course featuring instruction and hands-on exercises in the capabilities, installation, programming, and troubleshooting of all Fire-Lite manufactured addressable Reachable. When something is addressable, it can be identified and manipulated independently of its surroundings. For example, screen pixels and RAM memory are addressable. Each of the screen's picture elements can be individually turned on and off, and each of the memory's bytes can be  control panels. FireLite courses qualify attendees for various National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association continuing education continuing education: see adult education.
continuing education
 or adult education

Any form of learning provided for adults. In the U.S. the University of Wisconsin was the first academic institution to offer such programs (1904).

Where and when: Contract Fire-Lite Alarms, or view their Web site, for dates and locations.

Plant maintenance

What's offered: Certified plant maintenance manager courses online and at a classroom in Indianapolis. Eligibility requirements are current employment as a maintenance professional and two years of experience.

Offered by: Association for Facilities Engineering The term "facilities engineering" evolved from "plant engineering" in the early 1990s as U.S. workplaces became more complex. Practitioners preferred this term because it more accurately reflected the multidisciplinary demands for specialized conditions in a wider variety of indoor , 12100 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 130, Reston, Va. 20190; (703) 234-4066;

What's covered: Course participants will become proficient in preventive maintenance The routine checking of hardware that is performed by a field engineer on a regularly scheduled basis. See remedial maintenance.

preventive maintenance - (PM) To bring down a machine for inspection or test purposes.

See provocative maintenance, scratch monkey.
, predictive maintenance Predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach offers cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance because tasks are performed only when , work flow planning and scheduling, computerized maintenance, investment returns, and total productive management. A CPMM CPMM Certified Plant Maintenance Manager
CPMM Cost-Per-Million (online advertising)
CPMM Club Penguin Money Maker
 credential will be given upon completion of an exam.

Where and when: The live, interactive online course will be taught from noon till 4 P.M. on Feb. 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, and 26. The Indianapolis course will be taught at a downtown site from 8 A.M. till 5 P.M., March 16-20. Maintenance professionals also may opt to pursue the CPMM course and be tested on their own at any time throughout the year. The same application requirements apply.

Arc flash An arc flash (or arc blast) event is a type of electrical explosion that results from a low impedance connection to ground or another voltage phase also called a "short" in an electrical system.  

What's offered: Training options include on-site, one- or two-day training; open enrollment courses held throughout the country; and an online refresher one hour and 45-minute electrical safety work practices and standards course.

Offered by: American Trainco, P.O. Box 3397, Englewood, Colo. 80155; www

What's covered: Electrical safety, arc flash analysis and labeling, electrical safety program development, infrared inspections, and power quality and distribution and analysis.

Where and when: Contact American Trainco, or view their Web site, for dates and locations.

Ultrasonics ultrasonics, study and application of the energy of sound waves vibrating at frequencies greater than 20,000 cycles per second, i.e., beyond the range of human hearing.  

What's offered: A Service and Maintenance Seminar and a Theory and Design Seminar, both two days in length, from Branson Ultrasonics Corp., a manufacturer of plastics joining equipment.

Offered by: Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 41 Eagle Rd., Danbury, Conn. 06813-? 961; (203) 796-0400;

What's covered: The Service and Maintenance Seminar covers electronics, pneumatics pneu·mat·ics  
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of the mechanical properties of air and other gases.

, and operating controls and is developed for those involved with setup, maintenance, and operation of an ultrasonics plastic assembly system. The Theory and Design Seminar is for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge of part design, material selection, and determining the best process and equipment for an application. Classroom and hands-on training covering everything from fundamentals to the optimization of process parameters are included.

Where and when: Branson will be making these seminars regularly available throughout the next year. Contact Branson, or view their Web site, for dates and locations.

Edited by Bill O'Leary

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